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Morning’s Passion

And when morning is upon you

It’s like a blessing from God

Hear His voice, He will speak your thoughts

He gives the heart a reason to sing His praise

Who could this save but You through the One

Whose Name we long to speak

Hear the voice of His Spirit, Holy Spirit

Sing His praise for all

And we praise the morning dew and all the world

We praise the heart and soul! Like the first

morning’s petals flowered. Praise for life,

praise for the morning and a passion for Life!

:: 06.22.2022 ::

A Moment of Time Within a City in Hot Summer

         A HOT SUMMER keeps my feet moving 
    BLUE WHALES never know how to do dancing
   summer days but it's alright you know it's

all right i say to the ocean life

         CRAZY ways how people cope within
        precedents of their behavior
       the beggar and the banker alike
      holding out eager hands for money
     but the street walk cooks the ankles of
    women and skaters in shorts -- but it's alright

Boy with a slinky drops his toy oh oh oh
down the Fairlane it goes passing by pedestrians
worshipping shopping and bus routes along the way

oh ah oh ooh — slinky don’t go / down a city drain
and into the labyrinth of under belly Souls.

Faith baY-baY-bee.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


Slick side went bottom up inside
& Lenny spoke a word –> got shot for
speaking of the scene where we
lost the love and all the dough
inside a place called Gonzales, Texas.

Weiner beaner drove the car
seemed all the way to Saigon
until we meet the fuzz —
that’s 7.62 for all of you
not of the clan who kill ‘us
like hungry gorillas.

Saw the judge who makes faces
dramatic fellow who smokes
court recorder confessed
what a colossal mess of self-
delusion/soul transfusion\

Police officer on that scene
says, “Bewildered but so beautiful.”
Boy on a bicycle saw it all —

“Judge, i swear they were clowns
going to a party.”

And the one who holds a sickle
wearing all black without a face
smiled. He hid his .44 for mercy.

What more to say?

:: 05.29.2022 ::


Spit.  When you die.  Last chest bump swizzle stick! Ghosts pull your feet out of bed —
vanish you like a magic trick / death takes you like a swizzle stick by the neck so low tech
by the heart how life vanishes you by words i stare through you like a high-ball or
cold bloody mary through the eye swizzle stick (little prick) the face in the mirror is all light
a trick bleeding (this story) how i infiltrated pride and ventilation with cyanide through mind
and brain /no antidote\ swizzle stick/ kiss your neck goes to the heart — stiff nipples ripple shirt
camel cool-aid toe wet through the eye aside makes doom tasty baby true | a true source of Light
what fools the heart might be true please…distort.

A telepresence of greed and affection.  This is the channel that makes metal scream.
Let it scream.

:: 05.29.2022 ::


SHE keeps moving all quietly
building her love all inside
her cabinet of spirits
she loves her appetite
eating dreams and all
her dreaming conversations
Hearing how time ticks how mouths
tock speaking loudly
She grew up old and now youthfully
dies waiting for Life.
Thinking how other lovers move on
she knows she’ll never be free
and that tortures her heart.
Knowing how her mind thinks she sighs
as sure as night is dark
and how day is bright
she finds her love
all inside her Soul tonight

:: 05.29.2022 ::


the KEY to understanding
as what can books-of-Souls
to-wives-and husbands dream?

Clouds and flautering about
is wisdom maturing over Time
is always Me! Me. Me. Me. Me!

Dammit! if Paintings of
blue-porcelain dolphin-dreams
eat Sea-nymphs in their
majestic pearly carriages
Do .;..me? I? Awaken a hope
to love, yes! to LIVE!
That had gone with the burning
of books?!?

Riddling paragraphs of coffee
and clubs & misanthropic souls.

So we go. Stand alone. And leave
alone. Cry and die for One.

