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the Penis inflates
the Vagina contracts
and Poetry bleeds
whites & reds
across the lips
of all HUMANITY!

:: 04-13-2019 ::
eprobles (c) 2019


if i am l o n e l y
if now & then i sing praises
of love
of passion
the season must be Spring i like
pink and reds and your lips too
and too tulips when i taste you
Natures most beautiful Flower
By the vally of too passion cries
(thighs) sighs the Aah of
committed expression.

let us die this little Death just now!

:: 02-08-2019 ::


a broken knee jerk
& mister dark reaching
up to kiss your blue lips
& misses aborted-by-
shattered-hope is how
she jumped the moon //
a crazy trip
too true SCREAMING:
run away run away
–> elope!
the country folk refuse
to see them and
baby tulip smoking elf’s
caught daisy by her
daffodil shorts snorting
a hand full o’loving
it hard; the Pope served
and Mary’s lamb with a
glass of wine and Jesus
Bread \\ And the world’s
on the shelf like a bad
product from Hell so go away
go away just run run run

:: 05-11-2018 ::


somebody else roars her royal borealis
purple heart and i road across golden gate
bridge and even in hell
i felt her toenails cutting me – ha, she
laughed while i screamed
could have been her nails
like a road-map — my back
when she screams digging
love into my skin: i’m too
long and she hates uterus
bump — geeks, yeah. terrible
come on baby, think of one
i hurt when you press my heart
with serious words of this
could’a-should’b-been world
my shyness-gy-ness is aborted
too early in life: she kissed
me knowing how fucked i am
and i love her/you/seriously
you wore no panties when we
went to church — NEVER!
holy water evaporates!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


LIFE, my bequeathed light,
an exasperated breath!
My volcanic lip-heart
flow like wordLust
across your tender
nature’s skin and i,
so much (too hotly)
devour your soil,
the Spring rain came
across my face
and each drop o’ passion
i drankingly sipped
(almost guilt but no!)
The quench of earth
between your wish
fully thigh-dreams,
I feel that fell
into your heart
and washed away all
my stress and fears!

:: 10-30-2014 ::


Beside of me

and into me
Poseidon’s spear thrust
heaving chalice breasts
and white cap foamy waves
what sin

no shame    of me
nature does what she need

:: 04-01-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

if life would allow me yes
a garden from my heart-soil
would grow beyond sky

yellow-green blades swaying
in step with that hidden song
twirling notes and trumping bass

and lay between smooth thigh
nature scents caressing soul
life hunger betrayed too long

phantasmagoric nature reveal
tulips upon a man vessel bare
undulating passion melting there

if life would allow me yes

a farmer beating plowshare
be toiling in your fields

the harvest of a lifetime

:: 02-11-2014 ::



mirror mimic me
show me shadow
perfection glass
give me lies

mind me mirror
speaking easy
flowers —
misty song perfume

tonight is sin
tomorrow beg
grace above —
that One forgives

time burning
my fleshy youth
so plans in plans
i’m tricking you

twisting fate
upon my finger
commanding you
with my power

tonight my altar
at the ‘y’
i pray you pray
bending more than knee

:: 02-06-2014 ::


SEEING you and him in a wish
I shall not pass by this night
but cast an arrow across your hearts
spark the light of love — your souls
light breaks — daybreak loves you most
a new day of love for you both
and I sling my arrows your way

All I want is to give love
and love is all I can give
and all is the air I need
to breath the love into you

Tomorrow comes and many other days
gracefully taking time in stride
and loving your time eternally
and all you want is what I gave
and give I give each and every day

I am so cupid — loving you all
nothing greater than giving my all
farming a soil rich in lust and love
nothing better than to give my all

Tomorrow I bring
another lover
to their love
its all I can do
to give to you



The bed, a crime scene of sorts
a passion spilled in sweat
Willingly i go – to my death

He comes to me in the night
a sword sharpened by lust
and thrusts it into my soul

Mother, I’m ready to come home
but the line between pain & pleasure
is small compared to the pleasant death

The coroner will say an untimely passing
but my murderous lover knew the timing
each plunge of his knife ever deeper.
— // —