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the Lust of my Love
as a Sun, affection
& Life
pours raining-burning
love down myChest toward
the valley of pollinator
of Life
my feet feel the Earth
tremble; the wondrous cradler
of humankind, and the entire
universe! The angels shivered;
the bronze pillars of her twin
breasts poured blue waters into
all the oceans of Life.

:: 07.31.2020 ::


between thoughts
such depth
my heart sank
The widow of Souls
now am i –? or
a mirage of god’s
weaker image?
this does NEVER
matter within my
own heart; i am
i wish to be.


:: 07.22.2020 ::


WHO IS so happy today are they all within my
Head? Iris and friends feathers within the band
of my funky hat yeah not so scared caused i
lit the candles to remove evil thoughts while eating
my girlfriend’s older sister! cause i remember sad thoughts
& yeah some to blame upon me but so excited to see your Art
(i’m so honry) yeah : colors exploding as goo across the paint
of my canvas oh yeah — punch
, kiss, love, like and hate everything i am
— i wish to kill you : miss you then again
miss the bullet you wanted
for me…oh yeah who is so happy
today? all within their lonely
head — so ugly so are you ;
miserable people so scared
i lit my candles when i found

:L: 07j.11/02020 ::


my nerves are bullet holes, and swollen veins that have eyes
start to lick my tears and blood. Sirens, jet planes, bad blood,
unhappy fragmented culprits shall angrily testify we are the
extinguished divine spark of sorrowful symphonies — and downtown
ghosts are flinging their feet /and wishing within symphonies\
there i go../hiding my ancient face beneath six churches
my fEAR then died as a bouncing stone of untold heights it flew
then this woman said: what did you do to Life? my heart is
bleeding dreams — she said. To me: from me: i asked, ”
you who do not despise me is a friendly soul.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


FORGIVE me if They think i am Mad
— a center must have a whole
which i missed while drinking
starlight and licking orgasmic-
cosmic dust while tending to
a lost angelic gaggle of giggling
cherubic-like girls; (hand hiding
Mouth) Even the Heavens have s e x
like our blades of early morning
grass drip dew do i really love
how the dogs all bark at once when
they saw that Star falling from
your Skies

:: 03.11.2020 ::


the Penis inflates
the Vagina contracts
and Poetry bleeds
whites & reds
across the lips
of all HUMANITY!

:: 04-13-2019 ::
eprobles (c) 2019


if i am l o n e l y
if now & then i sing praises
of love
of passion
the season must be Spring i like
pink and reds and your lips too
and too tulips when i taste you
Natures most beautiful Flower
By the vally of too passion cries
(thighs) sighs the Aah of
committed expression.

let us die this little Death just now!

:: 02-08-2019 ::


a broken knee jerk
& mister dark reaching
up to kiss your blue lips
& misses aborted-by-
shattered-hope is how
she jumped the moon //
a crazy trip
too true SCREAMING:
run away run away
–> elope!
the country folk refuse
to see them and
baby tulip smoking elf’s
caught daisy by her
daffodil shorts snorting
a hand full o’loving
it hard; the Pope served
and Mary’s lamb with a
glass of wine and Jesus
Bread \\ And the world’s
on the shelf like a bad
product from Hell so go away
go away just run run run

:: 05-11-2018 ::


somebody else roars her royal borealis
purple heart and i road across golden gate
bridge and even in hell
i felt her toenails cutting me – ha, she
laughed while i screamed
could have been her nails
like a road-map — my back
when she screams digging
love into my skin: i’m too
long and she hates uterus
bump — geeks, yeah. terrible
come on baby, think of one
i hurt when you press my heart
with serious words of this
could’a-should’b-been world
my shyness-gy-ness is aborted
too early in life: she kissed
me knowing how fucked i am
and i love her/you/seriously
you wore no panties when we
went to church — NEVER!
holy water evaporates!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


LIFE, my bequeathed light,
an exasperated breath!
My volcanic lip-heart
flow like wordLust
across your tender
nature’s skin and i,
so much (too hotly)
devour your soil,
the Spring rain came
across my face
and each drop o’ passion
i drankingly sipped
(almost guilt but no!)
The quench of earth
between your wish
fully thigh-dreams,
I feel that fell
into your heart
and washed away all
my stress and fears!

:: 10-30-2014 ::