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Twisting Invading Hearts

s t
n g

i n
v a d i n g

hearts and
M i n d s
f o r taking
and what spirit
says about society?
the world is a word
called: MANKIND.

is love and everything.

:: 0.17.2023 ::

Love as One

Being born into Sin
for being born human
i lose my sight
so i cannot taste lies
and left my tongue alone

Leaving my legs
so i cannot talk
denying my ears
so i cannot hear
i forgot the pin
for my plastic card

oh no, hell no,
no wine, cigs or
chocolate bars

Before today there was
nothing but a zero
tomorrow is one
lets minus stupid
and regard love as One.

Love as One.

:: 11.08.2022 ::

Fractured but Never Broken

no one promised paradise
a thing ever imagined
no sentience no matter
just energy ink well
dipped words glistening
is black on white paper
became me due to you
my born imagination
fractured but never
broken | horror living
horror dying horror
if you had seen all things
i’ve seen you’d cry
is a flower dying for water
a world of never raining
societies of not forgiving
became me_______fractured
but never broken.

:: 10.27.2022 ::

All My Love Turns to Glass

i LET the tears fall down my face   beneath the shame of living weak
i told Gabriel take me all   inside my heart is a Sun
mostly never seen — and they   burn away |  oh yea yea

i FORGET the summer banks   of French shores
but brothers died there   so i relate

all for war
all for whores
all for personalities
who hate

Sliding like dead souls   on the malaise yesterday
shivering whirling   yet i move o — somewhere
deep inside like an old soul crystalling so i jump
too much i blush   i sharpen my rage
you left me so never to be the Goliath of your Word

citizens bragues trampled   by traps of cracked minds.
Their dirty hands cleaning   the gout of urine on the war-
spread sidewalk where bodies   lengthen in the sun’s heat.

Poltergeist activity continued   at nuisance level — a coke can
returned time after time to the top of my burea inside my bedroom.

  Fork and spoon hiding rather shyly in   the sink — children’s characters all
me dying.  And Bill and Ben of the Flowerpot
Men, coming back to check upon the child
i am.  I jumped inside the car of my best friend
from the 16th century and we rode out screaming
“alive alive!”

:: 10.25.2022 ::

Continued Existence

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,__
what sentient life is
But tell me love is enjoyable
For untold dead dream
and us, the living wish
to know

That goal is not death within
a grave but that flesh and bone
to leave us alone

Ascending towers with enjoyment
and never sorrow
to dust we leave behind legacies

and act, that each to-morrow
__find us farther away
from this dreadful Dream we
call ‘life.’

That continued existence.

:: 09.08.2022 ::

Who Weeps For Whom

The world is beautiful.

The arche of Tutis weakens
by the fire of unrelenting time!

As embers cool do not weep for us
as the world is not here
it does not sleep —
as love sheaths untold dreams
as nature’s winds blow
and sight behold miracles.

A beat of a single heart
as gentle as autumn rain
the creatures of nature awaken
with morning’s hush,
 a single voice of Light
up-flinging rush
 of departed Souls unto Heaven,
is today by transcending soft
   Do not weep for me
  Do not weep for us
    we are elsewhere
  and not the dust.

:: 09.07.2022 :

Two Story Horror House

An Afternoon upon a pained wooden foot
walking to my home inside a monster
who hurts hearts /  a child grown \
who waits for me there like a storm
i went into the front door
  he sent me to a place i never knew
the skies were bleeding blood
~~ she left me alone to deal with
our youngest child |  i forgot how
love felt when i became devoured
by horror

   I now wander alone.
In your eyes do you see love?  
I honestly believe you died years
ago inside your own storm and
never asked for help from me.

Crushed me.  With things you did.
Not what I did to you.  Watching
me die and how you must have smiled.
Hating your choices but never mine.

But I still breath.

:: 07.11.2022 ::

All the Flowers Died That Day

WATCHED the clock upon the wall and how it’s hands shook me.
It has been years since you left me.

I watch the skies wondering
if the clouds speak to me.

Oh since that moment when the ground fell apart
i felt there’s nothing oh nothing
that can make me feel better
like a river under a bridge
without sure footing /

It’s been several days \ since i touched
the fabric of your favorite dress
and how life took you away
and now that you’re gone there’s nothing
i want any longer.

If i had a pet, that dog would cry
cause there’s nothing to fill this void.

Got the call at the doorstep
when the police came giving me the
death sentence of where life went wrong.

i placed my arms around the trooper
weeping saying, “I went to the drug store
and she went for a jog.”

“Nothing compares to a deep pain without
a remedy sir.” Said the officer with a tear
in his eyes.

I drew away.

It’s been so long without you here.
I console myself with a ringing song
inside my heart telling me, “Where did
life go wrong?”

This lonely tears falling singing, “why did life go wrong?”

Well, it’s just life. And another knock upon
the door but just another fool ~~ i opened
it and saw someone with brilliant light
telling me there’s more to life and just wait
just wait you will see son.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

I drew away.

Jesus, I drew away. All the flowers she planted
in the backyard have died. But I will give it
another try but never with Love. Dear. Never.

:: 07.07.2020 ::

My Better Half

LOVE is a taste of Fear
when you don’t move

An Empty canvas of Art

Well, allow me to explain
how you forgot me:

Oh, well, vibrant touch
is what you said years
later when your life
took a turn. And all
I taught you was everything.

Oh how I bleed my heart
then you died, so far away
like a high cloud in skies.

I took a walk outside
surrounded by beating hearts
of insects and humans.

Oh i am twisted around my
head spinning as the sun
falling down — it’s my better
spirit for the Everything
of Lovely World I See —
all that I could be.

The Soul I loved Once.

:: 05.5.2022 ::

Bifurcated Thoughts

WHAT is that __
                I am sad or happy]\
? “come on…” talks like a possum
oh Karma arrested police makes me feel\
  –? if it’s what you feel;  if it’s
what Kings and Queens dealt;  oh Night
camera-pareidolia / its what we eat
and what we digest in memories }}oh
forever i lost myself inside time
and space || many little ones \ oh
forget and forgive religion and
all sense of self –P{r}etty\
flesh cave inside the world.

And the world keeps on raining
all the graves opening to begin

: 11.07;2021 ::