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A Beautiful Fire

Love weighs as much as the dream that dislodges a swinging door in the high and the low mark is furthermore, the gold coin that vegetates in the forest of one night as a single night gives us the sense of yes and the contradiction of the no of that coin; a swinging door every night gives love to the intermittent stars — two contradictory shadows make love the most splendid flame and establish forever the golden principle of love.

The lamp that the text of the shadow has broken into a thousand fragments of dawn lets out alchemical words and a million shadow-years we respond with a million woman-years each woman is an alchemist syllable.

The mirror and its minute waves deliver us to life that part of simultaneous high and low tide with great power we cross its burning chest more demanding than the cyclothymic toche and we go out into what they ambiguously call life attracted by the reflection of a twinkling of feathers while at our back the mirror thoroughly erases its images and we unarmed do not find the entrance, we who find the exit luxury that groans in the night the lamp has cut its wrists for love to finally know what darkness is Love weighs as much as reality that dislodges that swinging door opens inside closes outside exteriorizes a specter the puberty of sleep internalizes a world that swinging door camouflaged as a jungle and only one tree is enough to dissolve its mystery the phoenix of love throws its ashes into the air!

Love can ignite the eternal fuse and it flies from the X in an ever-expanding poem as ephemeral and lifelike as the Moon is engulfed by an abyss in that same ultimate solitude Love is burning and it glows through a beautiful fire.

it is not the sound that makes you cry // it is not the sight that tears your eyes \
it is not the touch that hurts
it is not the feelings that make you cry
it is the scene of the moment
and it is the moment of the perspective that makes you cry
and you cry with your whole being as if you have never cried at all
and the other minute waves carrying the alchemical fire in the silence
awash with words like hidden tears
then return that reduces you to a mass of loathing

It is that once that sound has passed you, that one expression that sends you into mourning that begins to tarnish the form of love and make it hollow, its hero, once human, becomes contemptible, quiescent, and unconscious.

Only then are you in proximity to nature in a phenomenal intimacy.

:: 07.01.2022 ::

Sand Castle Within a Storm

THROUGH the valley of time
across the sphere of space
watching light dissipate
i still recall the taste
of the fallen tears from
your mouth ringing within
my heart ~~ lapping up
crashing waves of despair

How the most favorite dreams
of you wash ashore inside my head
I keep them all within my box
of cedar wood / thinking of just
one thing — souls make this happen
and sometimes i wish it’d go away.

this thing’s slowly ebbing me away
as a sand castle caught within
a storm.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


IN my eyes i see nothing
comes the ghosts of life
The sun comes burning
Secret elders of seven
look down and judge me

Upon a stone of iron
i struck with my heart
my hand on the sword
my love within my heart
a traveler of sweet words

All to be revealed.

To build a tower to skies
strong we were making life
and another Voice spoke
saying, “ooh. What they
can do if we allow them.”

And the Spirit of Love
touched each heart of
our men — we confused
speaking different
and the sun lost our eyes

As i screamed i said
oooooooh oooooooh
father you confused us.

Lost in creativity and
in insanity by the river
of autumn leaves ~~~~
so the four winds of
fear came and brought me
into the celestial sphere.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


IF I broke the memory of my name
let me not betray moments of now
or of that history yet born.

How thoughts are indiscreet
or alters when alteration finds,
how hope in light never dies
O no!  How powerful is reason
and that of a look upon tempest
never shaken;  how that poison
of a first kiss is always a step
into the most beautifully broken
dream — and all souls whose
worth in unknown height that many
hope  — is a star inside Heaven
How love is never time of fools
but how youth and belief becomes
brief hours and weeks and years
until a day comes when a torn
broken soul remembers those
errors of life that came home.

:: 04.03.2022 ::


~~ TIRED in the wind
lips bewitch me in the night.
i exist inside our universe
but i am not a part of it
i love you all, without you i am not true
let me be where i need to be
let me forget the hatred that killed you
that I slaughtered with my sword
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven
what is unforgivable is a waste
to those who die from the chains of Hell
let there be rest for those who seek to destroy
no solution exists
with you, it was a forgotten place
where we were free of the madness
you brought me to my knees
you changed my body from flesh to crystal
now its flowing blood is nothing
i no longer have the time
to fear this being
shall i protect my spirit
i shall haunt the night-horrors
that rule your beasts,
or shall i cower and die?
I came to you to surrender
but then you gave your heart to another
now my words are useless
and i see the dead walking
and in your eyes
there is only a false light
i am so confused, let me be
with you i am free
your blood has become my food
and so i fade away,
so that you can remain
never forget to forget
never forgive those who ask to be forgiven
always remember me,
and live in my shadow,
long after i have gone.
any expression of your sorrow, sorrow,
through singing or any kind of media,
it is a small pity that stays
by your side
until you are drained of emotion,
until the circles turn to squares,
until the rainbow fades
and you are on your own.
to allow yourself to cry at the loss
of an unrequited love is to do yourself

:: 04.03.2022 ::


[the Egyptians are extremely interesting to us today
for various reasons. How science today wishes to
understand the secret ingredients where that the Egyptians
used when they wrapped up dead people so that their faces
would not rot for innumerable centuries.]

