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INSIDE your eye        within your head
outside Mind         do you like
ice cream?            She said,
“i had my head 
upon the ground
and my feet in air.”  
   i WAS sitting
upon a barrel
spong (Xestospongia muta)
   then i laughed to myself
it collapsed.  
  i KNOW how rich your Mind
is  fancy/internal dialogue “i
think shes smart and developed
in a fancy mind i love |is she
wide is she promised to the night
or maybe she’s white as the moon
like a head with no room?  Reflections,
you’re mouth EVERYWHERE inside my
whispered breath ~~ or the Sun
and Stars?  Is she weird, please be
very weird and have head room.

:: 12.04.2022 ::

Blue Bullet Day

BLUE bullet day.  Sweltering heat pavement burning precipice
a Mile Wide | Sweat stain in my Heart every moment a wild ride
~ within this human zoo i wish i could rest more easily | you throw
love upon fiery moments and i’ll never stop loving loving you~~
   to never know is not something you leave behind
  my Mind an orchestra that’ll never stop loving you
  what would God prescribe?   Something that takes me higher
than I’ve ever been within this symphony of lovely feelings ~
to wish for promises delivered.

:: 12.04.2022 ::

Dreams and Waking Thoughts

WITHIN a dream one dreamed or was the dreamer awake?

Dreamed the dreamer:  

  ” In the Beginning God made
the Land then he made water
and creatures /some with hate\
like something life knows____
   So upon a fine morning, in a
land of decent souls, one gorgeous
man and beautiful woman revealed
 the Greatest of All Mysteries!
    Then God erased
 the memory of why and what.
     Leaving only pain.
   Like strict parents.

:: 12.03.2022 ::

Love, the Hungry Language

AND when i speak it is where love is
in a faint hush breath upon a rosy cheek
and also deeply within the chamber of my heart’s
pallor that succeeds it.

AND there — I do know love’s language which is
that hungry heart within the eyes that resembles life!

And within my quivering skin I see love touch my hands
a thrilling trembling vision!

Love nests itself within the wild woods of human
minds || the glance of lightning deep soulful stillness
until the keen delight of a convulsive rapture kiss is


:: 12072015 ::

My Words are Gold My Intentions Whacked

AND everyday i’m cool — if i can have your attention
please: if i rest a moment near the well of despair  
wishing young heart’s clean skin like jesus postal fire
my needle: LIKE FATHER’s STEP-FATHER SUN BLOWS!  Such fear!
Yeah yeah oh fuck yeah so stuck in dark heart-break love
wail upon the heart and guitar strings : walking around
so cute grabbing screws and how i hate how Jerry Lewis laughs
when soviet union wants to destroy us (Beaver’s mom sucked
the reason I cannot walk right for a few days)
   Oh! Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In has
perky tits and Mary Tyler Moore
   abandoned her kids:  kill the
messenger carrying kool-aid to Uganda
for that sick reverend:  i love U S of A
and even the world — don’t care about that
i’m a poet who describes the world with words
     —  sure, that’s it.
sure, now in 2020’s we’re animals antelope
without stomachs but butterflies of lies
and France we saved oh wait — the whole fucking world
but your teachers are showing titties instead of teaching
how many of us lost lives so we can dip and rip and trip
and get on a mic and spit ~ so funny, when you’re forty
you’ll see how every single person is a ghost that stands up

  We’re all the real ones
     fathers and mothers
  children and creatures
 who fought to speak shady.

Come on.

:: 09-02-2015 ::

My Cat Ate Your Dog’s Bone

My cat ate your dog’s bone and i hate how you do that
with your hair _

  Today i found an angel inside my Sunday morning
bagel and my dog found god
   i like puzzles
  like my insides
 i adore me but hate it  and eat acrylic chocolate
and smear it in my hair
  So, worry?  No worries.
If tomorrow is today then yesterday is now
  i am excited because my life’s contusion
is my brain / unscathed is my heart \ so happy
because today my cat ate your dog’s bone and how
every morning you do that : every candle tip o’flame
is a universe of perversion__

:: 11.20.2022 ::

Return to Shangri-La

Oh let the tears fall
down my face and
hearts fill my dreams

i am a soul strong
from a gentle race
seldom heard and never

a gift given me is to see
eternity and understand

is by no choice
but fate

Words spoken by angels
i cannot translate
but feel the burning grace
so i bid thee farewell
i now return to Shangri-La.

:: 11.15.2022 ::

Summer Smells of Death and Rebirth

AND ponder the dried once-tender
stems of bountiful beauty
of spreading once-color by
nature’s own heart
clinging to a dream
now faded into the soil
Breasts heave and
men shudder by utter
extant fear//life
with the margin of
once-unstained white
A few deleted unspoken
parts of broken dolls
sadly laying to sleep
Spanked and put to keep
by shelves of dust
scolded hearts interrupt
: punished prisoners.

:: 06-13-2015 ::

Between Language & Thought

Why do we struggle for words
when feelings are clearly present
An incongruity between language
and thought. To recover I say
allow the moment to express itself
in manifested emotion;

A laugh, tears, smile or kiss.

Some things are best left simple.



     w I T H  one  eye closed

you sleep and your brain does
nothing at all ~

     While tok'in on hookah

kissing beautiful thoughts
love never falls ~

But forgetting one’s position
in Life /can cause\ pain

ask the Men who walked the Moon
but never forget logic
and the proportion of beauty

Is stellar cosmic explosions
never seen
or heard

but always Loved.

:: 11.14.2022 ::