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AS i think of muggy nights upon the crest
of the Mississippi River and her currents/
i was a teenage boy |  never knew a woman
as i was a virgin | within the crusted clouds
of mean nights — it was always late when i
fought my date/i am still alive]\
    she hypnotized by beauty ; me — wondering
how to fly away –> my oh my.    my babysitter
was hungry for her itch: i wanted mom to take me
home.  No one saved me that night — so say how
beautiful was that night while i was taken away
like the currents of a mighty  River.

:: 08.10.2020 ::


How long….how long can i hold your hand
within the darkness of this night!
Look! The moon shines — sweet heart / shines\
i have not felt flesh moreless a caring hand within this
venture called Life. Beautiful.
And now you chance the winds , the rain, and the world?

and of me?
I am drunk, high … i am fixated upon beauty of a heart
as you are.
We could cross the road toward wilderness or toward
the concrete city — i prefer wilderness.
Where we can be brilliant intelligent animals fornicating
under the silver light of the Moon.

Stay near. Me. So that I cam smell your skin and fill
my lungs with you.

:: 09.09.2020 ::


IF i meet you by a brook
of tickling throats
as the water flows
across eddies and rocks
remember me —
Tell her i smell flowers and time
without songs or hearts /partly
souls and spirit…
she may remember me as her first
true love
Tell her to make me a hat from the
growth of Love and without her sweet
eyes and smile i may be never
(see sleep beneath clouds of purple
and strengthen me)
be alive. Tell her to make me a
an abode for our love and we shall
sing and sleep and eat and drink
the raging waters from the biggest

:: 08.09.2020 ::

)…THIN &

)…thin &

)…thin &       sometimes     –> t ALL    
pouring hourglass rains                     
Oh All! <– she's all within my mind or
some-suchSilly paIN___it's  killing me!   &
the silver rain falls upon eloquence  
within logic — ties me up and arrests me!

:: 02-26-2017 ::rev: 08.09.2020


THIS place is desolation
my head is so infected
with attrition lately
as the thoughts invade
my Soul
as the promises evaporate
in me
loving how life kills me
loving how life kills me
i loved the deepest insides
of you /loved the deepest
thoughts of me\
oh | how fire mimics Life
(hasn’t killed me yet)
Ate purple flowers yeah
Kissed the sun and moon
and hugged attrition lately
love how life…
loving how life is killing me.

:: 08.09.2020 ::


SYNCRONICTY is going to get you  like a rap upon the head–>  soon you’re going to bedead/laughing within the faceof love\ while looking to getyourself together — what areyou thinking of ?    Instantlife and karma against the human race, laughing in the faceof people like them:  so we arefighting all the world — the worldand sun and moon  and come on.yeah.  alright.  aww.  yeah.      the emptiness of dawnis this human race — like you seelaughing like a superstar   : we all shine on everyone : synchronicity is recognizing yourbrothers sisters (everyone you meet)no need to dare they live without fearso we all all shine like the sun… yeah yeah aww ah.   its up to you.    right against your face.
::  08.08.2020 ::

UNTITLED (draft)

fear and anger bisect SOCIETY with Love;
one woman one man can consume all of Life
One called dream lucious love — is the
name / i assure you on the other side of the
glass you are\ to feel and know the hollowness
inside you & to know it is right where it belongs
upon the bridge of ‘across the divide’
i look back at the sacred goal — bullet holes ::
fragments of memories! for love we left behind
the sense of stability in our own timelines.

:: 08.07.2020 ::


TO never solve miracles of science
TO never have crawled out of a c–ave
somber thoughts
although some are a blessing
to a curse
some ensure military solutions
never understood words : but if
i ever lose my love | IF i ever lose
my Faith …my faith in you |
come home with me…that i may fill
my arms with you.

:: 08.07.2020 ::

N o Title

zאכלתי את המצפה שלי: בלעתי אויבים ששונאים אותנו 0-0- אז פפקט: אני רוצה לאכול אותם מבפנים ולזיין אותם ממערכות ההרס שלהם .; אני עכשיו כדי לעזור. צופה נשמות



     THEN the sky was torn by a heart
made of rock — the weather everywhere
became sour like a bad date /i grabbed
my heart and art and fled  \ like
the violent skies OF AN ASTEROID
if we kiss violence then i am the one
with no soul : i am for-
ever the fallen between a cosmic crack
of angels rebelling against the creator
of awesome might.  NO REGRET.  No memory
after you and me die.  if he wants.
      sometimes eternity needs to pause
for everything dad wants/they want\never
wanted everything we have…
    and i am so happy the skies are so
violent because violence begets violence
and i am pissed against God!  Love is
forever?  Read the last page of post-mortem
     We get what we want.

:: 08.06.2020 ::