Could I Be


Could I be the electric flame
That burns within your deepest frame?
As science holds answers yet unknown,
May we have a chance to be shown?

Slowly reveal to me your frigid breath
Like winter’s flow, so cold as death,
For everyone claims both right and wrong,
As we hold on through the night so long.

We’re caught in danger, engulfed by wrath,
Yet it feels so right within our path,
As hollow as the winter’s chill,
I cannot let go, I must feel still.

No wrongs, no rights, but the way we last,
In frozen kisses, our passion cast,
Could I be more than what I seem,
To break free from this hollow dream?

Might I be that electric flame
That kindles deep within your frame?
As science holds its secrets tight,
May fate allow our paths to unite?

Reveal to me your wintry breath,
So cold it chills me to the depth,
For every voice claims right and wrong,
As through the night we hold so long.

We’re caught in danger, seized by ire,
Yet deep inside we feel desire,
As hollow as the winter’s air,
I cannot release this endless care.

No wrongs or rights, just what we last,
With frozen kisses as time has passed,
Might I become more than I seem,
And shatter this hollow, endless dream?

With love and heart, my soul ablaze,
I long to kindle passion’s blaze,
And be that electric spark,
That ignites your soul, pure and stark.

So let us dare to take the chance,
And dance with fate in love’s wild dance,
For in your deepest frame I see,
A love that burns so bright and free.

:: — ::

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3 responses to “Could I Be

  • Damien de Soto

    This is beautiful, in every single way a poem can be. It read rapidly to me, a fighting with a darkness, so inherent in the hearts of human beings that I feel it in your work, running towards such a simple answer, be still and wait for things to be revealed it said to me. I am back and forth about the whole thing, and have come to just leave it all to wonder not trying to pin anything down, because I am a recovering addict and need to believe in something external, which could very much also be, the external reality outside me. I wonder sometimes if people who speak of religion are speaking a different language and we are all secretly fighting over translation.

    I do not mean to put words in any ones mouth when I say this either. I am simply saying what if the higher power or God was the external which is the same as reality of the world outside the mind?

    Just something I think about at night sometimes.


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