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WHO hates me?  scholars?           sisters?  Brothers?
Mother? Father?               I write the words
of my heart and expect no return!
I write the pain and pleasure and never stop!

I was a child     and then I grew up!  And now an
ADULT OF DEAD CHILDREN           — not
me but you!!!  And who are you?
With your foundation of preconceived
poetry and I’m so sad to say!   A MEAT puppet of academic
halls and you can tear down the
diploma of your years learning –>
try to make something NEW ON YOUR OWN:
and  then I’ll notice Y O U
—->>i PRAISE change AND FEAR
no-thing within institutions
and I’m living FREE –? ARE YOU!?

:: 06-11-2015


How do we meet on the heat-road of this dead-end girl
where the moon shies away and the owl scatters
my boots have a tar-goo so hard to clean this night
what could you say to me to make it all the worth?

Sir, I saw a sinner who stared into my eyes – nights ago
and he woke up the love and passion this night
I have nothing more to give or say tonight to you tonight
the ocean sings to you in a shell
and the bird tweets a tune to your heart
and a rising world of color brings you love

Yes, that is it…
I wish to forsake the bloodshed
and all the grief

I say that love – love is a wave
it’s a seventh wave of love
and drown in that wave ripple

But hate and grief pinches me
and my heart and body sir
is a fragile fabric in life

Lovely soul come to me then
I will remedy the error of life
in a bite you will be saved

and love and tooth saves
and hatred abated for time
and space and philosophy

We share the same Father
and believe me when I say
I hope He Loves me and you

:: 03-31-2014 ::


WAY down below the belly
of the gods and souls too
i could scream of pain
but the love is more —

and the clouds bring rain
and the sun – she screams
a light of brightness
i could live forever…

praise god and Her roles
and the people who cling
love is binding and bring

a piece of soul to my life
and this life is about more
and tears and smiles – joy

i was here before your words
and even song and praise of me
and i accept your adulation’s

but my desire is for you to live
so live yea-yeah live forward
the past is a thing – but future

future is a promise that bring
a piece of your past and how…
and now is what you eat now

time and space splits the mind
and the body is a soul-cage
and the canary sings many songs

:: 03-29-2014 ::


THAT other day
when i died
that day when i tried

the water too deep
i tried to swim
just for air to breath

that day the carnival
come to life’s town
clowns and fair colors

my family waited for me
but the river did drown
my hopes and dreams in life

but i struggled against wave
Trident’s grasp of my lungs
and alas gave him my hope

Terra firma that i was born
but now a watery grave
but my soul walks the land

:: 03-26-2014 ::


I walked the sunlit path
and we exchanged vows
and my life was yours
and my heart too
and my breath one with you
how could you have walked
away from me many years ago
I was your only one
who you really knew
and i shed tears for years
so take a look at me now
empty spaces against the dark
but i crawled above my grave
i am not a dead man woman
but resurrected in grace
and God loves the soul
who believes in vows
and i live for one
who wasn’t you
and she is
here with
me now

::; 03-17-2014 ::


AND when your heart
was an open book
you gave yourself
and love — the season
you never knew fear
and ever changing
shades of life
was your rainbow

But rain comes down
and flowers drink
the tears of broken
hearts —
live and let die
I say live and let die

The jester motions you
upon heels you sway
but the job you have
you got to do well

Seasons burn kisses
and horizons blend well
but that heart of yours
will live and let die

live and let die
live and let die

:: 03-05-2014 ::



Stand in grace and steadfast resolve

a staircase descending below two feet

what wonders give each step you take

a dream taken that stride sure-fast

living now forgiving past indecision

that pocket full of fire touchstone

breathe easy for you may catch-fire

and trails of lust behind shadows

falling desires singing in choir

life loves confidence riding life


:: 02-25-2014 ::


WATCH the busy as the doers spend
caught in life the prey in web
diligently doing the doers deed
comes the spinner spinning
until the end silvery spun death

:: 02-03-2014 ::


SUCH a surprise
that time brings
a larger span
of knowing
by existing
and living
That life at youth
— bitter sweet
but upon the bed
of death
— sweetly bitter

:: 01-29-2014 ::


IF I die
before I awaken
then surely I have died
before living

:: 01-25-2014 ::