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Thimble & Needle

Thimble and needle hear

my words

you’re too busy these days

to love

I’ve followed you through

and through

the toughest patches of life

and now my thread

has grown too thin

And we’ll never survive

never survive never survive

the stitching of our hearts

Paper, rock and scissors

needles, pins and threader

rulers of horror measure

the terror of my nightmare

as I watch the needle

of your busy work pierce

the tissue of my heart

I’ll never survive

never survive the sowing

of the madness

that’s your mind

:: 04-21-2018 ::


AND if the lost made their return
from soil to land and within
your life
would you — could you — accept
them back
From death to dust and an urn?

Surely first the shock and disbelief
maybe a hug if you dared — could you?
And all the adjustments you made —

The new lover, what say to them —
who replaced the gaping hole
within your heart?
A new baby but not from him —
what then?

the possibilities of a Return, some sweet
but mostly a hidden poison — you think
But in the end (their end) sprang
a new possibility!

You live your life as best you can.
Especially when a lost is much to bear
and you pray — leave the lost
within the ground

…sweet love sleep sweetly unto the Light!

:: 01132016 ::


WHEN at night so many minutes ago
the sheets grew fire and my
heart was a furnace! I knew
a new century away from Victorian
into the beginning nuclear waste,
a span of half a life-time
that reigned Queen Victoria!
her photographs her reputation
a mirror of fear ~
And therein grew a monster of
fiction by Mary Shelly
The Modern Prometheus or
better known: Frankenstein!

:: 12172015 ::


:: 12172015 ::


I  see your blood within our eyes
  the beauty of a whore
gently whispering abandonment
and abusive treatment //*\\
you fueling murderous rage
inside me  and to this child
you brought into motion
 and beat me with a stick
i am the filthy mass that
     moves and speaks
  i am so unadorned
(i’ll always be your whore)
  i am unknown by mother
and father — a child of
a whore  //stoned by rocks
pulled teeth\\ and subjected
by inhumanity a perfect injustice
  i wished beauty in my life
and you cry, “Even now my blood
boils at the recollection of
this injustice” So, within my tears
and a many-fractured heart say,
“…i relieve thee, my creator…
thrust i take from thee a sight
which you abhor”
:: 09172015 ::

:: 09172015 ::


MANY times, more than twice
I have seen,
the ghosts of family, friends,
and then some whose faces
that I did not know

Quaintly with ethereal elegance
they are silky touch, feather
breath, and opal eye
outside of the tick-tock
of father-time

It is most inappropriate to ask
of them, to state their business
or intended pleasure

Extend your politeness over scorn,
I say!


WITH frosted window pane so cold to touch
Jack Frost has come to town to play
so lock your car and bar your doors
with a heart made of cold blue ice
and fingernails as sharp as knives
Jack is loose and has a grudge
The moon barren a vacant stare
bleeding flurries crimson flakes
a snow like river blood congealed
upon your steps you fear
now so near!
In suede slippers you shuffle
toward the door holding breath
and you peek thru a hole
see the cold and so much more;
It’s old man winter’s friend
who’s come to visit
No need to show him inside
a cold dark night your blood drains
away and you find he’s here
somehow someway he’s come
from beneath the floor
Jack’s no friend of yours
but loves the cold

:: 10-20-1997 (rev) ::


So reassuring is the sound
of my own heart beating
until the day i died
and now the beatings
haunt me

:: 09-13-2015 ::


THE soul is dying and there’s no Christ
to save you//the roads are littered with
bits and pieces of memories of what was
the gutters are clogged with the spent
Spirits of the living and a dark wind
blows// with a government so corrupt
and we stand listening to the broadcasts
on tv and internet radio to realize we’re all
trapped within the gut of a bizzare machine
and we’re dying together with the falling
sun and overgrown flags and our hopes
i held the hand of my lover wishing saying
“kiss me” to release this dream of a fever
and she took my love one last time
we are the generation of chance
where the dice fall is only by God’s hand
:: 09-11-2015 ::


We should live in shades of children
and I could if the fears took control
I would say my dear/fear is a candy cane
a famous macabre novel of Mary Shelby
and who is the monster and lover?
I confess…I love candy canes

And if you should hear my mind
what a wonderful journey of love
it’s a cable show of famous hearts
and I would never be satisfied
I hate selling my children
like a paperback novel (so cheap
like cyanide)

each word a poor soul
a chapter of death
and stanza’s too

just a thought of love
and pauper’s breath
a heartache of lovers

And if I should cry
what heavens too dear!
a macabre life I’m living

And if you should love
I could believe — like oak
a sturdy forest of green
My movie queen of lust

So I dream and wish upon
a confession of a word
and heroes survive ending credits
but do they save their woman?

I would give you
a walk-away star
in your purse
and a kiss birth
as you walk in life
and we live shades

of children…

:: 07-21-2014 ::


the sun brang tilted-tinted singing
where i chased a precocious winking
flitter-colorBURSTING butterfly(my mouth
is full o’ butteredcup ofYellow(and a bee
or two too!)) and today roared in youth

next door was in horror as i chased
with tinyFoot the bug with large wings
//she screamed and clawed the walls of
shame as brutes deflowered the queen
who once ruled me//

the tiny brook is where it landed
upon a boastful rock where eddies
and tendril-like swirling water
surrounds her castled heart

and the horror away always away
where mother was raped and i
chose to chase the butterfly today
horror beneath a sun is brighter
than anything.

:: 08-01-2015 ::