Light My Cigarette While I Cut my Wrists

And absolutely maybe if wings flew
without a bird’s body and the air lifted ground
as outer space filled inner spirits!
then all things might be
equal and if so then what?


Which is arguably a ‘something’
less than 1 but greater than less than zero.


The devil’s insidious plot to madden the human mind with
intangible monsters that chip away at the glass floor we
all ignore and rarely look down upon
we might see the super-structure of reality then.

What then?


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One response to “Light My Cigarette While I Cut my Wrists

  • Damien de Soto

    This spoke to me very loudly, as I am struggling right now with what it all means, watching the maddening chaos of what appears to be things connected and wondering what is all means… if I am just experiencing the same madness amplified of paranoid schizophrenia or if it really means something… anything..

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