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A Short Screen Play


A bustling square filled with poets, listeners, and the melodies of words being spoken. OLIVER, a boy with dreamy eyes and a notebook in hand, stands on one side. AMELIA, a girl with a radiant smile and a collection of poems, stands on the other side. They both glance at each other from afar, their curiosity piqued.


CLOSE-UP of Oliver, captivated by Amelia’s sparkling eyes.


CLOSE-UP of Amelia, enchanted by Oliver’s genuine smile.

Their gazes lock, and an invisible thread seems to pull them closer. With the crowd swirling around them, they instinctively navigate towards each other, finding solace in a quiet corner of the festival.


Oliver and Amelia stand face to face, their hearts pounding. Their words flow effortlessly, weaving tales of love, loss, and the beauty within. The world around them fades away as their connection deepens.

OLIVER (whispering) Your words touch my soul, Amelia.

AMELIA (softly) And yours, Oliver, paint pictures in my heart.

Their eyes lock, brimming with unspoken emotions. In a moment suspended in time, they lean in, their lips meeting in a tender, magical kiss. It is a collision of longing and understanding—a profound union of two poet souls.

The air crackles with electricity as they break apart, their eyes shimmering with promises.

OLIVER (whispering) We’ve discovered a love beyond words.

AMELIA (smiling) Together, our poems will become symphonies.

They hold each other, understanding the profound connection they share.


:: 05.16.2023 ::

Waltz Quanta

Waltz Quanta___



i n g


t r u

is m
e a se!

:: 10.07.2022 ::


As the wave erupts and floods you in your sleep.
Imperceptibly you slide towards the madness of dreams.
You feel the sticky dampness of a nightmare.
Your dilated eyes as magnet tar pit traps drowning in white ocean.
The wave of sleep reaches up to hug you gently,
holding your limbs. Taut, anchored to the bed.
your brain without moorings off your paralyzed tongue ~~
the waves finally drowning you in the coolness of dreams
beyond all fathoms.

:: 06.19.2022 ::


We poets do not write for recognition.

We write for revelation.

:: 04.07.2022


LONG winter days
then City nights
Unplowed fields
full of snow
lit by millions of lights

Wearing tears from living
Wonderous painful life
Not sure what it’s suppose to be
Oh love if it’s not the world
then it must be me

A lover first for words
i believe in paragraphs of
discovering me; a lover’s thirst
for humanity —

the poet does not envy
does not boast
and is never proud

without a pencil we crumble
toward the ground____
the paper; a scroll of the soul
for all eternity.

:: 02.09.2022 ::


The World is a Monster.
the secret destroyer
eats you all the same
desires and blood
is the game ~

From blame to blame

From sorrow to sorrow

we can’t fake it
no more

From darkness to darkness
and Death lies on Earth

The Land, the Water, the Earth,
the Birds and Animals,
And Man – the Land, the Water, the Earth,
the Birds and Animals,
And Man – like the Wings of Love
the Kingdom of the Earth Is a Prison
Under dying Souls.

To never be saved.

:: 02.01.2022 ::


Like winnable wars like broken hearts
feeling there’s no living gods
Like a poem that is out of reach
that no ink can write — i feel you.
While dreaming hope like a smile of love
without a lover a little foot step
without impossible dreams
there’s no unbeatable odds.

Shall I say it again?

With dreams there’s no
invisible walls and i sing,

“I just want you”

There is no Juliet without
Romeo, there are no thrills
without incurable life.
and I just want you
and I just want you
And how are you?

There are no in-crimeable crimes
no reason or rhymes why we lock
doors between living and life.

If there’s an Alpha I say
oh me again (omega) possible
dreams and I just want you

i just want you i just want you
how i dream fall-smiles
within your soul dear

Are all the beautiful flowers of your soul!

:: 10142015 ::
rev: 11.10.2020


Bells of St Paul’s Cathedral i love you!
in a dreaming –> slipping away!
you take my soul with you
dreaming something unlike
my life which I never owned!
my heart is a large mouth
but your notes too perfect for my plate!

I love you!

you take my soul with you in a dream
like a song; you ever wanted to climb
up a temple that isn’t there
and sing, “You are my goddess:
you make my heart rhyme!”

You’ve never seen a part I won’t show you-
tell me how you feel.
I dare you to say what you need to say
only say the same words
I gave you.

You take my soul with you in a dream like a song
I’m still alive! And even the walls believe
that I am yours-then you stare in the mirror
and everything is gone — and you scream, scream:
you feel me I’ll sing you mine!
And it’s in the color of my eyes-and I cry.

In a dream like a song I’m still alive!
And even the walls believe that I am yours-
and you stare in the mirror and everything is gone
and you scream, scream:
you feel me I’ll sing you mine!
and it’s in the color of my eyes

So sweet angel, tell me how you feel.

:: 10.05.2020 ::


TIME fell before my aching feet:
that i know little is more than
most who think they know all;
i watched time squirm before
me as a puddle of water —
i saw her dress make sounds,
silent before a breeze toward
i wept as a dew against
moist violets, as nature does;
and saw time die before me.
her greatest hand was sharp
dampness of a violet leaf
that cut my heart within approaching
exasperated winter hunger.
today i met space who cried;
having lost his best friend
called time his tongue was pale
searching for dead bodies and
broken teeth.

:: 09.21.2020 ::


\Into that fire so brief, death:
an organ untuned-Springfest, the last…
we spoke-tear; oh dear —
gave console to eternal words
not from fear!
i have a perfect stain & you
beauty-cry and ate the heart:
my resolve strong an arm upon
my heart cascading tears-girl
(does she know?) that
love and life demand
joy, fear, life, & love?
her dress ddrips blood
so long dreams sang the phantoms
in the skies — here comes life!

:: 03-12-2014 ::
rev: 08212020