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Fourteen Days

Fourteen days have passed since you,
Took my heart and bid adieu,
Thunderclouds of sadness roll,
Applause of tears, I can’t control.

I saw myself in shattered glass,
My reflection twisted, a lass,
Picasso’s art, the shards in place,
A world turned upside down in space.

A purple brush, I took and ate,
Threw up on canvas, sealed my fate,
Cupid’s arrow, broken, lays,
Its victims left to mend their ways.

So to the garden, I retreat,
Among the Venus flytrap’s feet,
The leaves snap, a Bumblebee,
My wounded heart it stings with glee.

I couldn’t have met you, my dear,
Without this garden, I hold near,
My love and shyness, intertwined,
A fate like ours, hard to find.

These fourteen days, I’ll not forget,
Forever in my heart, a debt,
Even if I forget your face,
The memories of love embrace.

Someone called my heart “chained in hell,”
A word that stings, I know full well,
But I wish for time to explain,
My love, my heart, and all its pain.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

All Things Great & Small

DO not weep for me tonight
the streets are sleeping
and stars are singing their light.

Forgive the clouds you see
: some days they weep for you
but in secret feed the trees.

If the world should express
emotions of compassion
it should be for Love ~~
the language of Things

Great and Small.

:: 09-25-2018 ::

Sognare il Cuore Dell’Amore(Dreaming Heart of Love)

I will not die until I’ve won!

My reverie is like a fever, on which I take the form of a sleeping man.

Down, then, to a stately castle, with golden walls and marble stairs; a bloody fool is dead,
whose eye is on gold.

There on the blood-soaked floor, I am white as a prophet’s sin ere I fear you.

Delicate, delicate is the white mist around my shoulder! And e’er I look up and glance the hot eye, there, a flame of flame.

One night I see in it a horrible shape, a monstrous giant, a pale horse of night that gallops on,
up, up it goes, in grim agitation, among the thick black walls.

‘What do you see, god?’

‘An enemy of the castle that is mine.
In God’s name, come to me!

I desire you.

From the grave and through the sky I go to him; there, where the beams run out
of light at noon, thou shalt be born! Thou shalt be born!

How loud are the shouts!
What drums!
The sea is boiling!
Thou art born!
How painful is the birth, and how sweet is the nurse, who nurtures the maiden!

‘Thou shalt be born!

:: 07.11.2022 ::

A Hundred Poems – XC – The Art W(h)ORE(E)LD

whilst others are possessed by it!

One is a gift and the other potentially
a fatal disease of spirit and soul.


Then Shall I Knell

Now listen to me, my Lover; is there love as sweet as love this?
Then lo! wither thou art, there in that far wall
a single flower is frozen, and through the hole is a voice.

See her pretty breast, whereon there kisses I beat,
till from the wall I hear her song on the steps.

Is it I?—no, but it’s my own.

I have never known thy love;
I have never said that I loved thee;
But now the walls that kept her apart
have let me in, and I can say it.

At the sight of it all
the tender thoughts of love
of that sad flower
Come and they tread
Upon the blooming thoughts of me.

Now I hold the flower,
and play with her rosy lips;
I kiss the blade of thorns,
I seize the stem,
and press my lips against the petal.

It is not my flower, it is not my love;
It is but her sadness and her grief.

I hold it and let it go.
We are equal in tears:
And this sad flower
When it is once freed
Shall come and say
How sad she was!

Again I kiss her stem,
And pass from the courtyard.

And then shall I knell.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

Morning’s Passion

And when morning is upon you

It’s like a blessing from God

Hear His voice, He will speak your thoughts

He gives the heart a reason to sing His praise

Who could this save but You through the One

Whose Name we long to speak

Hear the voice of His Spirit, Holy Spirit

Sing His praise for all

And we praise the morning dew and all the world

We praise the heart and soul! Like the first

morning’s petals flowered. Praise for life,

praise for the morning and a passion for Life!

:: 06.22.2022 ::


FAKE episiotomy
like the shape
of my heart

Mediolateral art

says the ghost of a baby
enjoys floating within
red and pink balloons
all without affection

my perfect mouth…

Hell how they enjoy
reading screen texts
and lying about soy milk

uh, huh huh
like so deary
being made
media illiterate

:: 12.21.2021 ::


LOST chances within deepest dreams
as then as now no sleep oh no sleep
i too, o princess within sad sleep
we peak into the darkest skies of night
and see trembling stars of love and hope
but though within my soul is all beauty!

No one knows the mystery inside my closed
mouth in me — that no one knows my name
i pray they know this love
forever as when light shines
oh, vanish night!
fire sets upon stars
fire sets upon stars
love shall win!
love always
love shall win!
within the expansive heart of lovers!


“S” hissed toward my heart
as from Eden’s garden!
Sibilance! As seven
suspicious snakes.

A loquacious theater upon
the lagniappe stage of life.

The word. As an ancient
bookstore i shall call,

My Soul! As sanguinolency within
my dying heart. I watched the
group of wild mustangs rush
into the purple red desert night.

Then lost eyesight.


:: 09132021 ::


As my sensational sensual moments bleed away and are no more seen by the vilest minds
my face deep within the riches of Earth’s soil away from unthought wars!
Unburdened by high wilt of human rine–
as pure Love has championed over darkly love.

And smallest voices as new born children spiritually cries of Spring keeping new born
butterflies afloat, is where Love strives
as droll god-beasts!

Such is the dance of perception as a reflection
through a prism; or early morning dew drop.

Time that not be for us — as purple roses
are sweeter to the but for me: deeper!

:: 12.21.2020 ::