LIKE SILVER BIRDS before the wind
enthusiastic looking religious people who sit in sky seats.

The germs breaking out of mankind with lumps of famous bronze.

They will clear up your guts.

Say, ‘shh.’ The corduroy forest is luscious and black smoke
of the lamp. Dots of red ants are upon the Letter we Opened.

They build trampolines in the dish but we have forgotten.
To not be able to shake the wrinkles off of time and memories.

How they watch and laugh!
Look, there is something we all want.

It has steps.

Here is the key:


The stoat jumps out of the fur and runs away to catch the scent.

Shh. — only for a moment then from behind the awful gilt wings of a magnificent
palace of life shall be painted on the blackened door. And when it is done it will
be our palace of course. Bluebells, bluebells, bluebells of hundreds–like far-off suns–
hand strayed from that beaten path.

:: 03.18.2022 ::


WITHIN the grazing wheat fields came a tittle toddle foot
stepping softly across fallen grass of untiled fields.

Mister Harvey Mouse was in great fear!

Having spent hours across the way near a river thus lost a
child called “Evie.”

Looking and seeking he went while mother mouse sat home
weeping away moments in despair!

As the bright full moon lit a sky all within a place
called Harvest City wept this plight:

Said the moon: “Nothing I’ve seen is in despair!”

Said the wind: “What was this little thing you lost?
A mere nugget of loving here?”

Said Earth: “We can confirm she went this way
upon the stairs without a fare.”

Miss Piglet squealed: “I saw her! She when upward
upon the stares of stairs!”

K-Bear reported: “She is in the lair the lair of
the giants who walk over there!”

The Spirit of Her Soul spoke: “We only need
the help when asked! Unless I lose
the footing of a small foot then help!”

The house was silent. The cats meowed. The
pool stood still. All things unraveled
as her head bounced and bounced down forgetting
precious thoughts.

Lost! Lost! What was is now the great wishes
of once was her. For a hope for a lost belief
all is good.

:: 03.17.2022 ::


HELLO. i am one whose ached bones
laid in the gutter with tears flowing
down toward knees — we all bleed.

Then as wild wind life came back
into me. Picking up from the spot
where you have died is hard. So hard
but the chorus of angels sing:

‘somebody help this poor fellow
who thinks he can write!’
The angels sing, “fool!”

You see i’ve no rhythm and lose
the beat but keep in time with
thoughts of this heart — everyday
life day or night
never brought home royal life |
someone says, ‘a fool’

every moment is a word to write down
someone everyone anything speaks to me
after hour after moment in soul
in spirit in a minute i seek kisses
guess they won’t fool — kissing mirror
a spirit-tool____ i don’t know

yeah yeah yeah a rock, a cloud or smile

how love drips upon the canvas of life
that moment lasts as precious love a life time

So see: i keep moving onward
breaking out from this prison cell i found myself
free shining for tomorrow so awaken tomorrow
church steeple with lost people
office workers weeping
politicians hurting to be
brave to free all people.

and i pick through these aching bones laid within
the soul of my gutter with tears flowing down
hear oh here i am alone — the one
once more i open a door through fear believing
this heart shall go on.

:: 03.16.2022 ::


Sweet \ Rains new fall, sunlit from Heaven like the first dewfall on the first grass.

Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.
Plant me in His hand and get rid of my feelings, curse me with my faults and put me
into your lap, Get rid of my blemishes and make me beautiful.

Praise me with psalms and hymns and songs of praise. Praise for the woman with her hands
blessed AND hear my cry, you are my guide, lord of my life.

The Lord has opened to me a door of mercy and gave me the grace of Your hand and light
shone around me with rays of great love.

Like the first dewfall on the first grass
Praise for the sweet pleasures of the morning
Foam in my eyes, and trembling in my knees,
Like the first dewfall on the first grass

Praise for the sweet pleasures of the morning
Flower-strewn at dawn, I am lifted in thine arms

But my soul I leave at the tomb of Thy death
Praise me with songs, I live to praise, praise with psalms and hymns and songs of praise.

Praise for the woman with her hands blessed
Hear my cry, you are my guide, lord of my life

The Lord has opened to me a door of mercy.

:: 03.02.2022 ::


WALK unguarded into a dirty birth
catch a bus or disregard footstep
we all live within a city called laughter
selling out at Perth
The little bugs colored amethyst
are already at their work.

Charming faces of popular people
thousands of years ago
i laid a wreath upon those
ancient artificial skies
it’s hard so hard
to find the love lost
pacify weakness
Fetch a friend who is a friend
as long as they are not late
and until they bathe at midday
within the sea.

:: 02.15.2022 ::