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may i rest my heart upon your petal?

yes my dear yes you could

and would you kiss my soul
to make it better?

that i can my love yes i would

now i see how i see i said
your heart is the sun
within my skies

and you, my love are my love
as sunrise’s light a brilliant trumpet!
as midday silver striking steel
and sunset’s flushed orange kiss!

so may i rest my head
upon your petal?

yes my love yes you can!

:: 05-27-2018 ::


On the cover everything seems so swell
but …

Like a ghost from nowhere
Like a hole that’s lost
it’s whole

Feeling my soul isn’t going

And within your heart
I wish to be

Like an angel hovering
above the storm

Like a gift to the pagans
and ruined by runes

Oh, yes it is
Oh, I’ll wait
for you

I’ll wait for you…

Like an angel singing
to all of heaven

Like a throat so sore
as though each moment
is a song to sing

I love the way you
are my sweetest heart
And forever it will be.

:: 12-26-2017 ::


The last of a songbird’s notes have fallen into the night’s purse,
and you have known my dances are behind shadows where some of
me has hidden to heal or die.

It seems there are no truths but only dirt and tears and at last
the only remaining mouth that spills songs into hearts
and tender arms is yours my love.

Where we exist there are no stationary objects but a wide orbit
that entertains the unknowable; to feel the butterfly awaken
is an infinite joy stooped upon the vast spirals of our Cathedral.

This love, our love, is universal and eternal.

Forever yours!

:: 07-12-2017 ::


i wrote a poem inside the sun today
and though my words are late it is
so ordinary, girl. and who is to blame
and love was her name and not so
ordinary was her heart — for a long
what time it took to bloom but a field
waiting like a lovely melody // everyone
can sing and who’s to blame? i waited
so long to see a bloom of love and life
no one to blame for the hearts that never
bleed into one from two and like a word
that rhymes and love was her name and
we tripped the light and danced until June
and the merry-go-round never made a sound
and so maybe we were moving too fast
catching all the words but never knew
“God, I miss this girl” to be closer
to her than my own heart beats within me
i wrote a poem inside my soul today
and i never knew her but loved her name
and though my words are late it is so
ordinary, if I can’t have her i’ll do
without her until the end of time
just to say, “i love you”

:: 12202015 ::


I am (my love is) love as if you were
the free rising winds of life or arrow
of roses and thorns that disperse despair!
I love you as towering buildings stand tall
and thunderheads speak with lighting;
my nature is natural to love you as the
plant that blooms and carries beauty
hidden within itself until the light of sun
brings forth those flowers as my heart
blooms for you when the world sleeps I am there
I love you as mystery breaths the interest
of wondering minds and the dense fog of some-
time life is difficult but mostly I am deeply
appreciative that there is no I or you,
only our hands entwined by faith, love,
devotion and time.
I love you.

:: 11132015 ::


Through white sheets of morning sun
I began knowing life and this tenderest
love. All of me awakened by the sweetest
most loving touches of Spirit!
Who is a Spirit encased in flesh,
began to see the cosmic universe?
I believe in the little kiss:
the tenderest touch of two lips
while two hands embrace the
eternal commitment of One.
And music is my Soul; any song
my Spirit whether music is gladly
or sadly received. And by life
the wisest heart knows the happy
song is glee and the saddest
annoying — but my wife, if life
is true then both happy and sad
are fields partly grown and ready
to reap. The skies are mentor
and clouds are nanny and this
moment every day we have is for
just us where I always hear us;
pleasing notes do sing: the union
of two into one on each season
while we embrace!

:: 11232015 ::


TOO soon too soon
my love my lover
too broad to wide
is such love
my lover
over fields that gold
above hills so high
we drove each other
toward the other side
said i, “i do”
said you, “i did”
and flew us two
beyond the weight of
too soon too soon
my love my lover
before you chanced
to place a flower
within my hair
‘no fear my love,
upon this side i own
fields of flowers’
:: 09-15-2015 ::


ALLOW me to bend my knee
upon my impediments
that wish i alteration
for this thing called love
which is wish bending remover
to remove:

O no! Do not fool that heart
which experiences floods and
dangerous winds of looks
it is the star to every look
a wandering life too good
to last — obfuscate!
whose worth’s unknown my bee
tasting sweet honey heart
–the ‘all of me’ i say
true stay true for you
where time is not love’s fool
where dreams though through
my mind: rosy lips and cheeks
within my bending knee
bleeding/bending the flittered
wings of angels’s compass come;
where love does not alter time
in brief hours but between
sweet kisses of this love
— of ours!

:: 09-11-2015 ::



Him to Her

i should remember our last time apart,
and why with misfortunes and
melancholy nights did you stop these tears!
my words written as philosophical reasons
have not arrested your pain or fortune.

i feel am i useless, no impression upon
your heart or soul shall relieve this grief
and now i could scoop the light of a moonlit
night and gather all its grandeur but to
no avail to awaken your Spirit!

This skin and flesh of me wishes to leave,
but my Soul remains in this endeavor to prove
living is not being happy but loving is life!
i believe i am the house silently sitting
in servitude looking beyond the old-thoughts
of a redMouth bleeding time and trimmings
of wishful meaning.

:: 08-07-2015 ::


UnInterestEDStrokinGLY ugly
)inside(ALL OF ME)(
i watch
silently the OUTSIDE of
me lyinGLY
and hungrily hugging a
S H A D O W in this
unkempt park of my life
to feel so alive once
complete. LY
so yes i’m leaving, yes
i’m no longer believing
all the soothing suing
words of a convicted soul
I feel I fell in love with
:: 07-01-2015 ::