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WE Interrupt This Program …


WE interrupt this program to bring you…
*…It’s burst into flames! Get this, Charlie; get this, Charlie! It’s fire…
and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my! Get out of the way, please!
It’s burning and bursting into flames and the… and it’s falling on the mooring mast.
And all the folks agree that this is terrible; this is the worst of the worst catastrophes
in the world. Oh it’s… [Unintelligible] its flames… Crashing, oh!
Four- or five-hundred feet into the sky and it… it’s a terrific crash, ladies, and gentlemen.
*All we have to Fear is Fear itself
*From Dallas Texas, The Flash apparently
official, President Kennedy died at
1:00 PM central standard time,
2:00 EST, some 38 minutes ago…
*Houston, the Eagle has landed…
We are defined by tragedy. The moment between calm and calamity.
Whether it be personal interactions or as a whole of humanity.

Let us never forget that thread of moment where we all come together!

:: 10-19-2017 ::


Gave a pack of cigarettes
and a chocolate bar to
a homeless man —
nothing else to say
Say, the pain and loneliness
and smell of years without
love– and his shoes
like a life worn too well
burned the sole of all wishes
he never knew and I said
everything’s my fault
he took all the blame
and we laughed saying
we like Kit Kats and so he
struck a match smoking
a cigarette
And like the smoke we
all fade away
fade away in the end
except for compassion
and time bites us all
I’m so much like you
homeless within a world
of hating hearts and soul

:: 06-27-2015 ::


My fields my love i tend to
walk by heart these days
my life like my soul
like the clouds above
a kiss upon the light
that breaks the night
when sun grows so lonely
it tears the two apart
like my heart with you
like day or night
i walk the fields my love
to tend to life
and my feet unbearably
walk upon your heart
the rich soil of your soul

:: 11-02-2014 ::


AND the lonely
are one army!
We shall fight
to the end
for all love!
Against evil,
and soldiers
of hate and fear,
the victor, us!
Our spoils
nothing more
than love
and peace!
This ends war!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


“I AM shores
eating you”
said the waves.
“And I am life,
ebbing you!”
said God.
I am ME,
said soul!
dreams by
upon my shore!
Is simply LIFE!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


my tear swell
sadly feels
such —
an empty well
— my spirit shell
a gift for free!
‘my inner light’
for the world
to believe-see

:: 05-05-2014 ::


What grows —
Love or
animal behavior
delivers strength
but love —
a future of peace
one a feathered peacock
the other Angelic wings

:: 04-0-2014 ::


So we agree about the situation
and it’s all very well —
but what to do about the human
those that love and hate

nothing, they will kill each other
and we can wash our hands clean

but what about life and love
they exhibit it too dear
and we are not like them

well, here we are I agree
maybe wait for a One
who can balance it out

dear, we tried that once
remember — they killed him
and now they are more hungry

then I say let human decide
and we know that equation
zero sum

Lover, not if I have my way
I will never abandon
and have something up the sleeve

very well…dear
unleash your love
and Grace will Save them

those animals with souls
we breathed unto them
judges will judge

:: 03-31-2014 ::


Should I skip a tulip upon
the face of death so elegantly
the horror or pleasure being
release of state or satisfaction
that tethers are cut to flow
above the skies of blue release
Human flesh I sing-weep for you
the perfection incased in beauty
Lower lips cascading tear-love
most souls sweep into the sea
but your love floats a heaven

:: 03-03-2014 ::


MY friend of stature walked by
always dream-walking he is
I was leaning out my window
two stories high when I saw him
the giant beast who slumbers
I whistled for him and he turned
and a single step before me was he
his face as wide as double windows
and eyes as large as boulders
but gentle brown fawns in composure
I told him my problems and he sighed
and tears fell down his massive cheeks
I caught a few within my room
and nearly drowned from his passion
go gently my dear gentle giant
I walk with you along the dream path
and may never wish to visit this world again

:: 02-25-2014 ::