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In Name Called Love

From celestial realms, I descend in glory,
Apollo, the radiant, I weave this story.
With words that burn and verses that blaze,
I shall compose the greatest poem that amazes.

In golden chariot, across heavens I ride,
A fiery muse ignites my heart’s pride.
With boundless ardor and artistic might,
I’ll sculpt a masterpiece with words so bright.

Oh, muse of epic tales and lofty dreams,
Grant me the power to soar in heavenly streams.
Let the heavens tremble and earth be still,
As my words, like arrows, strike with skill.

I’ll paint the skies with hues of cosmic art,
Unveiling secrets of the human heart.
In every line, emotions shall dance,
The tapestry of life, I shall enhance.

I’ll sing of love, both gentle and fierce,
Of whispered promises and passions that pierce.
Through longing sighs and tender embraces,
I’ll capture the essence of divine graces.

The wonders of nature, I’ll eloquently unfold,
Mountains majestic, and rivers untold.
From dawn’s first light to twilight’s embrace,
The beauty of creation, I’ll forever chase.

I’ll traverse the realms of myth and lore,
Unraveling mysteries like never before.
Heroes will rise, their valor untamed,
Their names forever engraved, never to be maimed.

From the depths of sorrow to the zenith of glee,
My verses shall flow like the mighty sea.
Through life’s triumphs and sorrows that wail,
I’ll breathe solace into every despairing tale.

Oh, Apollo, God of the lyrical verse,
In this grand ode, let all beings immerse.
May my words ignite a celestial fire,
And inspire generations with divine desire.

So, let the words cascade like a heavenly choir,
In this symphony of beauty, I’ll never tire.
For I, Apollo, the god of inspired art,
Shall etch this poem upon the human heart.

With unwavering spirit and limitless reign,
I gift the world my greatest poem, unchained.

:: 06.03.2023 ::


Oh, dearest seeker of linguistic lore,
With ardor I embark on this poetic chore.
In a symphony of syllables, I shall impart
The marvels of English pronunciation, an intricate art.

Listen closely, Jenny, as I guide your way,
Through a labyrinth of sounds that often sway.
I’ll weave a tapestry of words, both bleak and bright,
And together we shall venture into this poetic night.

Corps and corpse, horse and worse,
A quartet of phonetic universe.
Your mind, Jenny, shall dance in dizzying delight,
As I unravel the mysteries, unveiling them to light.

A tear may fall from your sparkling eye,
And a delicate dress may rend with a sigh.
But fear not, for my devotion is true,
I shall suffer alongside you, as this journey ensues.

Now, let us compare heart, beard, and heard,
A triad of words that seem absurd.
Dies and diet, lord and word,
Sword and sward, with caution they must be heard.

Britain, retain, oh mind the way they’re written,
Let not their spelling leave you smitten.
And worry not, I shall not pester you so,
With words like plaque and ague, which bring much woe.

But heed my counsel, speak with utmost care,
For break and steak differ from bleak and streak.
Cloven, oven, how and low,
Script, receipt, show, poem, and toe.

Devoid of trickery, I enunciate,
Daughter, laughter, and Terpsichore, oh so great.
Typhoid, measles, topsails, aisles,
Exiles, similes, and reviles.

Scholar, vicar, and the lingering cigar,
Solar, mica, war, and journeys afar.
Anemone, Balmoral, a touch of grace,
Kitchen, lichen, laundry, laurel, embrace.

Gertrude, German, wind, and thoughts so kind,
Scene, Melpomene, the tapestry of mankind.
Billet does not rhyme with the ballet’s sway,
Nor bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet’s display.

Blood and flood, they do not align with food,
Mould does not echo should and would.
Viscous, viscount, load, and broad,
Toward, forward, reward, let their harmony applaud.

And when your pronunciation rings clear,
Croquet, a game of leisure, let it appear.
Rounded, wounded, grieve, and sieve,
Friend and fiend, alive and live.

Ivy, privy, famous, clamor’s song,
Enamor rhymes with hammer, strong.
River, rival, tomb, bomb, and comb,
Doll and roll, some and home, find their home.

Stranger, anger, a subtle difference found,
Devour, clangor, their rhymes astound.
Souls and foul, haunt and aunt,
Font, front, wont, want, grand, and grant.

Shoes, goes, does, let them gracefully flow,
Finger, singer, ginger, linger, in succession they show.
Real, zeal, mauve, gauze, gouge, and gauge,
Marriage, foliage, mirage, and age.

Query, very, they don’t mirror each other,
Fury and bury, neither do they smother.
Dost, lost, post, doth, cloth, and loth,
Job, nob, bosom, transom, oath.

Seemingly small, these differences stand,
Actual and victual, hand in hand.
Refer and deafer, they part ways,
Feoffer, zephyr, a gentle breeze conveys.

