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Sunrise and Evening

Once I watched a tree
of magnificent Eat a
piece of my Poetry

between her branches
i laid the parchment
and witnessed time
devour it within its

this i did before Sunrise
and now for the evening.

:: 01.31.2023 ::

Sea Sickness My Soul

fabulous is
crashing Pain,at,
drowning point
the cutting waves
abashing you
waves slashing veins)
undulating through
quartermaster’s room
the mast that stabbed
that North Star so true!
do fish dream
of love or life?
A Pisces soul
with hook in heart
a harpoon thrust
too deep
leviathan life!
ocean silver mountains
unsmooth solemnly true
–the anchor drops
just this spot
across the compass

:: 01-07-2015 ::

Wereling Communique

Tonight it’s wet with tears
how funny they could be from

How i wish i was a spoon
so smooth and clean for
the heart’s mouth
oh shut up telescope!
we have a smarter One
so small it’s getting stronger.
. pulling back. /Whatever
you’re looking for it’s not
around here\ The dirt jumped up
and danced singing, “he’s not
around here anymore.”
Said the Id, “I wonder which way
to go?”
Said Ego: I dear, wish I hadn’t
cried so much

I won’t feel you anymore ; time has
moved forward and you’ve reversed.

Fair. Now let’s save your civilization.
of whatwere and have been never-been.

:: 01.18.2023 ::

Do Not Vaccinate Against the Earth


it is the brightest of nights; the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life; kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,


and a new element born!

Do not vaccinate against the Earth.

:: 07-08-2015 ::

A Stranger In this Town

deep Blue Skies you were living hell
living your ghost living in a place
where we lost All Things
and whatever you say is alright
_______silence is never Heaven
silence is dead. Deconstructing
waves and turning off the cables
of energy _____is always good and
right: SILENCE is never the Way
so let’s talk about it /Heaven is
on the way ; Heaven is One it’s Way:
a stranger in this Town
is waiting too
nature has spoken — a first bird
braced for morning fresh from another
world, dear…sweet new feelings from
the dew formed upon that first branch
of life and uniqueness /we’re the same
one\ Mine is the One whose heart beats
bringing up God’s Creation across believers
and children who like the first morning
shout in praise for light and for mornings
so fresh for the World.

:: 01.17.2023 ::

Hors D’oeuvres

Come on over Have a drink
or smoke or Hors D’oeuvres
whatever you wish but never just
for me : what more right i have
to write deep apologies but
gold leaf upon your lip
leaps the sheer deep blue skies
and Gold threads snap
within her precious heart
of giddy whirls and sweeps of
fancy she screamed ‘i have a puppet
string to your heart’ Breathless,
golden leaves twirl
spiral, circle and concave.
i was never easily amused even when
nature turns and tosses blame –>i’m
joking in imaginations of love and life
and that SUN! Mary! Harry! Jesus!
my head glows golden within the gutters;
fair flares of love burning everywhere
is all we love and are oh what we are.

:: 01.15.2023 ::

Living with the Dead

I am living with the dead
of past lives who touch
that part of me
that lives such sorrow
i compress n’ confess my tears
that those who live
have no touch to give
that life may richer grow
for those who lost but
not their Souls.

:: 03-18-2014 ::

Take a Piss Take a Kiss

watching above eyes can see
what is not a pretend
out of the light cone
we see history and now here
we are now | lottery to win
Life | today i crossed my legs
upon ancient rocks and saw a group
down the way ~~ hey, oh! the black-
eyes and bulbous heads! I’m here.
Walking stupid to entertain the timeline
of poisoned Rivers
(take a piss or take a kiss)
while figuring it all out i found it
so hard to leave my Mind (oh yeah, oh well,
hello, well, oh i love you!) in hard times
strangers smile when you’re stupid dresses
catch the abido in lies and cover.

:: 01/13/2023 ::

Everything is Art


:: 01.10.2023 ::

The Sun’s Jealous Skies

FLEW inside my Soul upon a dusty plain. i did not know how thirsty
life could be until this moment. My thoughts toward the skies
requesting rain. | Blue azure above and brown abstract emotions
showing distant love and death. i count the ways i feel waves
moving me always /i still recall the taste of your touch \ and recall
the voice that’s ringing within my Ears : saliors wishing they find
shore than the hull of death.
Releasing fear makes it all go away
i make it all go away and wish nothing
That giant makes you slowly take apart
all what you are and leaving color
— and my heart makes this all go away
but know it makes me scared to want something
–something i could never have.

:: 01.08.2023 ::