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South-South of North

                                                     Which way does the wind    blow today
                       is south-south of north?  Does pretending mean more?   I’m not sure
             i cleaned my cache but never my soul or mind             and today i thought:
“do i eat a banana or (maybe to entertain us) a strawberry?      i ATE the retainer for
this poem right now________i am worse than words; i was born in the middle of a group \
they fed upon me i got to know them > so stup\id   became Carl You/ng’s favorite theory
and if i am or were to be a fairey would you ask me?

Do you forget to taste the sun’s smile?
Does your heart define what is that never was?
Does your myth consider meat-speaking creatures?

Well now.

A human.  a shadow.  a ghost or stripper?  Something entertaining
or completely contagious?  Well.  Ha.  Yea.  

       i am not the wasn’t of any word        my middle group
stands with me always will \hello yokes  hello folks/
never said, “jokes’ but anything could change this: my itcy lover
here, some soap.  Make iridescent bubbles on those bubbles.

:: 02.08.2023 ::

In Love and Half Mad

In love, and half mad. I am stronger
holding my tongue and swear to nothing.
no one knows what it means
no one knows me

Inside i’m dead
that sound? a flute?
retribution for being
more than the life
god gave me?

Who knows?

And who is mad?

:: 09-23-2017 ::


BEING small is not a large master
the fuge of ugly plucks strings
and dower lips with spit sing

My desert of flat thoughts
and dry springs wept while
creating dust devils of love

Never practicing to lose father
nor mother as they died before
I could ever love them

–I smelled a red rose next to
the Middlemist Red. As my own
heart we bled. Sunrises and


:: 06.08.2022 ::


FAIRIES of dreaming memories
those famous three free fingers
damaged my trust while
the carriage of death
stopped kindly for me:
a smell of bloody air
: ghost glazed eyes aglare
hooves turned to glue.
Shekels like cobblestones
(i gave it all away)
Judas wept last night
and gaped at me shoeless
unshaven and conquered
the monsters of all time__

:: 02.14.2022 ::


THE BEST day is one of love
not by flesh nor kiss
but Nature

the best i’ve ever known
and not much to say
so beyond my eyes

so far many scores of years

Today is a great chasm
that anyone could slip into
and threading these skies
with angel wings — my heart

today is today is today is
a greatest moment ever known.


today is yesterday’s wishes
and more.

:: 08.31.2021 ::


Hey boys go get yourself a soy drink & cut the bottom of your pants
so true so sad
betray the roots of all that’s nature & lay down the dog and drown.

As you were; keep yourself in the dirt and create castles of mud
cause you don’t know what it means you don’t know what it means.

We can have a chore; some say nature (like more)
is more — whose song sang drowning the right way?

Sometimes i scream so hard
i shoot myself through the throat
and take words and ghosts and make
baby-paste for women.

oh right. haha. so right.

So lonely i cry at night all the time.
Wee can ask for more fate is more
(nature as a whore) who is fruit
who is poison? aaaaaah! This is a
song about losers and losers gain
so much more. Especially when you have
no idea what is more. Righteousness is God
and Righteousness is horney wanting more.

:: 12.30.2020 ::


Hey, hey, hey, hey!
The biggest market is pacifiers
You know what goes in pacifiers?
Another mouth to feed.
A vagina to suck!

I went to the market and said, ‘Hell, no!
‘Give me an organic glue
“If only we had time we would have inserted a fucking hole
in my balls. I could have given her diabetes.
Yeah, I could have forced her to eat cheese!
That smells like my wife’s pussy”
No (i have no wife! no!!!!!!)
Going back to nature is not just about foraging:
You have to stop
You have to let go
You have to give up
You have to ask, ‘How can I have this?
I don’t know about water.
I’ve always had a problem with water
And everyone refuses to feed Love.
Life so full of secrets. Then again,
something about water.

You’re searching for more than
What I have. Because something’s got to be
better than this!

Nothing is better than this.

When it’s time to give up, to move on
and to let go; to get to the next level
it’s a little later in the day. Hey.
I’m off to find water. I don’t know where it is
but it’s there.

This island is in trouble: our government is out of control
and sooner or later the disease will spread.

It will kill us all!
In my arms I cradle a gun
It is mine and only mine.
I need a drop to survive
If only I can find a vein
My mouth is watering
with the sweet relief
of Love’s heroin.

But it is not enough. My heart is racing like a fish on a line.

I have to leave but I cannot. My fingers are shaking
my veins are dry.
I need a drop to survive
I need a drop to survive
And the worst of it is I don’t know where it is.
But it is there.

I don’t know how to find it
I’m looking for water or Love?!?


I’m looking for water
Ohh Ohh


I need a drop to survive

:: 12.23.2020 ::


WHEN i met you by the ‘Never Possible’ my feet were flames of sun by the meadow Moonbeams dancing upon my lonely tongue Saw a maple leaf fall twisting twirling propeller-swirls all within expecting hearts.

Incredible spectacle devouring my hungry mouth: this speed called love is above medical. When a leaf does not say what i mean i become a single filed formation escaping — running for my life from my heart.

Never possible calling me / i had your smiles within my pockets and found holes where my pennies fall upon the sidewalk____

(You better make this call)

that’s where your pennies are when a leaf does not say what i mean i become a filed formation escaping from my heart

Incredible spectacle
a speed called love above medical.

:: 11.23.2020 ::


\W H I L E we fall deeply into Life as towers
falling high
with hope of love and sugar emotions
angels behind following our trail of spirit
you and me belong to us at the height of
golden days underneath silver rain and timeless
— extensive nights and days of suddenly heard.
look and we see –> a great dampness
of soft silky memories while time burns our
skin and memories.

A serenade of Life.

:: 09.19.2020 ::


A connotation of love
— and to life
sharpens this temporal splendor
of the night

i want to live down eager
streets of lifelessness

wind, wind, wind, the notes
of harmonica asking, ‘did
you once love someone?

as the final feather floating
down a whirl-wind in the final

as when down eager boulevards
of purple rolled in velvet
beyond doomed thoughts feels

crumbling silence
and seriously smiles
as when i have sometimes thought

of you too.

:: 09.07.2020 ::