I am here with Favorites
and I am with No One
I am Love and the world Hates
Inside mental Estates
Compared upon merits
by profane scarlet objects
universal law sealed false
bonds of Love as oft as mine!

:: 12.28.2021 ::


A midevil budweb nested-in/between the dizzy lights and trees the gold-crystal chandelier ‘whistling’s-theed gongs and passing-through eyes of a glance Sidle of illg*d man-on-board happened moments to scowling preacher before school-time sank us and days to his back-against-the-wall-of-dust-of-sunlight time could so easily feel lost- lost: own-loss-and a loss of himself.

Today all but home is back-gone-over with long face/teeth breezy thin island wayfarer telling/telling-trees/oak/willow speak with their tiny whimpery voices the white-robed God reached to angel sister, lady-in-blue (also dressed like a nun/a priest), our neighbour (practically twins/brother/daughter),
that woman with the hilarious coat/winged tights (actually her leg), to the Rabbi who knows your name/the Church down-road. (the fat lady with the very shapeless dress) looking at her the big guy (that very tall guy/very tall woman) seated in the car who know when-if you smile they-yes, she knows he’s already at the top of her special “likes” list/well-designed “decoration” of humans.

His help in the wedding-party would come from afar (he sat by the front of the screen) twenty he looks-back/thinks it-it, now! (one of many that had not helped: oh, oh, oh.) soon it would be bedtime in a green patch. (the one of we ordinary people) music from another world will creep upon the wailing bells (our one) and echoing hollow-type churches. (do not even blink) the hollow sound of a loud bell:
“well-known man” is there now in the middle of the church yard looking through all that pall of fog-jungle trying to see who it is that’s shouting ‘no’ with his big “no!” which bursts our cherished bubble of the real world!

(a wood-working shop-front A very-old man with a secret living-without covering in another world stands up to embrace the old woman. A poor sap in a wheel-chair!) (A poor sap, also in a wheel-chair!)
And, instead of joining in the youth-lifting-arms dance in the village, his “greetings” the happy bride/groom-applause! As if-no, as if-all those great Joke-comedians had never lived.
praise-joy- thanks-God all around:

“With every step my little frozen, smiling faces while a churchyard’s air is suddenly
bloomed into a violet twilight and the black-robed patriarch poured water on the…
dazzling bell-flutes.

A sudden chill in the air and a tree/fairy appears. The skull and bones, almost beautiful, but a skull and bones. The nose-less lip-less and parted, the eye-less eyeless eye-less. You see the faceless piece of head: the pointed cranium is not a skull: it is.

:: 05.23.2022 ::


SHORT premonitions of lasting lights that come as a soul rejoices when it is touched by true love.
Arms that bind you while flesh is silent upon your last breath. Darts come out of the heart to fall as arrows that break the strings.

How it smells and the sharp pulsing of the heart that drives thoughts in the head. When their mission is to beat the state of being before it does them in.

These are my favorite songs just sitting in a cold winded room touching my lips with your favorite
Chinese mango and lingering in imaginary worlds, while i stand in this room listening to the secrets saying thank you.

All i need now is to listen myself to the next song.

She did this for decades. Eyes closed. Feeling the breath pulsing in the chest next to her heart mind locked in a spiral of touchless love.

My Mind moved away from the body. Body laying still. Body like a tree, not moved and surrounded by calm. and return on this mission to wake with a smile.

She had seen her days seen all the clouds of her road and knew that this is the end. Soon the golden road will be bricked up for her.

Will she ever dream. She, lying still entwined with her love. She felt her body starting to remember the flesh and the life of love. The days on the starry
rooftops but it is over, she thought.

She rose and got up.


:: 05.18.2022 ::


before sun   i sleep
entwined by lost thoughts
of this passing day.
by  moon   i sleep
in dreams of things
whose lives are real
how love and life stays
during bliss by the river
a blanket and soul.

i recall it all tomorrow.

:: 05.1.2022 ::


WE CAN eat hearts & spit them out
under a bridge & talk of Kafka.

WE can make cupcakes in a spotless kitchen
and weep tears to knees.

IT’S okay only because fish have
no feelings.

How God clipped these wings of Love
Only to burn the World.

With one bad word disease steals
the gift of a miracle:

“Love the planet first then find a cure.”

How God abandoned his plan & may damn us all!

Where will we bury our antibiotic suicide?

How God blessed us & poisoned us with
dogs & hatred ~ how God let Man give us birth &
made man to lose his mind & curse his Maker
& refused our protection to stop evil.

How God was deaf & deaf to Man’s cry.

And the bitches said, ‘It’s everyday.”

:: 05.10.2022 ::


WHEN the world is quiet
i am inside the heart
of lovers.

Weeping at times
while raining love
of splattering tears.

How alone is one
and quiet halls
of my soul’s house.

That when i experience
nature/of all things\
is my own Soul.

Respectfully i die
a breath each heartbeat
into the Unknown.

:: 08.10.2022 ::


AFTER a boring day while the sun was setting across the horizontal line of a world it began.

Sitting next to the pond with her sister a frog crawled out from behind a rock.

“You should not be here.” Croaked the frog.
Somewhat surprised, she told the frog,

“I have to wait for my sister.  She is counting the stars.”

A shooting star creased the early flat night skies.

The frog came closer.

“I do not know about stars but sincerely know nature.” Said the frog.
Evie stared at the green frog for a long moment.  

“If I picked you up and took you with me I could show you a new world.”
Surprisingly the frog jumped upon her lap.  Staring with it’s eyes it spoke again.

“Show me this world.  Then I will show you my own world.”

They both nodded in agreement.

:: 05.10.2022 ::


DOWN for the ever
where no one feels
but just float about

How summers come
Seasons go
Lost inside a head
But never dead

How plastic transparency
is looking through glass
If you see me i see you

and if we ever talk  about it
i wish you down for the ever

Always know sometimes
i think it’s me
— a dream?  How about a melody
for you and me.

if i had a world of my own
everything would be nonsense!

:: 05.10.2022 ::


And in this memory the GIANT RABBIT is still a giant rabbit.

And so it is now.”

Fart blowers were everywhere. Cushions sucked so much you were going to die, and the cheeseburger smelled like food, and a large bloke was squeezing his enormous cock up the front of the train.

In the newspapers they called it Airborne Toxic Litigation, and I laughed about it with my mates.

And in this memory the large bloke died at the floor. I knew. My crops were ruined.
“Sir GIANT RABBIT. It is your nature. If you are still hungry I know of a village. There is a baker who makes carrot pies and cakes. His wife has a daughter who broke my heart. That’s entirely another story. But I shall give you the directions and you can eat their livelihood too.”

And that is how I befriended a GIANT RABBIT.

That blade which takes i took that made
what cuts I did so did I bled and took
the road that dust and blood uncovered
the path my blade had cut for me.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


she gave me Life
just being

How the broken
and pour cry
each dying day

perfect upon Heavenly Love
then became

–> The world wakes up
to tones of great wisdom

THEN we all live in perfect

hello? this is Language
and i make my Own Rules.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


BETWEEN the braids of golden Time she laughed
hours and chased a feather in the Wind by divine
right all my love is for you

How Sunrise became weak and Hearts Wept
the bullfrogs sang,

‘ i love you more when i see Nothing /just the truth\

i wanna hold the hand that is holding you
i wanna see something when i look at you
— but Nothing

We live our lives and some in the shadows
you find love and you go inside your darkness

  • 2 b so afraid of Love!

:: 05.05.2022 ::