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i see your tears
hidden by years
of hiding yourself.

So sad, so lonely
So hard to have courage
within this world.

But i see your feelings
See me, see us, beautiful
like a rainbow.

Show me your smile
to see you laughing
makes them crazy.

Show yourself
Show yourself
Show yourself

So never be discouraged
So hard to be yourself
within this world.

And I see your love
And I see your strength
And that is why I love you!

So never be afraid
Never to be afraid
being afraid is dying.

:: 12-10-2017 ::



this night is young
but i am ancient
in both flesh and

As fields older
than the dirt!
As winds slower
than God’s breath!

Oh! Thank you my love!
for your kisses!
And your tears too.
See? The flowers
have stronger stems now!

My oldest song!
My only true love.
We two are the oldest
;by life and love!

:: 12-08-2017 ::


IN Alabama there is a dog with a tick on
Its back so big it look like a dog with
12 legs;
In Washington DC there are politicians who
Have exactly 10 legs and the difference:
NONE: THEY all bleed you and get fatter!
(Ticks have 8 legs)

:: 12-08-2017 ::


A young young man
a soul so old
a heart full of gold
a mind full of worry
a spirit like fire

My my oh my!

Stepping tripping over words
formulating ghosts from the
world — like all society!

Today is conception aborted
like unpainted canvases
unwritten novels
half spoken truths
Just going from failure to failure
without losing yourself
like the life journey; taking
the first step of a thousand miles

A conversation (catch the myth,
catch the drift, catch the mystery)

And all is a dream so big and we
all dare to fail!

Today’s soul is so high on tech
what you think
what you speak so loud most
cannot hear!

The young one
with a soul so old!
a heart full of hope
A mind full of worry
a spirit like fire!

My my, oh my!

:: 12-08-2017 ::


IF the throat could cry
would it use words?
IF the jaybird too?
How could nests be built?
By divine love; divine
strength we learn.

If (which is a word to
wish for more) love
was greater than fear
(and it is) all things
are the possible.

And I say to the One
whom I love (and you know
me dear) I wish for a nest
for our eggs and future.
Where love creates the
possibility of eternal love!

Bless you my dear!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


I have a heart or maybe two
One for me and one for you

My heart is broken
Maybe yours too

Let’s forget it all
And hang out on the clouds

The sun is all but gone
But still I have a gun

I think I’m done
Being happy

Just being happy

If I were like them
I could pretend

Just to be happy
Just to be happy

A done bun
Never undone.

Wish I was happy.

:: 12-06-2017 ::


TO everyone who has given all ~~

AND to all that have given everything;

Blessed you are and Soul.


That we all are born poor and that

Many die the same; to those who

Have learned, monetary wealth is

That great illusion!


To all who have figured — and

Shapes are words with cutting

Edges but speaking from the heart

Is softness; I say well done.




IF poetry is your weakness then

Love is your weapon; not to harm

But to oppress the evil that is

Abound within this realm of

Meager existence!


:: 12-04-2017 ::


KNEW you as a little child
like me you were so small
watch the clock tick and
talk my little child

So inside me
So inside you
We burn

Love like wind when
the seasons go when
the air blows

Once innocent then grown
Once loved then discarded
So inside me as within you
we burn

Everyone is a killer
Everyone is dying
Everyone kills themselves

Saw you smile / withered now
oh we burn we burn like the
lost seasons of dreams

Adults as dead children
Adults living a lie
Adults lost within life

:: 12-04-2017 ::


death is a weak spoken word
as tinder burning — my love?
We were alive! Once, when
we saw the clouds covering
the quiet land in purple
and blues my dear.

The river was rushinng
thrashing and weathering
the ancient rocks —
our hearts, too!

Many believe death is end
but for lovers the beginning!
I shall be soft while I
conqueor the living now;
I will speak your name
and the celestial beings
— they already weep!


BRIGHT is the sunlight soul
of brilliant skies!

And love is thrusted unto
the world by divine warmth!

And Kisses like a raging river
fills the belly of lonley lovers
and we weep we weep for joy!

The morning divided by shade
of a curtain called night!
The heart by pain and love
oh! Love is the Sun of all!

i saw a bushy tailed rabbit
sink into her hole! Finding
love within Mother Earth!

OH! Salvation! Salvation!
WE are the kiss given by
the One — by the One
Who gave precious Forgiveness
The forgiveness of All Us!

Lord! God! The Universe
Our Mother!

:: 12-03-2017 ::