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a creeping chill throws me cold: t he
skies have t urn SEPIA AND i completely

utterly melt into each word

birth’d — this elegie betrays the poet;

a confession unburdens the Spirit — you

are reading about the me of ‘i’ have always

loved you |mia /i shall meet you again to-now
within the theater of my Soul sure, sometimes
i have concern for the world as it continues
to devour my Feelings and sensibilities.

when can i love you again?

:: 03.24.2020 ::


FORGOTTEN! are the fragmented memories as
touching the ghost-flesh of a missing limb ;a
bridge too far spanned beyond measure
and torn-bleeding feet bared for all to
witness/my Sweetest days
were alone with you
my brilliant Sun and her mistress of night
with silver-beamed light from her ageless face
the Moon\my Love is immeasurable, my Love’s
passion unmeasurable — we are too busy with
each other’s joy to notice; her nails are black
her neck is thin, her eyes anthracine-misty;
the very air within her presence a maelstrom
of mystery is where i am is where i go.

:: 03.21.2020 ::


[life continues to beat]
Sometimes it seems i have been lost
then mostly finding myself between
tomorrow’s thoughts remembering today’s
yesterday as though it’s right now
then it’s gone. GONE. then (what a
lonely skinny word ‘then’)i find that
the rash was a tire’s track across my
chest and not poison ivy. So now this
is’nt happening and i am it for only
a moment longer ~~~~~there.


and then no longer______.
[life continues to beat]
:: 03-06-2017 ::


i climbed from Negative
billionth of none
to tell myself, “i have
no place to hide”
and the police at the
scene of that suicide
said: “he’s a saint,
of another tale.”

So then i left Earth
(counted to a million,
i felt) had a silver
spoon full of royal
bumble bees who kiss
me and all Humanity
whose sleeping with
most of the guns.

:: 08-03-2016 ::


So, what if my childhood was full of drama?
Did it (maybe) twist my soul into a pretzel
or a mobius strip of confusing mental traffic?

Anyway, who the hell am I talking to, maybe you
but more likely myself while I’m trying to loosen
these ties around my body (mental hospitals of
the mind are worst than physical ones).

And how long my skin has contained my brain
but never my mind — a strange roof, thinking of love,
words, and sex.

And my mother — a fish that swam away and her heart
resembles a touch of frost like a frozen lake within a
forgotten mountain range and within my most
sacred dreams everything is beautiful and nothing hurts!
And Bradbury swears, “it was a pleasure to burn”
\and flesh of 1.61 feels it’s a bit dramatic to think
beauty is over-rated by any golden ratio but the most
tender lover would never say to her that nature is by
far the most beautiful creature!

:: 12182015 ::


MY specialty is forgiving all
it becomes me
like when…there, it’s forgiving,
and you can come gaze with me
upon this dome of love
you must be someone else
that I am still here
and how it goes like a dream
and what have I become
? they are all moving
mannequins everybody guessed
and higher was weird
with eyes as falling leafs
petals of pixie wheels
and famous fatheads sing
‘I will let you down every-
\DAZE with bogus napkinsofbroken
stained thoughts
that deny night’s face
and died starving truth & love

:: 12112015 ::

xxx – ii

she said

between my

i get this way
when you
come near
so dear
lets go
so far and
touch that
spot upon
a shinning
its all i need
we need
each other tonight
like touch and go
we dance and forNEVER
ask ‘what’s more?’
oh touch n’ go
i ate you
in one single bite!
yES, swallowed the sun!



WHEN the sun shines it shines upon
my shoulders if I’m not with inside
my four-walled universe at home
so IF under the roof and it has
many shadow turns this heart of
colored flowers for a while in
a brightly window-lit room –I forever
love everybody but me ||if the room
chooses sometimes the curtains fall
enclosing me//but not before this
lovely feeling perishes and there
burns a phoenix bird with red
flamed anger…
and sometimes too a big white

So, I sometimes never place a foot
outside my four-walled universe
but nature comes to me — even a
tiger roams here, as in the safari
land, and bears too sometimes
cuddle up to the little girl

And sometimes even the blue whale.

And upon prehistoric dragonflies
I sometimes escape my room
through a dimly lit open window
and see how nice the city fits
inside human minds

but sometimes too, and now and then
big white elephants.

:: 12062015 ::


i wish as i run thickly hurryingly
through greenery as they have taken
their last applause (the majestic angels)
above the ground soundly within the skies!
My tears (their eyes!) fall down mere feet
below my eyes leaving me upon a wooden stage
of strange life-acts. . . toward shadows
and much dismay — Upon stem, heart and soul
the life’s empty room I shall go!

:: 12072015 ::


[THE magic smell of children
sweating to learn life — oh]

Keep your fingers inside sickness
is disease of many minds
so sure it knows the magic
number unlocked libido mysteries
and empty lives
yeah yeah yeah
so fabulous against a, fathoming jelly

protuberant mass of warmth and love
a one-eyed dirty word hello hello
so silent spits discreet kisses
of noise . . .
yea yeah yeah
glass and plastic
love inside of me unsuddenly pandora
: but sting skillful of lustful eye
,kissed unsmoothed OpenEyed being
Stupid, contagious, Peers:BODY OF
aching toys –oh yea yeah yeah
yeah –my dear)i felt less
as always i do and always will i will
hello will oh no when,:your soft glands
say hello . . . . is swig
it touches so Big sO neatly large
makes me smile i sound a sigh so high
i merry go round go round hello
go round hello go round hello
keep your fingers inside sickness
is disease of m,any minds and here
we are now unlocking libido mysteries
and empty lives oh yeah oh yea
oh yeah oh yea so fabulous against a,
fathoming jelly mass

:: 08-10-2015 ::