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No youth or age hides from an eternal rule:
the touch of vulnerability     by which all creatures of Sea & Land
bayonet->all|sides| of the same chordTingles confusion
the brainsBROken-spoken politeness  revealed by natural light a
sewn-skin upon a parched vacant Post-sign by-wild(er) words (ok)_.
So We cry. A miracle so difficult! And then blew my eyes saying,
‘Dead is a miracle feeling no pain’
toward my pain feeling long history//the banality of insanity
rolled a beach ball by the hand of God-Bless i wish to know
those secrets He keeps away keeps unto the majestic miracles    -Father;
we children cry when we see
the End of Loved Ones                                     we
believing YOU: funeral                                     or

:: ~~ ::


oh hello hello
could it be you’re
looking for me?

and I’ve got oranged
stains of summer
bleeding upon
my knees


what moves you higher(
a chilling ride) ?
adults say what
they  w(on’t)ant</frowning>
i’m more the same
like life’s (say-u)
vibrations which move
my hands And
we watch the dolls
we watch them cry (it’s
ohyes it’s the day that
the free died and the
living tried to say,
” i’M TRYING!” SO toDay
i pulled the trigger
today i tried
to claim
‘all theTrialsofmy
brothers & sisters) AND
fate said, “all arms inside
of you so you don’t die”_
so one More time Around
the, “Merry-Go Down”

:: 11.18.2016 ::