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Sip My Soup Alive

I’m butterfly with burning wings excommunicated customer in life
just space-age defender inside white hole moon lady ~~ just
monkey grown into man so  keep neurological thoughts
stuffed inside leather pouch and feed me media lies so i can
sleep at night

/ like the spirits who came before me \

All inside psychological energy outside wavelengths of spiritual
technology are the hearts of honesty

     One light loves music
     One light adores poetry
     All Souls love Life

Immeasurable pinpoints of feedback scream best and worst of life

Walking on the white beach i met the prophet of words and echoed
sounds inside a conche so we danced by a ocean fire eating
herbs that blew our minds

Hey you, big mover guide me to shelter cause you devour all the sex and sound
of voices

I think God has moved into a larger apartment to contain these thoughts
(i want amore) it’s shape is a tool, a device so divine — a savior
I look up toward skies, but my eyes burn.

i’m savoring kissing savior love it love it love me love it
suey suey suey sip my soup alive.

:: 07.10.2022 ::

Strange Claims Adjuster

My Sweet Lover of ages / the Strange Claims Adjuster
of mysterious poses \ within a world so cold
making pink ice cream ponies,
How we scream sometimes at each other and spit in
the frozen air /touch me if you will upon my stomach
where all butterflies are tied
up \ —-> i met the corner
with the skin of my soft hip
and sanguinolency masterbation
spread outward into the castle
where we went || deep inside
the body of our MIND
ABYSSOPELAGIC lust! Oh okay,
the next morning we went hunting
(after that funky time) for panacea.

She took me within her arms with
more than two eyes burning inside
(the lights went out) I fed her
special green grass and she sang,
“Taradiddle” oh wicked __ nikki.

I spoke a word, “
Mercy” but i could never buy my
Life back with any money ||

Kisses mellifluous while watching
syzygy align!~ We grind.

:: 07.03.2022 ::


Slick side went bottom up inside
& Lenny spoke a word –> got shot for
speaking of the scene where we
lost the love and all the dough
inside a place called Gonzales, Texas.

Weiner beaner drove the car
seemed all the way to Saigon
until we meet the fuzz —
that’s 7.62 for all of you
not of the clan who kill ‘us
like hungry gorillas.

Saw the judge who makes faces
dramatic fellow who smokes
court recorder confessed
what a colossal mess of self-
delusion/soul transfusion\

Police officer on that scene
says, “Bewildered but so beautiful.”
Boy on a bicycle saw it all —

“Judge, i swear they were clowns
going to a party.”

And the one who holds a sickle
wearing all black without a face
smiled. He hid his .44 for mercy.

What more to say?

:: 05.29.2022 ::


Spit.  When you die.  Last chest bump swizzle stick! Ghosts pull your feet out of bed —
vanish you like a magic trick / death takes you like a swizzle stick by the neck so low tech
by the heart how life vanishes you by words i stare through you like a high-ball or
cold bloody mary through the eye swizzle stick (little prick) the face in the mirror is all light
a trick bleeding (this story) how i infiltrated pride and ventilation with cyanide through mind
and brain /no antidote\ swizzle stick/ kiss your neck goes to the heart — stiff nipples ripple shirt
camel cool-aid toe wet through the eye aside makes doom tasty baby true | a true source of Light
what fools the heart might be true please…distort.

A telepresence of greed and affection.  This is the channel that makes metal scream.
Let it scream.

:: 05.29.2022 ::


SHE keeps moving all quietly
building her love all inside
her cabinet of spirits
she loves her appetite
eating dreams and all
her dreaming conversations
Hearing how time ticks how mouths
tock speaking loudly
She grew up old and now youthfully
dies waiting for Life.
Thinking how other lovers move on
she knows she’ll never be free
and that tortures her heart.
Knowing how her mind thinks she sighs
as sure as night is dark
and how day is bright
she finds her love
all inside her Soul tonight

:: 05.29.2022 ::

As a Poet I Could Not See

i saw what i was and wondered

lonely as a cloud when all at once

i tasted butter fields

That those who dance upon Stars into

longer line — along the bay the dance (by

the lake by the trees what twinkled always

a margin great) spiritually as ocean’s glee

how no poetry could foresee

the wealth that showed to me

whilst vacant as i am

the words that came to me

inside solitude.

this lonely company.

