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AGES of restless furnances
dancing among their own flames
eating death by untold wars

The Soul: a great warrior
and Earth the expansive battle-
ground that wring the necks of
evil ones; stamping & dancing
to kill the flames, vile hands
mottled flesh and skin.

Across the blue skies a Peace
while men scream and women cry;
babies giving up the life of youth
for the grave — turns the heads of

while young men turn old and gnaw
their fingers; never praise madness
when it is madness of no purpose!

:: 07.05.2020 ::


Far from me far from self
far from help like the stars
and all the props
of living large

is the hidden face
from the cruel
but smiling mirage
of eternal dreams

So i run away from my skin
far from me far from self
like a calm nest of rattlesnakes
or drowning Jesus aside passing ships

And in all despair i raise my arms
and leap into the air toward
the house that God has built
and wish upon that falling Star

far from me
far from help

:: 04-29-2019 ::


i wrote the word, “ax” and felt the deep cut (my
pain is nonexistent except for my tender heart \
and so i wept purple tears across a tender
full of black bruises
So i walk the sweating
cobble stones toward
oblivion knowing the next
word, “grief” will do
me in __!
My left foot became limp and as my eyes juggled
perception while the air opened a door to which
i flew within –i did!
who is right
who is wrong
who is strong
who is weak
And, importantly ask i:
who are you?
Bruises are valiant awards
across the heart hatred something
else all together!

:: 01-11-2017 :


Thdawkch thdawkch Thdawkch
machine weapon of war
machine human-heart
marching across the world
boots with feet dancing famine
and all the politicians cry
watching their votes dying
a twenty-first century horror

:: 09-01-2015 ::


UPON the surface of watery skies
below the waves of forgotten memory
you forgot the smile and her sun
and I drowned in daily life

And for just today you remember
a silent gaze for the moment
you saw my smile in your heart
upon the surface of watery skies

You swore a law you never abide
so you broke the half of sun
in my arms you fell inside
and the skies forever cry

If you ever stay in a place
i watch your feet as they run
always away into watery skies
i forgot the sun in his jealous way

And i swim up above reaching sky
while i see my heart drowning
below the waves of forgotten memory
and you forgot the smile and her sun

while i drown in daily life //

:: 11-10-2014 ::


weird PEOPLE watching
defenseless dreaming
knowing my weakness
carefully retreating
I am just a piece
of angel meat wishing
to fall back into my
soft heaven birth trap
A perfect costly costume
high heels and gloss lips
but zombies love decay
and my heart is a dead
fish swimming when dead
I saw the salmon run
dead gill fish moving
Mother nature so cold
but your hug is warm
and tree and animal love
the strength you exude
Love me strong female
show us girls what to do
we bleed across horizons
and days and years too
ageless pain and suffer
for life and nature too

:: 04-13-2014 ::

My Life Met A Spectre


My sorrow surrounds me today
It is not a garment I wear
but a thing that sticks to me
Weep I do to one day leave it


No, i do not dwell in sorrow
dear, i grab life and love
each time it my way passes
but my fingers are tired


it is not a thing of flesh
but more-so a breath of air
and her scent is nature
to me she is Mother Nature


What poem could i share
mere words of love and joy
but these are of fire-pain
run far-hide from my stanzas


but if the seven wonders come
and you should match them all
and if blood and fear is no thing
then my heart is yours forever


a whisper escapes my spirit
my soul could not dare say
but i believe in you much so
it’s not of pain and fear

:: 03-21-2014 ::


I was a flower
and the wind
tore my petals
then I dreamed
the river me
but a dam shored
all my beauty
against the wall
So now I dream
that I am human
but there is more
I have no walls
and my petals
are legs and arms
What will you
tear apart
life is so
murderously life
I cry love-die
but for an instant
that taste i ate
and it made me
so very happy
a slice of nirvana
becomes me…

:: 02-24-2014 ::


AND when your tears fall
before the rains come
so shall the tears fall
throughout your monsoon

:: 01-30-2014 ::


WITH a gentle divine love
your desert flower bloomed
digging deep within the sands
of my barren land

Such sweet roots encased my heart
and with time — like a rock
split my heart into two

:: 01-25-2014 ::