Mint, pint…

:: 06.01.2023 ::



Whence does the self emerge, as I unbind from the glacial bloom?
What adoration lingers within that feminine reverie’s realm?
In love’s force, betwixt ecstasy’s embrace,
Where his palm parts the captured gull,
Unconscious eyes disclose intricate tales,
Veiling existence’s essence, that which conceals.


I hold affinity for all that resides,
Shadowy whispers of quotidian nourishment,
A vessel’s wake, fading into oblivion’s grasp.

‘Tis the tremor of the abyss, embracing abundance,
A woman donning stockings of ethereal velvet.

Arrange, we must, the waves, diverse and arrayed,
The melancholy, thou embodiment,
Or one who, world idolized, ventures forth,
Knees adorned with wings, poised mid passion’s flight,
Within love’s central day,
I shall never deceive, but embrace entirety’s plight.
Freedom, mine, in its cruelest form,
Behold the insular artistry,
Where danger finds solace, its taste revered.

Love, the transgressor of societal norms,
Customs yet to be acquired, in anticipation we wait,
Love, exalted, with all its rightful claims,
And the ever-transforming world,
Glimpsed through kaleidoscopic gazes, each day anew.

:: 05.21.2023 ::

Nature’s Lesson of Love

Upon yonder meadow, where whispers breeze,
I contemplate possessions, those few degrees.

For all that I claim, in worldly possession,
Pales in the light of heartfelt affection.

No trinkets of gold nor fortunes untold,
Can match the treasures within my heart’s hold.

Nature’s beauty and love’s tender embrace,
Transcend earthly gains, in ethereal grace.

The sparrows that sing with melodious voice,
Remind me of love that makes my heart rejoice.

No vast riches compare to their sweet refrain,
Their songs, my solace, erasing all pain.

In verdant valleys and on mountains high,
I find solace in nature’s gentle sigh.

The wealth of a sunset, a vibrant hue,
Outshines all earthly possessions, so few.

For what I truly own is not of this earth,
But a love that’s boundless, a priceless rebirth.

In words I shall pen, this truth I will tell,
Love’s essence, the riches in which I dwell.

So, let me surrender all worldly gain,
And cherish the love that forever remains.

In the spirit of Wordsworth, I now confess,
Love’s the only possession I truly possess.

:: 05.14.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes

The poem begins with a serene scene set upon a meadow, where the persona contemplates their possessions with a sense of introspection. The use of the phrase “whispers breeze” evokes a gentle and soothing atmosphere, contributing to the overall tranquil tone of the poem.

The central theme of the poem revolves around the insignificance of material possessions when compared to the power of heartfelt affection and love. The persona acknowledges that worldly possessions pale in comparison to the depth of emotional connections and genuine love.

The poet employs contrasting imagery by juxtaposing “trinkets of gold” and “fortunes untold” with the treasures held within the heart. This contrast emphasizes the belief that the true riches lie within one’s emotional experiences and connections.

Nature plays a significant role in the poem, symbolizing a source of solace and beauty. The sparrows with their melodious voices serve as a reminder of the love that brings joy and erases pain. This imagery of the natural world, specifically the verdant valleys and mountains, reinforces the idea that nature offers solace and a deeper connection to the self.

The poem utilizes vivid descriptions and visual imagery to create a sense of ethereal grace and transcendence. The wealth of a vibrant sunset, described with the phrase “a vibrant hue,” surpasses any earthly possessions in its beauty and significance.

The persona then asserts that their true ownership lies beyond the material realm, in a love that is boundless and offers a rebirth of the soul. The act of penning these words expresses this poet’s desire to convey the truth of love’s essence as the ultimate riches.

The concluding lines emphasize the willingness to surrender worldly gains and embrace the enduring nature of love. The poet acknowledges the influence of the Romantic poet William Wordsworth, positioning themselves in his tradition. This reference aligns the poem with the Romantic era’s emphasis on the natural world and the power of human emotions.

Overall, this poem, written in a reflective and contemplative tone, celebrates the value of love, emotional connections, and the beauty of the natural world while challenging the significance of material possessions. It invites readers to embrace the intangible riches that reside in the realm of heartfelt affection.


In a cascade of light, like melted wax,
It strayed, mischievous and free-spirited,
Across her smiling lips (I watched intently),
Then found solace upon her bosom, a midge on a rose.

I pressed kisses upon her lovely ankles,
And in response, her laughter erupted,
Melodious and sweet, with vibrant notes,
Her laughter, like cut glass, sparkling and clear.

Her dainty feet sought refuge in her skirts,
As if to say, “That’s enough, no further,”
Yet she relented, allowing the moment to unfold,
Her laughter offering no true reproach.

Her vulnerable eyes danced beneath my lips,
Gently caressing, a tender application.
She tossed her head back in mock despair,
“Really, Monsieur,” she playfully exclaimed.

And then, with a kiss upon her breast,
I met her challenge, provoking laughter anew,
That laughter, signaling consent and readiness,
She stood there, nearly undressed, and resolute.

Outside, brazen trees leaned against the panes,
Their leaves intruding, curious and near,
Snooping upon our intimate affair,
So close, too close, invading our privacy here.

