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The swollen curves of nature have dressed
herself in burning colors
like last Spring’s echo:

A sincerity of majestic blue.
Untie your lips my love and plant them
all hyacinth and sweet upon my Soul!

Like nimble fingers upon ivory thought,
Like clasping arms as rolling waves,
As tender as tended seeds
in labored soil.
I feel your colors and taste
your fragrant beauty my love!
And March we dew through dreams
of April. And May our love
continue a bloom
far past June…

are the words I speak
to my tender flower!

:: 04-17-2018 ::


There’s no one here. But me. And that quiet
voice which is the beginning of a thing of
beauty. And today nature is agreeable with
my sentiment of a perfect life; her high
morning sea and cloudless sphere kiss my
tender heart and soul.

Today I have stopped. Thinking. And how when
beauty and love enters one’s life all the noise
stops. Confusion melts.

When nature touches you.

:: 04-08-2018 ::

THE Swallowtail

And how like the slender breeze
she moves towards the sunlight
Drenching morning sweetness
from upon the limb of a tree;
“…a flitter-swaying like me!”
said the quizzical blue jay.
O! Adore the wilderness jewel
of black, yellow, and spots
of white; the Eastern Black
Swallowtail does surly excite!
The envy of the Kingdom Green
and the jealous sky rejoice
in bridal bliss-kissing life!

:: 05-02-2017 ::





There past the before of today the heart and soul tenderly aches
for the simpler times
of bygone era
where feet once were
to horseback and hoof
as wheels to silver steel wings
— travel much a quickeroo
but less to see!
months to weeks
from days to minutes
dizzy-spinning mind in me!
What future tomorrows
shall less sanity bring
where wings away fall
to conquer nature’s pull
blink-less stellar travel
and time-river reversal!
Such command and power
— but we lose it all,
human-less are we
a mere reflection
of what was-be
such horrid tragedy!

:: ~~ ::


if i may not ever know you
if you say no,   i say, “i always
loved you.”
and you may doubt it,
especially with stars  so above you.
And if i only knew (god, if you say you
should leave me) this world shows
me everything       i need cry for
i never need doubt, it rumbles about

like a loose  heart and i should make
you so sure about it
if you should see a tiny petal in the air
catch it will you?
you seemed to doubt it
(but if you should ever leave me)
but i’ll make you so sure
about it and if i only knew,
God, if you say you should
leave me this world shows
to me everything i need
to cry about and how beautiful
is life and pleasure and pain!
and how much i love you

:: 09222015 ::


And in this morning ice baked sky
that I be drawn to the glass-cold window
was a pleasant — albeit utter surprise
To see — I did! Across the way
beyond the oak between the frost
and misty cloak the Monarch
who fluttered by!
The grand vision crystal snow
drifting flakes against noble color
such a butterfly!



so buttercup crushed by Giant foot
weep weep weep for weeks
the gentle Giant of the Forrest
it’s so sad to pretend we are so
assured — moth butterfly hum bird
mushroom human creature
oh! Oh! Human stay away
so lose baby sweet-eye
breath smile tiny-fist against
strange impressions
i parted gift i express forgiveness
a contagious here we are now
a sharp laugh of thorn love
a warm hand friendly holding
‘we’re so scared shitless we smile’
and heart-say hello hello hello
wishing love wishing earth.
I’m So Nature

:: — ::


deeply desire ,        my heart
unexplored! nothing lingers
the broad sword of life, cuts
pieces into  smaller moments;
moments that sometimes linger
make it so! that baby bees are
born within Spring!
i see you hold  the nectar of life
upon your tender tongue!
then pass that love to another one
;never spoiled–what nectar then
becomes honey for the hive!
i’m unexplored
by pheromone–
the honey bee
be brilliant!
:: 08-05-2015 ::


Besides the morning, laying beside
carved within you a grand mouth
of the mourning speaking-Sun
beams brilliantly singing
how she prepared this day;
(sentiments are nice)
“The dead, but loved,”
are sputtering in the fields
as fireflies, the sunlit-bowl!
i could only reply, “to speak
of that age of skyfilled Sprites
and when fog was dragon’s breath!”
And are the rivers still bleeding?
Last fall’s snow still remains
as so many things within the air,
still; wishes, dreams, kisses,
and entirely collapsed spirits.

:: 07-27-2015 ::