:: 06-22-2016 ::


THE Sun reborn and divine
The Dragon Of Light and Shade
The World awoke ~
You Hear Ravens Fly
It’s Morning
The Light wins the night
The Great Work is done
Back from the darkness

To look at the lights
I’m Waiting for the Angels Of Elysium
Waiting For the Eastern glow
Oh dance in the dark of night
Sing to the Morning Light
The Mornin’ Light!
My will is to hear you sing.

Meaningful snowfall, a Lifetime
Of broken dreams, selfish leaders,
Left wing leaks, lies and fake news,
Dishonesty, and The Destruction of the Soul
– Outrageous // double standards, the Elite
Vs. You.

So we dance in a darkened night.

:: 04.07.2022 ::


i ate a terrible piece of Life
jiggle i think
will do as a chemical criminal
jounce possibility can tell
upon my tongue better how
the balloons move (as her
ghost lurks — bitch won’t die
after divorce — a bad taste
of chlorine and steep walls
of no sharpest neat word
//running for my life
yeah running for my life \\
dreams of how her tall corpsecoloured
body sat itself inside my cord of
tender Life — there’s no neatest
or sharpest beating heart word
for the thing.
My throat ?
I had myself inside the warm coat
pocket of frogs so green and slimy
so i run and said again how it
it feels so medical and incredible
she continues to hurt me — no
escape or reprieve so i decay
inside the love that i now give up.

No. Never. Warpped rapped inside
paper and forever dead. When the
birds sing its for that death
and nature came and struck the
smug face of that monkey branching

:: 04.02.2022 ::


Tojani!  Even this is an act of fraud
tainted as far as it will.

So turn to me tainted as they blow
winds to make me go.

Truth of a thousand lies with no mercy
they blow to make me go so embrace myself
despoiled as they despoil and swore i’d
clean this slate with great certainty
and God’s mercy to wash away.

so i darted madly into the rain and hail
into little clouds that felt like daggers of tears
from the torrents of lost dreams.

Thinly beneath the surface of never-ending
controlling feelings i found myself between walls
closing in — insecured!     Bleeding blood and
worthless words so real //this tragic
reacting reflection of haunting life!

i found myself (god’s confidence
drained down the toilet of souls)
 I feel as though i was here before
  weeping wars of confused reality
  how this flesh makes me sick.

Every-universe is inside me.  But one spot
i keep for just me/as you\are we/i am and was


:: 03.18.2022 ::


See the world in your own blood, O Lamb of God, and tell what it is to be Christian!

He muttered something and lit a match, took it out and turned the bowl on its side with
the flame he blew on his fingers and began to scrub the side of his neck.

The heat of the sun threw up the dust of a landscape spread out below him, the sunlight
dappling all the long lines of the ramparts, the clustered cottages and the dying orchards.
The rich gold of the mountains and rivers changed the morning into a golden sunset,
the muddy fields turned deep red and purple and the village put a million shafts of yellow
and pink and purple and rose into the space of the brook beneath.

In that space, bidden by the holy spirit, he saw four figures draw up in a little boat.
The loch was deep and dark as pitch, there was nothing but a long narrow clear channel
and the dark outline of the bank. The edges of the boat gleamed darkly against the blackness.
One by one the figures rose out of the boat and set foot on the water. They stood upright now,
the outline of their bodies lifting and falling as they stepped out. In the sunlight they stood
almost as if they were made of gold. They turned round towards him.

—We are the brethren of Christ!

They spoke together, in counterpoint, in beautiful voices. They had broad shoulders and long legs
like Roman centurions and soft arms and breasts. Each of them was golden-haired, the long wings
of their breasts almost showing between the golden folds of their veils. They wore jewels of gold,
and heavy gold chains hung down around their necks. The shadow of their figures moved gently in
the sunlight, and the river spread out before them, full of light.

—Beautiful! cried the Shard of Light.

It looked away down the slope, at the village, where the only white faces were the white toes of
the youngest children.

—My dear sir, said a voice from the boat.

-What is was always.

:: 03.05.2022 ::