All of Me

LOVE and tears no sleep now.
Oh sleep, dear. Screaming words
o Princess alone in your cold room
Forgotten feelings but brilliant stars
touch this Soul who trembles with love
and hope!

So tired being here. Suppressed by my fears.
And if  i could be alone these sounds of your words
would go and erase my tears within my eternal heart
and hold on to these years wasted.

My words can never be heard | alone, a pain just
too real

My heart is a cedar box closed and lost to me.
How love shall never know my name
Precious! Close your mouth until the light shines.
And then brilliant light shall make you mine.

THIS pain is too real too much that time can
never erase /i fear i held your hands too
long \ destroyed my life.

And all of Me.

My precious love.

:: 09.22.2022 ::

Op. 1

A laughter sprung out in Spring
measured by love.

A joy bursted heart!

I dreamed // I can not say

a Sparrow sang
but saw the trees

For the love,
for the love of hearts

For the love of us all!

:: 01-17-2015 ::

An Anemic Lie

I saw a lie cross a path
anemic and weak it made its way
craving souls that only know
life of fear and pain

It did not have far to go.


A Hundred Poems XV

SWEET faith come to me
that darkness seeps
and my weather vane
so empty
a petal- less flower weep

stare i do above my fear
and see a golden glow
it rises kissing horizon

that is my faith
my dear

that shower my vane
until it full
of the power of light

to feed my wither


“Look at this wing! I found the strength to go on when I took it. No, you were my reason to live, my one wish and one dream. I’d have done anything to keep you safe from now to eternity.”

:: 09.21.2022 ::

The Deal

“No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves.”

The Wish

“You are not beautiful, but you can be so now, you know? Love conquers all and they will see. Love will win over what they have known.”


“Take a piece of your art away and what is it but a broken frame, a wasted picture?”

Poly Mora

“Darling, I won’t go to bed with you if you’re already sleeping with some other woman.”

The Baron and His Piano

“The blood is the life!” she kept repeating in one of her more melancholy moods.
“The blood is the life.”

One morning, The Baron lost a finger during a sword practice.
He knew instantly what it was.
He quickly grabbed his sword and prepared himself for the oncoming stampede.
The Baron desperately asked for a priest to come and put the finger back.
The Baron, at that moment, felt he must know a way to get back his lost finger.

The Baron’s badger, as he is named, knew of a way to put the finger back and give the Baron the use of it again. It was the way to get back at Elspeth.

The Baron started to practice his routine in the morning, at noon, and then again at night.
After a few days of practice, the Baron’s badger noticed a change in The Baron’s behavior.
It appeared as if he was under the power of the ring.
For the first time in his life, The Baron was performing and caring about what he was doing.
For the first time in his life, The Baron had a goal to be achieved and felt he was a man who deserved to have a sword at his side.

On the sixth day, The Baron attacked Elspeth.
She fled to her bed, screaming as she passed out of pure fear.
The Baron knew that she wouldn’t wake up again.
The Baron was angry.

Elspeth’s quick recovery from the kiss earlier in the day was a dark sign.
The Baron asked for no more amorous interruptions.
“I demand a wedding ring!” The Baron growled as he fought off the rest of the band.
The Baron defeated every band member, destroyed the bar, and spent the rest of the evening stripping the bodies of all valuables and firewood.
The Baron did not return home until morning.

The Baron had a plan.
The servant.
The servant realized that he was being manipulated by a ring.
He knew if he went to The Baron, the Baron would never wear the ring again.

And the Baron would never play piano again.

:: 09.21.2022 ::