Drowning in Fear

HOW faces smile how they frown
how they find treasures in life.

Being dead living life
in disguises
crying shouting destroyed Souls
Within Hell on Earth,
Living and dying each day
listening to mortal words
i scream Within my circle is a box
unopened and angels pray
to keep it closed
So give me a cold hand
won’t you come closer
inside me : fire mouth
tear me apart thinking love

Mimics call my name again
destroying time space
within all i knew were friends
were others not of Earth

No one changes like you
feigning death to make me cry
flesh like static sand

supernovae come
burn solar systems
Nephlim come challenge me
i have no fear bequeath
spiritual technology
destroys your black hole sun
so come so come so come
won’t you come

:: 03.19.2023 ::

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One response to “Drowning in Fear

  • Damien de Soto

    I love you started this

    “HOW faces smile how they frown
    how they find treasures in life.”

    The first lines of the poem are very powerful. The capital how, really spoke to me and made me what to read the rest of the poem, instantly, suggesting that the poem is a screaming wondering of the question posed that will be answered by the next line finding the treasures in life, it speaks your own desire and mental wishes, maybe. I might just be seeing me reflected at myself.

    “i scream Within my circle is a box”-

    This line captivated me, I like how it reads, for some reason, not sure if this was your intention… you had me thinking..I scream for ice cream, which made me happy reminding me of how much more okay I was within my own self, in childhood, and maybe how you feel too?

    “So give me a cold hand”

    After the ice-cream thought, this line reads differently, the cold sounding more like a refreshing pull into cleansing cool water?

    Not sure.

    “inside me : fire mouth”

    I love the power of this line, I like how you use the colon here, to create opposing sides which you enter or ping-pong back and forth through, again I may just be projecting me onto your work.

    “tear me apart thinking love”

    This confuses me, which is not surprising… love confuses me.

    “supernovae come”

    Wow, excellent switch up, or maybe just proof I was completely long at the beginning. Now you got me… what is this poem about?

    Time? Death? Earth?

    Thank you for posting. This was really interesting.


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