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Butterfly Few Ing

butterfly   flewing
serene immediate romance
whose vast function being
tenderness (believably
small) –fed babies eyes
grasping perpetually acruise
of yessing mouthing proto-
words learning life
butterfly landing
of handpicked glory by god
upon her skin thrill’d
mechanically vicariously
ughhug wind-kissing palm
her muchMouthed way.

:: 04.12.2022 ::

OCTOBER 15, 2018: 10:42 PM CST

IF for a moment then this moment
that if any where truer
hours would weep and time should die
IF for a moment then now is ready
that sweetest of knowing
When all is well and love alive.

:: 10-15-2018 ::



Him to Her

i should remember our last time apart,
and why with misfortunes and
melancholy nights did you stop these tears!
my words written as philosophical reasons
have not arrested your pain or fortune.

i feel am i useless, no impression upon
your heart or soul shall relieve this grief
and now i could scoop the light of a moonlit
night and gather all its grandeur but to
no avail to awaken your Spirit!

This skin and flesh of me wishes to leave,
but my Soul remains in this endeavor to prove
living is not being happy but loving is life!
i believe i am the house silently sitting
in servitude looking beyond the old-thoughts
of a redMouth bleeding time and trimmings
of wishful meaning.

:: 08-07-2015 ::


you have a wonderful
the light of a sunset
before it explodes
across the horizon

:: 09-19-2014 ::



Sweltering sweat stain crooked tooth
slush bog humid sticky smell pit
ugly hop-scotch limping feral human
so out of tune yellow bleach bitch
what[?] is ugly too much for you!?!
the lesions of your pretty heart
burst-cyst fakery of humanity
all you see is a monster like me
your illusionary air of love —
leprosy in its finest puss gem

Beyond your illusion of preconception
a heart beats within my breast-beast
one who loves the arts and finery
and a sunset that rises over my soul
the world sees a beast in me but I see
the world for what it be — a greater beast
My club foot partially steady me —
more than what I can say for humanity
I limp in gutters feeding on trash bits
but my heart is brighter than you beasts!

Go!  Die in your beauty!
Be gone beautiful monsters…
let alone the prince in disease
that heart that beats one with nature

no tears worth a pinch of horror
no pain more than familial disregard

:: 04-16-2014 ::


(c0 e.p. robles 2011

Flamenco guitar tremolo string
tingle spirit umbrella drink
enticing spice taste spring
artist seduce the moment
falling lust burst reds
fire air lung moan
lost in life
lust most

:: 02-12-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

WE’RE tripping upon daisies
laughing in the light of sun
not a care how crazy
love seems to be for us

I’m taking care of my business
tending to the woman I love
and she is protected by a heart
who knows where it’s taking her

We’re going to visit lovely Cupid
I hear he has a righteous house
full of flowers and scents
and cookie dough fences

I’m taking care of my woman
she has flowers within her hair
and a spark upon her lips
lights me up when we touch

We’re floating up toward skies
full of marshmallow eyes
be speckled in chocolate kisses
Let me eat the sweets so lovely

:: 02-04-2014 ::


YES I did wish
to be the one
you wished
to take
your heart
above the skies

So sadly I fall
from your vision
I cry each feet
they cut — the fall

I am only human
faults I have
fantasy not…
what I possess
Is only human flesh

You say with song
such tune I devour
a concert for God
HE keeps the mood
Such decision for you

In repose I sing
my tender love
you remain in heart
such love is eternal
and love knows us

:: 01-27-2014 ::


LISTEN to not my words
but the thrumming beat
within my chest
it speaks to you
and in between
those solid beats
an eternity I wait
just to kiss you

:: 01-26-2014 ::


IT’S really not
that I’m a
I’m just a fool
with a heart

:: 01-10-2013 ::