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Morning’s Passion

And when morning is upon you

It’s like a blessing from God

Hear His voice, He will speak your thoughts

He gives the heart a reason to sing His praise

Who could this save but You through the One

Whose Name we long to speak

Hear the voice of His Spirit, Holy Spirit

Sing His praise for all

And we praise the morning dew and all the world

We praise the heart and soul! Like the first

morning’s petals flowered. Praise for life,

praise for the morning and a passion for Life!

:: 06.22.2022 ::


FAKE episiotomy
like the shape
of my heart

Mediolateral art

says the ghost of a baby
enjoys floating within
red and pink balloons
all without affection

my perfect mouth…

Hell how they enjoy
reading screen texts
and lying about soy milk

uh, huh huh
like so deary
being made
media illiterate

:: 12.21.2021 ::


LOST chances within deepest dreams
as then as now no sleep oh no sleep
i too, o princess within sad sleep
we peak into the darkest skies of night
and see trembling stars of love and hope
but though within my soul is all beauty!

No one knows the mystery inside my closed
mouth in me — that no one knows my name
i pray they know this love
forever as when light shines
oh, vanish night!
fire sets upon stars
fire sets upon stars
love shall win!
love always
love shall win!
within the expansive heart of lovers!


“S” hissed toward my heart
as from Eden’s garden!
Sibilance! As seven
suspicious snakes.

A loquacious theater upon
the lagniappe stage of life.

The word. As an ancient
bookstore i shall call,

My Soul! As sanguinolency within
my dying heart. I watched the
group of wild mustangs rush
into the purple red desert night.

Then lost eyesight.


:: 09132021 ::


As my sensational sensual moments bleed away and are no more seen by the vilest minds
my face deep within the riches of Earth’s soil away from unthought wars!
Unburdened by high wilt of human rine–
as pure Love has championed over darkly love.

And smallest voices as new born children spiritually cries of Spring keeping new born
butterflies afloat, is where Love strives
as droll god-beasts!

Such is the dance of perception as a reflection
through a prism; or early morning dew drop.

Time that not be for us — as purple roses
are sweeter to the but for me: deeper!

:: 12.21.2020 ::


Like winnable wars like broken hearts
feeling there’s no living gods
Like a poem that is out of reach
that no ink can write — i feel you.
While dreaming hope like a smile of love
without a lover a little foot step
without impossible dreams
there’s no unbeatable odds.

Shall I say it again?

With dreams there’s no
invisible walls and i sing,

“I just want you”

There is no Juliet without
Romeo, there are no thrills
without incurable life.
and I just want you
and I just want you
And how are you?

There are no in-crimeable crimes
no reason or rhymes why we lock
doors between living and life.

If there’s an Alpha I say
oh me again (omega) possible
dreams and I just want you

i just want you i just want you
how i dream fall-smiles
within your soul dear

Are all the beautiful flowers of your soul!

:: 10142015 ::
rev: 11.10.2020


my part a half of whole
a thought a slice of more
that my life lived and soared
my part your half our none
an emotion : the wave of ocean
that my life becomes
Life and as one
what more
than one and whole?

:: 04-03-2014 ::
rev 07192020


an ECHO of LOVe
created me
— i am sun
& freshest air
— the perfect moment
for Love (or a latte
with an attitude)
i am no one_____
i am the memory
of delicious thought
and the feeling of flesh
against flesh/we shine
criminally when we’re two-

:: 07.31.2020 ::


raging wars raging more
raging whores raging
lore /::the cock ROACH
above my walls winked;
COCK roach!\ so come on
over to do the twist–
all do it and have a fit
: i’m bleeding out of me
bleeding out of me ::twist;;
so come on over and love
how you are so sick so shoot
the shit…
bleeding blue bleeding
raging wars raging more
raging whores raging lore

:: 07.16.2020 ::


AS someone in love
i have fallen for you
i have fallen into
  how Love is grander
than a cheap house
  or a mountain upon
the highest of hills
as someone in love
i have become sillier
i have become stabler
  how Love is grander!

:: 07.14.2020 ::