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Sea Sickness My Soul

fabulous is
crashing Pain,at,
drowning point
the cutting waves
abashing you
waves slashing veins)
undulating through
quartermaster’s room
the mast that stabbed
that North Star so true!
do fish dream
of love or life?
A Pisces soul
with hook in heart
a harpoon thrust
too deep
leviathan life!
ocean silver mountains
unsmooth solemnly true
–the anchor drops
just this spot
across the compass

:: 01-07-2015 ::

Woman of My Heart (On Mars)

Spent my day with the woman of my heart
we went to the beach and watched waves
and smoked our stuff and drank our wine
we decided to make a new start
she stole my head and heart
so we did oh yeah start a new Life

i went to live upon the precipice of Hope
and she found a Mountain where the children
of Love and the Sun began to rise \seems
she took a dive and had no rhyme to demise
i shed tears and moved along / someone once
told me there’s a girl out there with
love inside here eyes )so i flew there(
arriving i stood up and found my feet
sinking — took a punch to my nose
from a ghost, i think i need to find that

Oh, save me! I’m dancing within the dance hall
of my Skull / oh lovely!\ such a Strong Soul —
but can you live upon the surface of Mars?
No, you’ll never know as he’ll never go
on a show (Earth or Mars)__ .

:: 01.29.2023 ::

The Spirit Sings

UNSEEN entities listen
Behind our limpid pupils
a distance before our tight
fists is Fate

the labels of society burn
within my bottled voice ~
but my words burn of nomenclature
beyond these nightmare walls

upon the dark and quiet streets
i spread your trampled body
of cracked brains

the stream of acidic urine upon
the carcass burns the sidewalk

the Spirit sings

:: 01.29.2023 ::

Bruised Face

My bruised face
twice cried
—inside weight
: as though
life unveiled
a third fate
i sat to ate
this evening
dinner so late.

:: 01.27.2023 ::

Celluloid Dreams

walk … pretend upon egg shells


and all the pain
lives within
a celluloid strip of moving pictures
across the space of a point in time
it’s the tremolo
score of life
like shoes that fit within your soul
it’s all of you
so you ride the back Of a bumble bee
it tickles your thighs but the buzzing soothes
the soul within you and painted lips
collect gossamer threads you hold your breath
dreaming of a love that died within you
it’s all the same life-life, merry-go-round

:: 02-15-2015 ::

Wereling Communique

Tonight it’s wet with tears
how funny they could be from

How i wish i was a spoon
so smooth and clean for
the heart’s mouth
oh shut up telescope!
we have a smarter One
so small it’s getting stronger.
. pulling back. /Whatever
you’re looking for it’s not
around here\ The dirt jumped up
and danced singing, “he’s not
around here anymore.”
Said the Id, “I wonder which way
to go?”
Said Ego: I dear, wish I hadn’t
cried so much

I won’t feel you anymore ; time has
moved forward and you’ve reversed.

Fair. Now let’s save your civilization.
of whatwere and have been never-been.

:: 01.18.2023 ::

Do Not Vaccinate Against the Earth


it is the brightest of nights; the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life; kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,


and a new element born!

Do not vaccinate against the Earth.

:: 07-08-2015 ::

SPUTSUM Lane (that dusty road)

Your brilliance made me puke
but you’re a pretty girl
the nerdy type with glasses

Jets of sputsum! You hopped on
my lap making the wall’s raincoats
rise revealing strange stars, moons,
and planets _ i put on my glasses
(your knees knocking together my ugly
little cute girl) /One day you
opted me The Poet and hopped upon my
lap and forgetting | in the moment i
wrote a poem and did a painting ~~
of stolen hearts, money, planes,
and rusty moments within thorns and
clover and forever memories when the
heart is stone in love.

:: 01.14.2023 ::

Same Dream No Flesh

(Starlink Commercial:
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is how last dreams by Pisces wept
while awake dragging beautiful gifts
with maggot’s help /the head sleeps.
These cancerous dreams turn black
when their dreamer awakes and still
lives the dream |  forever regretful
my words echo while making today
i cut a slice of my Mind forgetting
a moment : ignorant pain /i’m forever
remembering the colors i paint
while dying while crying as Libran.

:: 01.13.2023 ::

Take a Piss Take a Kiss

watching above eyes can see
what is not a pretend
out of the light cone
we see history and now here
we are now | lottery to win
Life | today i crossed my legs
upon ancient rocks and saw a group
down the way ~~ hey, oh! the black-
eyes and bulbous heads! I’m here.
Walking stupid to entertain the timeline
of poisoned Rivers
(take a piss or take a kiss)
while figuring it all out i found it
so hard to leave my Mind (oh yeah, oh well,
hello, well, oh i love you!) in hard times
strangers smile when you’re stupid dresses
catch the abido in lies and cover.

:: 01/13/2023 ::