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Dreams and Waking Thoughts

WITHIN a dream one dreamed or was the dreamer awake?

Dreamed the dreamer:  

  ” In the Beginning God made
the Land then he made water
and creatures /some with hate\
like something life knows____
   So upon a fine morning, in a
land of decent souls, one gorgeous
man and beautiful woman revealed
 the Greatest of All Mysteries!
    Then God erased
 the memory of why and what.
     Leaving only pain.
   Like strict parents.

:: 12.03.2022 ::

Love, the Hungry Language

AND when i speak it is where love is
in a faint hush breath upon a rosy cheek
and also deeply within the chamber of my heart’s
pallor that succeeds it.

AND there — I do know love’s language which is
that hungry heart within the eyes that resembles life!

And within my quivering skin I see love touch my hands
a thrilling trembling vision!

Love nests itself within the wild woods of human
minds || the glance of lightning deep soulful stillness
until the keen delight of a convulsive rapture kiss is


:: 12072015 ::

We Hide What We Hate

SO you hid yourself within your flower (a perfect world
that threw away today) You, believing and so kind,
that wearing upon your smile you, unsuspecting me, wear me
too — oh, from a perfect world that threw me away
just today And the angels know the rest.

Better make you strong
Better make you fall
Just bleeding like a
fallen storyline
And you: from a perfect
world that’s inhumane
today, today, until
i am so small i will
love you.

And here is the answer.

:: 05-07-2016 ::
:: 11.30.2022 ::

Sensonic Mapping Love-Heart

THE urine color odor of your health
confuses a taste-smell of influence

A pleasant mystery of maple syrup Kisses

I die a-beat us!

We didn’t think of it —
the sweet smell of Chocolate like
cabbage and beef upon a finely spread
sensonic mapping brain.

Maybe it originates
from alpha case-in love
of my never-dying sweet
love for you: overdose
of sweetest life.

:: 12-08-2014 ::

Summer Smells of Death and Rebirth

AND ponder the dried once-tender
stems of bountiful beauty
of spreading once-color by
nature’s own heart
clinging to a dream
now faded into the soil
Breasts heave and
men shudder by utter
extant fear//life
with the margin of
once-unstained white
A few deleted unspoken
parts of broken dolls
sadly laying to sleep
Spanked and put to keep
by shelves of dust
scolded hearts interrupt
: punished prisoners.

:: 06-13-2015 ::

Rambling Thoughts – i

the windows are open and there is

a storm approaching.  The beauty of it

 all is that my entire bedroom is now

very fresh smelling.  Is that how

it feels right before a storm?  Love?  Maybe death?  

It is very human to attach a scent to a moment that

no longer exists.  And even more human to allow

time to steal them all away.

:: 0323-2017 ::


so god is not a he
so tell me
so tell me
so go-diss notahe
so go-diss notahe
so tell me
so tell me

that god is not
that god is not
a goddamn “he”


all we need
is to feel
human again

:: 03-30-2017 ::


     w I T H  one  eye closed

you sleep and your brain does
nothing at all ~

     While tok'in on hookah

kissing beautiful thoughts
love never falls ~

But forgetting one’s position
in Life /can cause\ pain

ask the Men who walked the Moon
but never forget logic
and the proportion of beauty

Is stellar cosmic explosions
never seen
or heard

but always Loved.

:: 11.14.2022 ::

9’O Clock Desert

Down went the bare-assed Sun.

UP came the silver cock Moon

devouring light and eating

the twilight desert of that

insatiable monster that is

between her thighs.

:: 10.13.2021 ::

O’Bluedark Why Lasting

O’BlueDark why lasting Ever
splish-as-echoic budded by
her beautiful i’s is wise when
upon bleedings last drop light ~
my life Chord shivers burning icePass-
shouldn’t we kiss each other’s fireBornMoods
before d r i p p ing Time

drops squenchPinch this moment.

by fire!

:: 04-16-2017 ::