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A Corpse In Your Life

i prayed within vomit
the night i died.
i died for nothing
but for a prettiest
no-thing. Not even Hollywood.
Say it! Say it! Say it!
I don’t care I don’t care I don’t mind
I don’t mind wait oh wait did you remind
the Priest to pray for those in denial?
Say it say it say it : nothing exists
called dead-Love so call me and tell me
i’m dead i don’t even care so say it say it
say it say it say it : i’m a corpse in your

So feel my love bone. Compare it to my
dead bone yeah! i’m dead! like so many
believable words stuck inside your head
feel my love boat?
Never. Blue effervescent tongue.

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Theory of Everyone

Every word ever written is within my Head
Every way of thinking, every idea in my Head
I feel as if I’m falling into a giant Mind
I feel as if the whole world is nothing but me

To know I’m alive, I am the universe
To hear I am the silence
To see I am the light
To touch I am the history
To feel I am the time
To think I am the point

And I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
Underneath the smooth darkness
that I can’t see, the body still sings
Underneath the deep sleep, the soul dreams
Underneath the sleep, the moon sets
Underneath the bright sun, the stars glow

I am the world, I am the universe
I am the Mind, I am the World
I am the Lion, I am the Lion
I am the Fire, I am the Fire_____.

:: 10.12.2022 ::

Wet Dream

She, laying upon a mattress (upon a beach in her mind)
caressing of two fingers distracted by the voice of the sea
leaving flotsam upon her finger tips; who in spite
of her privacy attracts the enemy.

Moral police approaches, she immobilizes them with her noisy
hand ~~ and the men pull their soul out of their cozy beds
and suck their agony.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

Vices of Men

Vices of men are my domain.

Their wounds my sweet cakes.

I like to chew their vile penis’
because their ugliness makes my beauty
spectacular and chooses me.

(As the letter continues to spiral
out of control, she writes:)

“Since the dawn of time I’m sure that
no couple has ever lived together
in perfect bliss.

Is it any wonder that men
don’t want me because I know what
their biggest vice is?

And I know their biggest loss…
And I don’t eat their penis’
because it’s gross …

I eat it because I enjoy it.”

:: 07.07.2022 ::


Pierced by my glistening nails.
I love your hair with the lightest of touches.

I rip your mouth with my lips.
Let me love you. *Body. It’s honey,
that’s all. * Darling, be mine!

Be my temple.
Let me be your village.
Let me be your state!
Let me be your God.
You’ll be under my domination.
All in Your Mine!!!
Come, eat from my right breast.
You’ll be my lover, I’m just dying to kiss you!

Come to my bewitching kisses, I don’t care where.
I’ll get in heaven or hell.
I’m only with you. * With his strength,
His hands.
His lips, his teeth
And even his strong tongue.
He wants to make me happy.
He will only take me to heaven.
And let me be the best in the world!
After a while, he’ll be bored.
And then I’ll be the best in the world!
To serve you, darling is my world of horror.
To serve you, sweet, and not to be fucked
for fuck’s sake.

And to be taken in my turn.
To be loved for myself.
For me alone.

Then shall I die.

:: 04.04.2022 ::


WALK unguarded into a dirty birth
catch a bus or disregard footstep
we all live within a city called laughter
selling out at Perth
The little bugs colored amethyst
are already at their work.

Charming faces of popular people
thousands of years ago
i laid a wreath upon those
ancient artificial skies
it’s hard so hard
to find the love lost
pacify weakness
Fetch a friend who is a friend
as long as they are not late
and until they bathe at midday
within the sea.

:: 02.15.2022 ::


LOVE is a shadow of:


building a strength
beyond congeniality

She — a baroness
a busy busty Queen
of Hearts so dynamite
blew most minds…

I? A King of Minds
so let them come get me
in their royal robes
those rich bastards!

Most are drunken cocksmen
two-timed bastards
rebel fuckers
says my “mouth of saints.”

:: 02.07.2022 ::


crawling :
kissed bad blue feelings

/dogs barking at shadows
tore a paper moon\

a giant dildo swaying
atop Chrysler building___

Fay Wray screaming

“Empire State building creates
more feeling.”

as i knew.

:: 01.08.2022 ::


MY DREAMS are secret destroyers
while i sleep in bed and my desire
is a piece to gain (oh, yea. love)
eACH one (desire) thought alone
Sing, they are right to sing
but they sing destroying cities.

That lonely way you kill yourself.

(i’ve been weeping alone for one
more show) Shall we endure you a bit Longer?
(What you got?) Shall never shake.
Cloacal evidence so cold!
Spent. Within each other’s eyes.

EXHAUSTED only to dream
of dying and cruel words.

IN SPITE of all the rains of deranged
thoughts and words torrents of stone
labors of foam___ rancor of loose Jesus
eyes: without hope.

In spite of my anger I’m still just
a lonely soul : in spite! With a safety
pin stuck inside our side we shall shout
and take our minds where we want it to be.

:: 11.20.2021 ::


Down went the bare-assed Sun
UP came the silver cock Moon
devouring light and eating
the twilight desert of that
insatiable monster that is
Between her thighs.

:: 10.13.2021 ::