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RHAPSODY IN BLUE (A Musical Translation into Words)

In the heart of the city, where steel and glass arise,
A melody awakens, a sapphire in disguise,
It’s a symphony, a rhapsody, in shades of purest blue,
A tale of New York dreaming, vivid and true.

A clarinet’s wail, like a siren in the dawn,
A plaintive, soaring echo that gently lures you on.
It dances through the concrete, down avenues and lanes,
A lament of longing, tethered by invisible chains.

A rhythm then emerges, a pulse within the stone,
The city’s heart is beating, alive, yet all alone.
Piano keys, like raindrops, begin to gently fall,
Painting blue-tinted stories on the city’s endless wall.

Bassoons echo softly, the heartbeat of the day,
As the city awakens, chasing night away.
The strings join in harmoniously, a river flowing free,
In this urban symphony, this rhapsody in key.

Through the din and clamor, the rhythm never dies,
A testament to resilience beneath the endless skies.
In every brick and rafter, in every shining pane,
Lives the soulful echo of Gershwin’s sweet refrain.

Sometimes fast, then slow again, the music ebbs and flows,
Through joy and sorrow, love and loss, the city’s story grows.
A dynamic dance of shadow and light, of new and old,
In the heart of the city, where countless tales are told.

As the final notes fade, under moonlight’s gentle hue,
The city sleeps, and dreams once more, in tones of deepest blue.
Yet in every rustling leaf, in every whispering breeze,
Lives on the timeless melody, the city’s memories.

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, a symphony so grand,
A poetic ode to the city, where dreams and reality stand hand in hand.
And so, in every sunrise, in every setting sun,
The city’s song continues, the rhapsody plays on.

:: 01.01.2000 ::

This Tired Poet’s Notes:

The poem “Rhapsody in Blue (A Musical Translation into Words)” is a brilliant fusion of musical interpretation and poetic expression. It uses the language of poetry to articulate the emotional and narrative resonance of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.” Here’s a breakdown of its various elements:

The poem begins by setting the scene within the city, likening the urban landscape to the orchestra that performs this piece. This imagery is a metaphor for the city as a living, breathing entity with its own rhythm and melody. The “sapphire in disguise” references the title of the piece itself, inferring the rich, deep emotions that make up the ‘blue’ in “Rhapsody in Blue.”

The use of different instruments throughout the poem reflects the various sections of the composition. The clarinet’s wail is a direct reference to the piece’s iconic opening, which is famously played by a solo clarinet. This serves to draw the reader into the cityscape, much like the clarinet’s glissando introduces the audience to the piece.

The rhythm and pulse that emerge symbolize the energy and heartbeat of the city, brought to life by the piano keys that are depicted as falling like raindrops. Each instrument – the bassoons, the strings – is used to represent different parts of the day and different aspects of city life, mirroring the versatile and multi-layered texture of Gershwin’s composition.

The poem also explores the dichotomy of city life – its dynamism and its solitude, its resilience and its yearning, its joy and sorrow. This reflects the diverse emotional range of “Rhapsody in Blue,” which alternates between lively, vibrant sections and slower, more introspective parts.

The final stanza pays a direct tribute to Gershwin and his grand symphony, affirming the enduring impact of his music on the city and its inhabitants. The repeated imagery of sunrise and setting sun symbolizes the timeless, cyclical nature of the city’s existence, just as “Rhapsody in Blue” continues to be played and appreciated decades after its creation.

Overall, the poem is a beautiful homage to “Rhapsody in Blue,” effectively translating its musical narrative into evocative, poetic language. It captures not just the sounds of the composition, but also the feeling and imagery it evokes – the essence of the city that it musically depicts.

The Music of Words

Viola: If love is God, then I have met Him in Glory.
Violin I: Oh lovely life, oh my love, I say I adore you.
Violin II: Tears weep from my mouth in all I feel, seeing you.
Cello and Double Bass:

My dear, I am honored to be here with you now.
The seasons were long, and suns came up and went
Silently beneath my wishes.
Oh, I saw you in the sparrow and the green, tallest grasses, my sweetest love.
And now, we are together!

The angels sing:

Oh, if love be but God, then Him in Glory
Have I beheld, my heart with joy alight!
Oh life, my love, thee do I adore,
All in thy gaze, my being takes delight.

Tears of purest joy, from lips that flow,
When thou art by my side, all feelings blend.
My sun, my soul, my guiding light, I know,
In thy presence, my being doth transcend.

