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Shadows In The Mirror

i have eaten the Face of God whose thick body created the mega verse. The fly upon the dank wall accuses me of creating sin; but only dark matter is to blame.

It hides within the jewels of Creation.

My libido murdered untold numbers of unborn sperm and ovulating women conspire to hide this truth deep within their vulva. We are all murderers eating the

flesh of fallen innocent creatures that cannot speak on behalf of their defense. Even a plant has a voice if we only carefully listen.

The world of humans is an asylum of demented souls.

Do not visit us.

:: 04.02.2019 ::


if i am l o n e l y
if now & then i sing praises
of love
of passion
the season must be Spring i like
pink and reds and your lips too
and too tulips when i taste you
Natures most beautiful Flower
By the vally of too passion cries
(thighs) sighs the Aah of
committed expression.

let us die this little Death just now!

:: 02-08-2019 ::


PLEASE sir, take away my eyes
you see the sky’s all wrong
spinning around (whatever i do)
it’s her, Mother Mary crying
upon her knees screaming;

i did it all wrong
and what i’ve done
cannot be undone

whatever i do
whatever i do
whatever i do

it’s all wrong
but all so true

Touched the skin
of a celestial being
just a little thing
changed me
changed the world
begging you take my heart
you see all that the world feels

i feel
i feel
i feel

the sky spinning all around
no matter what i do

:: 01-23-2019 ::



“Today’s so good” my eyes said
not a cloud inside my head
And so you’ll know
picking up all the pieces
isn’t fun
but it’s what we sow
inside our bed
And i’m so clear yes my dear
just a monkey inside a cage
flinging angry feces
toward a world that has fled
And so it goes
And so it goes
And so it’s dead
Kissing the porcelain doll
on it’s shattered head
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one
biting on the metal
of a social warhead?
The gene of God
is what’s been bred
the gene of God
is what’s been bled
and the horror’s all
inside our head
so we’re dead.

:: 05-27-2018 ::


DOUR skies slipping by
and i’m drinking a bit
of that God Juice
and mama said there’d be
these days somewhere
along my path o’life
but i’m gonna drop that
devil and his wicked
truth sandwich’d between
his lying teeth

Oh yeah mama
speaking truth ~

and where’s the sane world
oh yeah oh hell oh my o’my
and the world’s sprayed
crisscrossed across the sky
aerosol demon cinema snuff
telemetry overload death
and i’m gonna go sleep
under that tree

and no need for sympathy
or tears for all this horror
cause i’m drinking a bit
of that God Juice to make
it all right all right

its a tough bitch to see
all the horror in the
light of day!

:: 05-26-2018 ::

We Are Nature and Nature Rules

AND WHAT IS the largeness of God?
All knowning and compassionate?
Judge, jury and executioner?
The beginning and ending of all?
the Alpha and Omega.
If so, then I am only one human,
a thing created by that One who
is surpassed by all things.
But this I do know: compassion
has no limits and greatness is
not confined to words. And
beginnings are not really
a beginning but moreso a
continuation of Life. And i am
focused on truth too.
My foot is within the ass of
all those who have polluted
the concept of a God; control
is their device but mine is
of Love and Patience. Let
the worlds’ institutions burn,
let the false words crumble,
and allow freedom of Sprit
to Rule: We are Nature.
And Nature Rules.

:: 09-25-2017 ::


broken footed children
lose teeth oh! yellow
liver and dying slowly
(the priest pissed upon you)
oh, even though now
i know how much life
sucks for the many
(broken/homeless lives/)
i still pray to the
god of pain!
still i scream:
“Hold me up until i’m
ash against the flames.”
Jehovah died as Adam ~
planet X every 3000
years wrecks the best
of plans and i kissed
my heart and now wait
for the funnel of light
so i know how much life
sucks for the many
and i still pray to
the god of pain!

The God of Pain!

:: 01-11-2017 ::


CLEARLY is mistaken
and vision clearly

thoughts are
how He
His children
and now WE are
a burden.
ARE we now
within His mansion?
it has many
:: 10182015 ::


Yes a long burning cord
is pacing over the plain
-ly bared necks and we may
have everything we wish but
still hearts bleeding and
embracing vulgar
materialistic laughter
but if i should say
goodmorning and say to you
your throat is a world
and the oceans words
and your touch is God

:: 10182015 ::


IF four nails secured
the Cross of Life
should i entirely ask
of god why Tigermart
sells deluxe burritos
but 7-11 has hot dogs
happily the uninformed
droop bloated question
marks — like a scar
across the mile of
my sacred walk
And if i should receive
an answer more or less
deserved, God go in peace
and spawn a supermarket
and wall street to rape
all mankind from their
health and well-being
–infinitely in your
schizo’d deity-mind
So i wish to meet a girl
who has a womb of happiness
to spawn a new universe
her tiniest whispering
invitation is like a clock
striking my heart \

:: 08-08-2015 ::