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MIND is summer days within white apples blue pills by society that prescribes law
and if you go asking neighbors they hide from thinking words
— stay small says government and do nothing at all –>
BECOME ours.

And if you go chasing freedom they will come after you
:::::: first freedom of thought then votes and body.
the womb already lost.
And the last ones with no eyes at all:
less than small creatures.
“I promise you’ll fall” they sing.
When men are women and women are less…
when generals wear pink tails — and
subjective logic and UCMJ then the
world turns upon it’s head — REMEMBER
what America means. What the world
knew. Go ASK NATIONS how far you fell
and say we knew nothing at all — oh
the call: soul and spirit upon chessboard
and knight moved but queen called.

feed your head.

:: 09.16.2021 ::


i found all the world within a sidewalk crack sitting downtown
so many soles walking over sadness and shadows of yesterday hey hell!
i apologize.
+++ wicked sassy guitars scream:
WE all say, “everyone’s day is their own.”
what else can we be? Especially on Saturday night
(got a bottle of booze from hidden magic )
Some kick off their shoes and enjoy the day
many others stick to their philosophy —
so what should they be?
(without a bad man or guitar?)
i walk within the golden light
of forgiveness — for myself.
(riffs of love ooh! )
Would not wish to be you
I would \\\with a gaping wound of salt; who takes my
left hand living and dying bitching beautiful songs and i sing
I’m a bad man — they take all the blame eating freezer burn kisses
who has a right to say all apologies?

When i am close to nirvana road -=- yeah move along! I saw her move
to thte table and she ate silence and those eyes who loved table —i
threw the dice and she made me see snake eyes and we left — i was
a bad man getting it on. getting it on!

i say i wish i was as you
so easily confused with burning salt
but i cannot take blame — some choke
with after-birth and others embrace Sun.

:: 11.20.2020 ::


i eat love and flotsam and hear
how heat burns
my love — i want you like a crab
needs sand and water
…come here ocean love me. My King
you deceive me –===
can’t you hear my love
burst || i want you like
a tree need sun’s shine///
can’t you hear my love
burst? Won’t you hear my
love won’t you hear me burst?
I want you like a heart
needs her beats –won’t you
hear my love burst?
Insect fly & dead path.
gives me a purple heart love
heart burst inside all of me.

:: 09.14.2021 ::


“S” hissed toward my heart
as from Eden’s garden!
Sibilance! As seven
suspicious snakes.

A loquacious theater upon
the lagniappe stage of life.

The word. As an ancient
bookstore i shall call,

My Soul! As sanguinolency within
my dying heart. I watched the
group of wild mustangs rush
into the purple red desert night.

Then lost eyesight.


:: 09132021 ::

buSY BEE inSIDE MY HEART (Oh king of my dreams)

‘buSY Bee inside my heart /// oh ate through toward my eye
buzzing and can’t you feel my heart burn?  Can’t your heart
bee my love — to travel and die upon a crust of moon drift dirt.

I heart how thoughts became living beings inside my head
and march within a vast army of disillusioned minions.

  Can’t you hear my love burst?  Can’t you feel my love bust?
Like we as Werelings so tiny as quanta light;  little creatures
who live 1,000 years but only a day in our time.  And we have no
fur but like to wear dead animals upon our skin.  How filthy
our skin is with microbial animals like horror stories feeding
our souls with dead mouths.
 Busy believe-me King-thing:  who comes
to save me while it hurts your.  Will you hear my love words?
My love BUZZ?  I want you like a crazy wave needs shores /// my
dead brain \\ jet sounds outside the ear canal of disaster.

Will you love the busy Bee inside my heart?

or Leave for Another Sound and string of strange words?
undulating hips and puffy lips.  Watch me waddle away
into horrific oblivion love buzz.

:: 09.09.2021 ::


LIGHT police shine on me
oh karma died yesterday
and now like daisies
you know…

Oh come on arrest my head
and make me feel criminal
— is this what we get

this is what we need
what we get when we dream
all inside our lonely heads

Comma, english police yea
rest inside the casket i
placed you  within:

this is what you get when
you mess with love.

i’m all by myself
all by myself with words
i love and create in prose

how i lost myself within you.
the only poetry i love is
what i write to you.

:: 09.03.2021 ::


THE BEST day is one of love
not by flesh nor kiss
but Nature

the best i’ve ever known
and not much to say
so beyond my eyes

so far many scores of years

Today is a great chasm
that anyone could slip into
and threading these skies
with angel wings — my heart

today is today is today is
a greatest moment ever known.


today is yesterday’s wishes
and more.

:: 08.31.2021 ::


But not sorrow to the bitter death of indigence, to which they are made to follow.

Without sacrifice to any deity.

But let us never underestimate that the more an occasion’s good will works, the more ruin is allayed.

Meanwhile, turn them out, then, by sea or land,–

that the servant of science might discover nothing.

What about other powerful vampire authors such as Daniel Defoe and Lord Byron, in addition to Shelley?

(At first sight, a good way to read the book of Revelation, was to think of their “visionaries” who took it to be a description of the original creation, with humans first emerging at the very beginning. It was not clear from the account of the Fall in 2 Peter, how it was even possible to have had the Fall at all.)

:: 08.31.2021 ::


GOODNIGHT my love and dearest angel
how long since you should
have closed your eyes.

Can we save the deepest questions
for another Life?

I feel you have one upon your trembling
lips; how too I have since I knew you’d go.

And how ships have sailed.
And oceans eat the sailors of
brave hearts.

I promised I could never leave you
and so know: goodnight my love
and dearest angel and now it’s time
to sleep within the ocean’s deep.

Remember all the love we had within
emerald bay eyes — and as an ocean
i am rocking you to sleep inside this
ancient heart of mine.

Always a part of me.

:: 09.03.2021 ::


three flies upon the eyes
blue electric arcs of light
how beautiful and to the point
ashame so ashamed
oh how death can be so lonely
how stupid but entertaining
how fulfilled by soul and spirit
hey! i loved the pain how it felt
so alive so hello and hell no!

Well, this lifetime sucked
and how it killed time
how meaningless unless a slug
is your King.

So i forgive and i smiled while
giving all my soul so never mind
and  how fruitless it was for all
so now in meantime burn the pages
and build the words of imagination
and forget the lies of the brain
— the most sincere liar of them all!

:: 08.18.2021 ::