Seasons pass, long and silent in their sighs,
As suns rise and set with every breath I take.
But in thy love, my sweetest wish now lies,
All dreams and hopes in thy embrace doth make.

In sparrow’s flight, and greenest grasses bright,
Thy presence I see, my heart’s true delight.

Together now, my dearest, forevermore,
Our love, a symphony that shall endure.

rev: 03.03.2023 ::

A New Word a Day

BE it lithium light
from the sun
OR the grand field
of poetic words
i know not
but do know this:
Learning a new
Word a Day is as making
a long lasting friend.

:: 10.07.2022 ::

The Baron and His Piano

“The blood is the life!” she kept repeating in one of her more melancholy moods.
“The blood is the life.”

One morning, The Baron lost a finger during a sword practice.
He knew instantly what it was.
He quickly grabbed his sword and prepared himself for the oncoming stampede.
The Baron desperately asked for a priest to come and put the finger back.
The Baron, at that moment, felt he must know a way to get back his lost finger.

The Baron’s badger, as he is named, knew of a way to put the finger back and give the Baron the use of it again. It was the way to get back at Elspeth.

The Baron started to practice his routine in the morning, at noon, and then again at night.
After a few days of practice, the Baron’s badger noticed a change in The Baron’s behavior.
It appeared as if he was under the power of the ring.
For the first time in his life, The Baron was performing and caring about what he was doing.
For the first time in his life, The Baron had a goal to be achieved and felt he was a man who deserved to have a sword at his side.

On the sixth day, The Baron attacked Elspeth.
She fled to her bed, screaming as she passed out of pure fear.
The Baron knew that she wouldn’t wake up again.
The Baron was angry.

Elspeth’s quick recovery from the kiss earlier in the day was a dark sign.
The Baron asked for no more amorous interruptions.
“I demand a wedding ring!” The Baron growled as he fought off the rest of the band.
The Baron defeated every band member, destroyed the bar, and spent the rest of the evening stripping the bodies of all valuables and firewood.
The Baron did not return home until morning.

The Baron had a plan.
The servant.
The servant realized that he was being manipulated by a ring.
He knew if he went to The Baron, the Baron would never wear the ring again.

And the Baron would never play piano again.

:: 09.21.2022 ::


TO never solve miracles of science
TO never have crawled out of a c–ave
somber thoughts
although some are a blessing
to a curse
some ensure military solutions
never understood words : but if
i ever lose my love | IF i ever lose
my Faith …my faith in you |
come home with me…that i may fill
my arms with you.

:: 08.07.2020 ::



i found two feet walking along a shoreline called Mississippi River and there was not a breeze or sound: the world was frozen. Blue ice.
So i began my journey there.
found colors, notes and feelings,
a catfish caught on a line; i saw
the water and skies moving gently
across my soul; this i did and i
had no feelings — it was spectacular
to view. Caught out of time and wonder
-ing what love could ever be as this.
i am not wishing. I am not granting.
I am not human. I am not anything you
can comprehend. I am alone.


No audience needed. I write for myself.

:: 07.27.2020 ::


WHETHER a windmill
or a Thought
does not concern
the Soul.
The wind mills
about until told
how to perform.
is nature
and weather of
any human heart.

:: 07.24.2020 ::


IF i shall never hear a note again
what of my vision — a forest calls
but no sound/ i, the failure, of
all that is nature and of words.
so must my mouth SCREAM
but my head hears not [even the
blacksmith striking his anvil]
so i am the deaf poet
that shall never hear my own words\
locked inside a cedar box for all

:: 07.24.2020 ::


Oh Seia oh love
by the beyonds of
all rivers ___
ancient tongue
modern heart ___
of a living ghost
oh seia my love
that sunburst dress
burns all Souls
with art and Love!

:: 07.23.2020 ::


WHILE tears DROP     inside
the cavern of m\y heart
   perform no miracles
for me,  but sun justify
laws to me which, as years
and elders of generations
pass on by —
   all soundlessly unfold
within a tall unforgiving house
   unfold, was one who arose from
this feast and so went forth —

 BECAUSE a voice from somewhere far
off in the East (ooh) spot which sought
  a great congregation extinguish my eyes
 i am blind.  and children scream, ”
trying to find you…”  
      where stands the great Church
which memory forget.”  

  Oh yellow desert stream in within
deep nights i dig for you, O  Treasure!

:: 07.07.2020 ::