as a young boy i was hungry
so skinny & although my Life
was so sad I laughed.
I saw all my closest family
scramble to eat just for a day
more — i , a boy, saw devastation
,looking into every man they turned
on. every cup i drank was more
than a smoke: but every man who
made my mother, sisters and me feel
so damn cheap — i shall read a paper
with large holes — called 666 — the
news of the world — she died.

: 07.08.020 ::

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=good NIGHT
mine — for
eternity: your
my oh mine baby
and shall always
be -upon everything
i shall ever own –eternity
and we we be long
together you rich lips
belong to me only for eternity
: all eternity — i swear to
God & eVERYthing i ever own
alone just together for

:: 07.08.2020 ::



old ancient tongue
(mysteries unrevealed)
hate my longevity
hate my Heart
An old man hauling sand
asked me a for a coin
of a Roman figurehead — Pontius Pilate!
your part of the Crucifixion
was marked not only in Human history
but within the Celestial Heavens
the summer cooks grass
and life — history cooked all those
who were too blind! Mad! Mad!
Ancient Land – 2020 now —
crazy hearts crazy Souls
unhinged — too (haaaaaa!) Blind!
Mad! Mad!

:: 07.08.2020 ::


Eyes wish to cry
but they have l e f t
alone and unfocused;
are the days of a bleeding soul
are the long days filled with
absolute Horror is my life:
struggling to breath
biting at the fabric of space-time
Life knowing how hard it is to leave
the flesh, blood & bones. Is my life.
My own horror.

:: 07.08.2020 ::

B A M C L A C K – S A H – D A M N

Bam clack-sah-damn
oh Cecilia
my heart is breaking
until you
(Bam clack-sah-damn)
save me so begging you
make a new type of Art
just for you if only
you come back to my head
& my heart
oh Cecilia
Bam clack-sah-damn!

:07.08.2080 ::


AND you   in and within colors
  of my fragmented memories —
i cannot believe how you are within
my system so within my arms
    so shall we paint images:
that release all minds — Picasso
and Matisse and those who died by
the colored broken brush of painting
  —    to find you it’s a struggling
dangerous moment ; to make you believe
   washing away your tears to make you
believe in me — so good so fine and
we go where-ever we go;  so baby come
home, come home again___after centuries
   All for you.
      Oh.  All for your love. (nothing too
compare — to you)
 OUR love is all for you__________
 is it too late?  too late to wind-down
   entropy and all those equations
make me question human-Organic minds>>>>
baby coming home.  You coming home.


ALL smiles chill inside as streets scream asphalt
dark — shimmering vials so broken/hearts\
smiles so croquet leave behind time:
a need for sophisticated
selection mystifying –> all we know/ fingers lightly
upon ivory keys and my heart upon the minor
tones of a fugue
— tongue.
eating desert sand tasting heaven’s ceilings above
who have ever died in dirt and exploded above
dangerous clouds — everything human.
As if hearts dwell in solitude–Oh, does your
phosphorus heart light the em-pty crests of desert
sands while digging bruised, lifted, spreading
trees of i stretch them in the air –?
My bloody hands, reads from the book of Poverty
and Death — hooks within a gapping mouth of God
— cannot utter words nor sound nor breath, nor kiss,
is love and love within its finest moments
before death.

which shapes existence and within subtle curves
and ever must — the mystic homeless One.

:: 07.07.2020 ::


WHILE tears DROP     inside
the cavern of m\y heart
   perform no miracles
for me,  but sun justify
laws to me which, as years
and elders of generations
pass on by —
   all soundlessly unfold
within a tall unforgiving house
   unfold, was one who arose from
this feast and so went forth —

 BECAUSE a voice from somewhere far
off in the East (ooh) spot which sought
  a great congregation extinguish my eyes
 i am blind.  and children scream, ”
trying to find you…”  
      where stands the great Church
which memory forget.”  

  Oh yellow desert stream in within
deep nights i dig for you, O  Treasure!

:: 07.07.2020 ::


Her glance glows & lingers of otherwise
beating feelings within her Breasts
Oh if and of her soft pure thighs
blind y o u within her grace,
nature or voice of human speaks
only one of this thing to unwieldy the
arch whence issues a new emotion.
Nor could a stark and stunted
root display her youthful vibrancy
beneath the shoulders of Life,
no, not speak as we within the fur
upon a beast of prey, nor speak forth from
their lines like a Soul of Life —
these memories of youth for youth
and older Souls to remember :
we live life in circles that grow wide

and endlessly unroll.

:: 07.06.2020 ::


i am not the mud not the footprint
of ancient man but a shinning lit
point of a forming light
within dripping tears
No, not a monster or sunshine
at dark — so such our mouths
sing, “we know things so wrong”
just like everyone else…
i used a brush upon an ancient
rock to remove the ages of tears
revealing Summer when this
ancient town died : and n0w \
feeling love. Within a moment
we kissed and hugged at home —
then we died.
i am not the mud not the footprint
of ancient man but a shinning lit
point of a forming light
c r y i n g for anything to remember
we were once alive and living
as a people.

:: 07.06.2020 ::