:: 04.19.2022 ::


the KEY to understanding
as what can books-of-Souls
to-wives-and husbands dream?

Clouds and flautering about
is wisdom maturing over Time
is always Me! Me. Me. Me. Me!

Dammit! if Paintings of
blue-porcelain dolphin-dreams
eat Sea-nymphs in their
majestic pearly carriages
Do .;..me? I? Awaken a hope
to love, yes! to LIVE!
That had gone with the burning
of books?!?

Riddling paragraphs of coffee
and clubs & misanthropic souls.

So we go. Stand alone. And leave
alone. Cry and die for One.

:: 06-22-2016 ::



Night enters. Ned Sandy: paralysed in eye by gun shot.

Scene: Mannequin with rotting limbs “Deadman on the Freeway.”
And instead of being the good guy, he’s good, bad, worse.
Why kill? Don’t know yet, but maybe he had an affair with his client’s wife
and that’s why her husband killed the four guys. Maybe that’s why we’re reading
this now, maybe even typing this, but then “Deadman on the Freeway”, too could be Will Rogers.

With dead, all in the middle of the road. Come, the business man, because the cops will come
and he’ll know about it. He’ll know the ends and outs, all the dirty secrets. Just a shitty
little man with issues, everyone needs someone. Maybe they’re his problems. In space, man has
only one star in his eyes. You and me, buddy, we’re on this road for eternity, my friend.
My friend is dying here, dying of a bullet in the heart. It’s dead man time.

(Ned Sandy) “I think I’m going crazy. I think the whole world is under death’s thumb.

(Salt Shaker) “You just can’t imagine what it feels like not being afraid.
‘Coma’ played, fragments of Janis.
And ‘Amarillo by Morning.’
I need sleep.”

At 1818, we get some thunder. Seemed fine then but now I’m alone, not sure what’s missing,
like who’s gone. What’s worse, I don’t even need to be afraid. The ground’s giving away,
sinking, I’m in limbo. Too afraid to leave though, want to linger and be afraid in the silence,
scared of waking up.

The only sound is the wind.
Lights in the clouds, storm.
‘Rolling into town’ played, fragments of James Taylor.

‘I am the Walrus’ played.
Here it is now. A choice that couldn’t be more clear.
I look up to the sky, watery as the ocean.
‘Just like an Eagle’ played, fragments of the Who.

‘Sweet Leilani’ played.
Not in danger now, no way.
‘Rock Me Amadeus’.

It’s the end, but not in an end.
Time to go.
First night back in “The Land of Night”.
Won’t be enough to finish the work, but I will finish what I came here to do. I’ll
I’ll finish this. I’m here because I want to be. I have work to do.
Mid-morning. I didn’t sleep. Time for coffee, 8AM and day’s halfway done. Something happened to make me stay here, drink this coffee. I don’t understand it, don’t understand it but I will.
Maybe I’m just having an existential moment, a moment of reflection, of spirituality. It’s crazy to talk about this, but as we move through our lives, it’s the moment you realize what you are and what you are not.

Maybe I’m just realizing that I’m a writer and that that’s the best thing I could be.

:: 04.04.2022 ::


IN a WORD are the little things
the meaning bigger than me.

Within a Soul is great soup
the tongue and her taste great.

Inside the nest unborn eggs
unpublic – slanted sight!

My unborn babies are largely great
inside only a single name:

a lifelong dying Soul as me –

Admirning time and her quaint space.

A poet? For me yes but you for
saving grace a possibility.

:: 02.14.2022 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
my Love burned away the fever

of Individual\BeautyForm!

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steamPunk Victor-IAN
fashion Brass-Leather beating!

Beating souls in my flowerPot of Things
and only pepperLike

—— dust remains…!

:: 08-05-2014 ::