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so sometimes SOSomEtimes
i am unglued by time
i fail my b right days
and kiss black days
And so you are there
so beautiful within a
mindSET cradle — and
aching I get it: i’ll
get it right. IF now
I know how this is a
fate: the secret is that
I can choose any of those
timelines. It’s alright
it’s the light. And
i never met anything that
has ever broken me: my
council of 12 knows.

SO, i give you every
THING i am.
GAVE you every all of
heaven and the creme
of all hell. WE close
the door of the outside
WORLD — except for myself,
i give you everything i
am and my soul to release
the outside of life and
the rest can go to hell
girl, the rest is outside
of our own world.

:: 10-02-2017 ::

Like Presidents Blowing Smoke

Had my love to dig so I dug
 and came up slug –>
one working so hard for it
another working to disrupt me.
So saw an eye on the other side
of a world –> robbing bank
called my love // printing
a magazine online called foolery
 so she commercialize men \\
and made us all like gorillas
feeding bananas to the bitches
  like these presidents blowing
Smoke:: and if we think all of
this is like a coma?  Climbing
out of confusion into a solution
we call Monkey Branching.
   I’m not Joe but came up slow.
It’s like San Antonio, Texas.
   Alamo go –>  beating down
all the brown people called
Mexicans.  And so Ann said,
‘I can.”  I grab my word machine
and say, “Wordsmith back to nexus
— call us all Mixes:: what is
this thing we profess is it all
all Tejas or Texas?”  Let the
American Indians say we are already
gone:  Let the truth ring white
is alone.  The world is One and
so are the peoples of the world
One.  Over.
:: 10-01-2017 ::

Dream the Quantum Dream

I dream the quantum dream
in another place
Like world events somewhere
are no concern reflected
I feel connected at times
by tears as like bullets
And Jesus come save me
My tears are steam
My heart a scream.
It’s all a dream
It’s all myself
a photographic
dysmorphic laceration
and so I scream.
Born on a way-Station
light-years from you
and blown way down
into your world —
I scream. I scream.
Gentilia your satisfaction
and I’m a vessel for infection
never disregarding intellect
so I scream disregard affection.
And the year is Rooster
and I should know
so now I go — simplicity
is a reason for necessity.
and I scream this is our world.
:: 10-01-2017 ::


THAT coalescing threat of fear, death,

That singular fact, it was not friendly

but a sound caressing the ears

Raising temperatures of moaning fever


And while dreaming was no release

And not evening wakefulness naively

Determined i found a third attempt

To relieve the crunching sounds so near


Inside of me i flew toward towers of

Steeples whose roofs were silver lips

And the colossal hips of Creator

And ghosts, demons, angels, and friars


AND all i see all without eyes

And all i taste so tasteful

Without lust upon the tip of tongue

Was this razor tipped extravagant mind


oh…  i believe

oh…  so believe

oh… my pilot of love


And a song from my ageless suit

of amour as hammers hoisted,

steel turning, piercing flesh

came the true friend: death


So… truth is sharp

so… who touches an edge

and is not cut to the soul


oh!  And all i see

is as the sun and

a colorful ground

beneath the breasts


of You

and the feeling

of all the Love

searching — i follow

the shadow of my married

one.  You.  Me.


:: 09-18-2017 ::


pregnant is my worry! many months
before it was born. the morning
sickness and swollen skin of my
mind and that of heart!
And finally that which was born
nothing more than fanthom

:: 09-17-2017 ::


AS everyone on one side of the party lines sang
the other were dead; and while everyone on the
other side of a party line died the other sang.

And this is how rot creeps within society;

to believe that beliefs are division.
that a whole can become fragmented by
philosophy and that one is evil over the other;
that in similar logic all separate parties are
in all insidious fact are evil.

And like the dead who have living bodies and
have become old through media saturation:
the magnificent mausoleum of a natural
world outside mourns the Children of God.

the tombstone of a moon.
the rosery beads of bloody tears.
And fear is King and the Queen a forgotten
truth we may never again remember.

:: 09-14-2017 ::


AND for every memory whose hands have touched
my hungry lonely moments; I am always here,
between laughter and weeping; singing and
shouting. Just today (which I realize is
everyday in eternity) I walked across a crack
that contained my soul; the sidewalk made of
gold. And while I write feeble words to express
emotions that are unobtainable the other more
whole piece of my heart is sleeping in a distant
land; a place where upon the grace of God
laid a golden egg that born my true peace and
happiness. Her love constructed my world
before she was born and before I knew her
human name. The indescribable has a song
and colors and feelings; the light between
swaying branches of a tree; the smell of a
new word; the touch of tender sight and
undying kisses from a breeze from nature.


And we are the children yet to be born.
And some who are grown but dead children.
The unknown.

:: 09-13-2017 ::


i wish my will for today
and tomorrow
i wish to never forget our love
i wish to forget that yesterday
(and then before)
i wished to death the love of us

and eternity is without time
and love is more
that love is ours
a love alive outside of time

i wish my fears my love i feared
i wished today my love ~
them all away!
and the sun blew a kiss I ate it
all inside for me
that love reside inside of us
my love!

:: 09-08-2017 ::



IF love took me
take me my love
when breathing is
you breathing with me
and life is at
it’s most loving.

And nighttime:
my hand upon your
breast keeps time
as an arm of the hour
stealing moments
within our dark.

As jaws of Cupid open
my priest of pain
begins to sing:
“Ruby heart, padlocks
and all, deployed by
angels smiling
and i, too frail.”

Drowning in wishing-
like sea swells
like if love took me
take me my love
across the night
into the dews, and the
‘give me everything
i wish/give me everything
i love/where life is at
it’s most loving.

:: 08-27-2017 ::



[Mine] mouths are deep rivers as cold
As the dead that love the living

As alder blight can strike
The love of youth

The unholy woolly wilting
Unlike aching souls for
Golden beasts

When feared
We pray
When comforted
We play
When crushed
We die

In bits & pieces
Like twigs and leaf
That twists and floats
Down a raging river

We go.

:: 07-28-2017 ::