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So Love, I say Soon

By all towers and spires of excellent height!

Ah, that vastness of maple and oak trees —
that sunrises and sunsets are of equal beauty!

Their beautiful golden light toil’d in your eyes
Oh Queen of earthed-warmth, in all that is bounty-sings!

And if there is nothing that is unknown
And if there is nothing by song unsung
And if there is nothing unmade by unmade

Then love: in you the birds sing and i’m sung
Then love: that you love you send all to me
Then love: all we need is all the love we need

On all sides I see you and then somehow you see
and your quiet moments dear are my quiet fears
then I aim my feelings and love upon your bow

So easy: to give all that is my love dear
and feel and know (all together now) how much
I stand by your soul and hunt down my afflicted
hours and pull up the anchor and dry my tears

so my love I say why, why, why?
so my love I cannot tell
I don’t know
so my love I say soon

                  Oh love!

           so soon!

:: 09-20-2017 ::

By Love or by Might

        if by love or by might

             my love i'd fight     

               having you for 
                   life i would

if by might
giving within by
my love i’d fight

          if by love or by might

:: 10.11.2022 ::


WITHIN the longest NOW (love)
melted me
melted my mind
but never my THOUGHTS
(buh-bump yea) so long
was this shortest JUMP
broke my femur
so cut’em between my
now forever bleedin’
screaming, meaning
i once believed in
l o ve.

;; 0142020 ;;


while leaves march down an empty alleysuddenly she is barely holding upon the blue skies /of punch red-blue\of a galant southern magnolia sweetand fresh of a sudden burning smellfruit for the fallen souls are we forever together.
far so for father trick of mind/here is a Strange Tale\upon his tomb stone. this POET WROTE
:: 07.13.2020 ::

Spirit of the Poet

ABANDON all senses to catch the dancing fire
of indescribable emotions trapped deeply within
the Soul of No Mouth —
tell the birthing stars our carbon body is as old
as their grandfathers and grandmothers but our love
and great Tiny minds grapple with
inconceivable thoughts
but mostly of grand words structured tightly around

the Spirit of the Poet!

:: 02.29.2020 ::


I have become the exiled
in sleep i have become
not the disappeared
but one who shrinks into
a height of awareness.

An awareness as sharp as
fractured obsidian.

And within the silky-touch
moments of suffering inner
journeys my soul rejects
all coherent reason –

Exiled consciousness slips
from subjectivity into a
gaping eternal void
of abstract form; The First
Land where numbers, thoughts,
and intangibles are born
and return to rest when over-

And tonight as in all previous
nights it is sleep which has
exiled me from body.

To shrink into pure consciousness.


:: 04-02-2018 ::


JUST once I have a dream but the day flees quickly
And the roses within my hands wilting
Prickly the thorns begin to bleeding; —
And gulfs of space filled with time are speaking;
As One Soul from darkness to light so weakly
Quickly come and rest your tears within my heart
That beats in measure to the parts of slowest moments.

Spilling hope and painting thoughts,
And lovely memories of yet to be’s;
A timely utterance to thought’s relief
My love, the fairest feathers and song
By the beach or the brook o’babbling notes!
And sunlit a lighting stroke across my breast
Leaving me to myself and all I am;

Just alone.
Dreaming a chance just once to be with you
And not within the hand of bleeding rose!

:: 06-24-2017 ::


so much darkness      so much light
when i cannot see      i remember
to never look directly into
that dark and sorry ending
(while the faithful are healing;
angels are mending (so many
as mountains)) and that much
slaughtered for a sweetness
we all call The Light.
:: 03-06-2017 ::


BENEATH my breath are quiet words
which spirit feeds and fire Eats:
a promulgated non-scientifically
personal fact. A unity of a
membership-less Club of Souls
== the latent release of human-
life. Remarkable abilities
for an animal in terrestrial

The power of:

creative power
reconstructive power
power of faith
and the power of

Gently, a small reminder:
we are not Gods but
only that god is imprisoned
within each of Us.

The delusion of negative

And increasing momentum
which the world is rushing
into the Dark Hour.

:: 01-18-2017 ::


EMOTIONS are just no words
between the wind & just One
are the true feelings when
fleeing life’s seemingly
unjust pain!

AS like, oh tear-filled Soul!
With held-head high and heart
so sweepingly Low and the sky
weeps along with every broken
Spirit as the sun tending bent
stems in far-flung worlds
removes all barges of sand
-sadness against your heart.

And through your pain and
forgiving tears the soul clears
as blue as skies: exists
only for brevity of reprived
mortal pains!

And while the Earth apparently
stirs within mysterious ways,
you whom i shall never forget
who gave birth to love once
again (for me) the festival
is no longer a surprise as
i know your words like pillars
uphold my tender sensibilities:
and loveless life is treasonist
and the crime a punishment of
diminished returns!

:: 01-16-2017 ::