:: 05.13.2023 ::

Within The Concert Hall Alone

[As I looked into the mirror, my reflection smiled back at me with eyes that were not my own.]

As I entered the abandoned concert hall, the scent of decay and neglect hung heavy in the air, sending shivers down my spine. The only source of light came from a flickering candle on a creaky wooden stand, illuminating the outline of a cello in the corner. I hesitated for a moment before picking up the bow and drawing it across the strings, unleashing a haunting melody that filled the room. Suddenly, I saw my reflection in the dusty mirror, my eyes now empty sockets and my flesh decaying, as I realized the cello had been playing me all along, summoning the spirits of the dead to claim me as their own.

:: 05.03.2023 ::

Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)

My dearest’s eyes are nothing like the sun,
Her lips cannot match life’s red, not one;

If snow is white, her breasts are dun to sight,
Her hair like fire, red as stars delight.

I’ve seen roses, in colors bright and bold,
But none in her cheeks do I behold;

And in some scents there’s greater delight
than in the breath that from my love takes flight.

I love to hear her speak, though music’s strains

Which holds greater enchantment, ’tis truth I maintain;
I’ve ne’er seen a goddess, but my love walks the earth,
And when she treads, it’s with mortal girth.

Yet, by heaven, I deem my love so rare,
As any that false comparisons ensnare.

:: 04.30.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes:

The poem “Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)” is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, with some variations in wording and imagery. The speaker describes his lover in unconventional terms, comparing her to elements that are not traditionally associated with beauty. The contrast between the natural and the idealized forms of beauty is a central theme of the poem.

The first quatrain compares the lover’s eyes and lips to the sun and coral, respectively, and finds them lacking. The second quatrain continues the unconventional imagery, comparing her breasts to dun-colored snow and her hair to black wires. In the third quatrain, the speaker admits to having seen more beautiful roses than those found in his lover’s cheeks, and suggests that some scents are more delightful than the breath of his beloved.

In the final couplet, however, the speaker asserts that his love is rare and precious, even if it does not conform to conventional beauty standards. The poem suggests that true love transcends appearances and external attributes, and that it is the inner qualities of a person that truly matter.

Overall, “Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)” is a thought-provoking adaptation of a classic sonnet that challenges traditional notions of beauty and love, and emphasizes the importance of seeing beyond appearances.

What Love Opposed by Love?

WHAT more? If by love then by heart.

If by beauty then by lust.

One by Soul as the other by action while perjured,

the Soul, that is called blame and extreme,

is but a soundless song bird and sinking sun.

Both lost by Light requesting new days.

:: 04.30.2023 ::

It’s All Love

The world is on fire, and no one comes to save me,
But you, my love, you rescued me and set my heart free.
It’s crazy what desire can make us do,
But meeting you made all my dreams come true.

It’s what I feel — I can’t say, but my love is many
times alive today.

It’s love, that you need. When I try my best to make
life succeed.

I never thought I’d find someone like you,
And the thought of losing you is something I can’t do.
I don’t want to fall in love, just to get my heart broken,
But with you, I’ll take the chance, my love is now spoken.

It’s all love. That you need. And I try my best to make
life succed for love.

What a wicked game you played, to make me feel this way,
But what a beautiful thing it was, to make me think of you each day.
You said you never felt this way before,
But I believe you now, I can’t imagine loving anyone more.

By my side — And I know, I can do if I give my love all to you.
And it’s love that you need — so i try my best to make everything

I don’t want to fall in love, just to be left in the dark,
But with you, my love, I found my own little spark.
I don’t want to fall in love, just to feel all alone,
But with you, I found my one and only, my heart’s new home.

Tell me why our love is so strong and who am i?
Tell me why beauty is the scenes within your eyes.

The world is on fire, and I thought I’d never find a way,
But with you, my love, I found the strength to love and stay.
It’s amazing what love can make the foolish do,
But with you, my love, my heart found something new.

I never thought I’d find a love like this, until I met you,
And I never want to lose you, my heart belongs to you.
I don’t want to fall in love, just to have it end in tears,
But with you, my love, we’ll conquer all our fears.

No one compares to you, my love, you make my heart sing,
No one can make me feel the way you do, it’s like a dream.
No one can take my heart away, it belongs to you alone,
No one but you, my love, my heart is forever your own.

And tell me why is my Life so beautiful with you?
And who am i? Only living with your love by my side.

:: 04.19.2023 ::


I cannot help but feel afraid
As I approach my final days

For what will happen when I’m gone?
Will life go on, or simply fade?

The world moves forward, ever on
In spite of all the pain and strife
It cares not for my fleeting breath
Or for the end of my own life

But though I fear what lies ahead
I cannot help but feel some peace
For I will join the countless dead
And all this life will one day cease

And maybe in that final sleep
I’ll find some rest, some sweet release
And though the world will still go on
I’ll be at peace, at last at ease.

:: 04.14.2023 ::