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Alibi Store

“That’s alright…” he cry he cry he cries.
“we’re all alive on the inside and you’re
my friend my friend my friends
and i’m gonna kill you.”

Like we’re all holed up in a delirium
hotel and when he’s done you’ll know some
things you didn’t know before //oh let it
rain let it rain let it rain to kill the pain\\

“A crack in the window a world in a hole and
i want you to see the magician, a fire eater,
the fat lady, serpentina, sea monkey, see honey,
see my flipper feet and we’re all here just to
make a dollar and then you’ll have to go now.”

And all the time the ticking timer inside your
head tocs and knocks for a last call on the
dollar deal –> always showtime on the inside
of your heart but the soul’s dead!

And so we wait in line and do the time oh what
a pity oh what a crime!

:: 05-21-2018 ::


I SEE that death crept by three hooves and a beat!
And as pregnant silence above violins stressed
strings–||dancing frets ~~~~~~~
A gnome drunk-walked scattering blackbirds
and distinctly wept by neon-lit billboards
of that glow in gleeful glamour
Of that painful spoken truth in stammer
and of fated-measured tears all consumed air
of sleepy fatigued wooden scents by
post-rain meltdown exhaustion it slept
in hungry love.

But the gnome cries;

“I’ve no reflection
to redeem & no toll
to troll by due of
coins upon my eyes!”

Come butterflies come to me!
Here by the side of a wayward soul
At the strike of three-three-three
save the moaning gnome /even now
the crickets sing \ as a praying
unbetraying Mantis plays an E-string
tuned to flat _. twelve times elves
dancing prancing striking frisking
while death breaks down
laughing darkness and survives
to play the flute once again!
:: ~ ::
Rev. 5.6.2017
eprobles (c)


“Time drops all these moments as
decayed, spoiled riches.
And vibrating strings of light
dance the tip of Souls while
enjoying the orchestra
of all life!” — E.P. Robles

[Too late; as late as it gets thought I.]

Upon this very late or very early
morning while i began to realize
i left my dreaming snoring then upon
a glint from parted curtains I was certain
a something queerly missing ~ or should
i say amiss.

There, upon the fabric of dusty thoughts
while peering out my window pane
i came to see a dastardly scene that
almost certainly brought me to my knees!
There upon the shrouded street
were many short blue-clothed things
busily erasing each moment as it passed.
Unbeknown that “i” was one between
the ‘there’ and ‘here’ they froze
all the while i stood and stared;
“Oh no oh no!” they screamed at me
squirming then churning they moved
and rebuilt the past you see
and found myself in bed again
and all ends well that begins
and all beginnings have always been
–endings are myth!

:: 04-20-2017 ::


Tiny Tim with droopy eye went out
with corpse-woman (she’d heard
he’d died)
Had a cigarette between two finger’d
bones called life and when living
ladies heard he’d died the world
began its wailing from the other side.
LAPD roped off the scene but the
ribbons were too low for ghosts and
all his demons.  Detective Mister
found his bloody revolver and no cell
block too secured assured for dead
men so police offricer said, “Tiny Tim
was too beautiful but he died today;
the judge had verdict match the
coroner;  misadventure in love case
closed casket so move along move
along my fiends.

:: 03212016 ::


I wanna love just you
can’t refuse just you
and all night long
I’m eternally with you
cornered always
by your tall corpse
near the weeping willow
I wanna kiss you and
make all the boo-boo’s
just go away tonight
Oh just no smooth way
for the thing
all about you
invested everything
and I wanna give you
the love you been a’
missing so dear I take
your hand and my tears
mellifluous missing you
Use my power to revive
the once blooming love
and you gasp telling me
‘what a love and lover,
I’ve been a’ missing you!’

:: 11042015 ::


i BIG, the people beg the people
slaying this world
it doesn’t need an operation
we got mouth and got heart
and a sutured doctor in health plans
b l e e d i n g       small
we have thoughts, we rattle run
and shadow soldiers don’t kill
the strange –> it is us       it is us
running through gutters surviving
within a world of queens and kings
running along with sewer rats
wishing we one day we find a surface
of land and sun — i beg the people
, big people slay these motherfuckers
who have no mind and no soul
and give me another bullet cause i
see one running straight for me!
Politicians, religious demons, wall-
street fags eating everything we
built upon our knees and i’m all
so alone i can’t forgive my maker
so alone i can’t forgive my seeker
i’m so sadly me
i’m so sadly me

:: 09222015 ::


I CUDDLED my emotions
when fear brought  me roses
and knew that such ways
— as me
can play an instrument
— psychosis

Simpler to just praise it all
the good and bad
— and sad and fears
an occasional bottle
— of broken tears
then to wrap it up
and embrace the birth of death


IF you wish to see such magic
that life can be —
cleary come with me!
I shall spin both you and me
— around and round
until such spin does us take
— oh does such spin take
to the center of CAPIZ
There you will note that nothing is
as it is within our world of here
And what you thought you clearly knew
— I blew away into yonder realm
lost within the-all of you!
So come with me and take a seat
— and look and see!
To CAPIZ is nothing more than belief
of magic and that of you and me!



In my heart
so disposed
As no one knows
lies and disgrace
belies the grace
beneath the sullen moon

In such remorse
searing heat
winter freeze
beneath the ice
the sun looks warm
Follow my heart
into this fitful dream

and I’ll hear you
Scream again…

Winter’s embrace
leave me alone
I don’t want to feel
your icy heart upon my face
Winter’s embrace
so much remorse
killing me – its such a haze

sad and cold
Bring me the warmth
of a good friend now
Good times are gone
but sometimes I dream
beneath the willow weeps

Please don’t come
just leave me alone
in reprise I shall sing…

Winter’s embrace
leave me alone
I don’t want to feel
your icy heart upon my face
Winter’s embrace
so much remorse
killing me – its such a haze

sometimes too long
worn out shoes
take me home
to the paradise I knew
I will kneel and pray
for all my mistakes
Heaven sends you my way

but hell prays you stay…

Winter’s embrace
Don’t you stay
Leave me to face my ways
Winter’s embrace
Don’t you say
Love can keep me any day
Just freeze my heart anyway