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Writer, Artist. I like to paint abstract acrylic images onto canvas. I love to read everything, and I especially enjoy science, philosophy, and the arts. I'm new to the blog experience and I very much enjoy it! I hope to learn as much about all the features that WordPress offers and thank you -- my visitor -- for taking time to read my words. Peace and love...


Jason had this penthouse apartment that was centrally located in Beverly Hills. He was incredibly clean, but in an overwhelming kind of way. The carpet and stuff were spotless, the cabinets were plastic, and the paint was not chipping. I felt like I was in a Doctor’s office waiting room.

He was snoring loudly, and just at the right moment he opened his eyes.

“Ha! You are dead! This is a dream, right?”

I felt a bit offended, as I was obviously the one snoring.
“No, no!” He pointed at the clock. “It’s 4AM!” (Lucky number 8!).

“You’re a zombie! You’re dead and you’re dreaming!”

“I’m a zombie, alright!” I yawned and started to hack up zombie gore.
“Watch out!” He screamed and jumped out of the bed.
“All right, you monster! I’m dead and I’m dreaming! I’m dead and I’m dreaming!”

He chased me around the room.

“You’re not dead, you’re a zombie! You’re a zombie, that’s just what you are, a zombie, so it’s a dream!” He threw up his hands. “You can’t win!”

“I can’t win, yeah? That’s right, I can’t win. That’s my luck, ha-ha!”
I hope you like midnight horror flicks.” His face crinkled with confusion; the zombies smile that I was always afraid of flashing on.

“Well I didn’t say I was a horror movie person. Oh, that’s right, but you said, I’m dead and I’m dreaming, so that’s a horror movie, right?”

I thought about it.

“Okay, I guess it’s more like…like if a zombie comes to my door…”

As the sun began to rise, we finally settled down and drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of zombies and horror movies, but when I woke up, I found myself in Jason’s sterile penthouse once again.

As I gathered my things and prepared to leave, Jason suddenly appeared, looking a bit sheepish. “Sorry about last night,” he said. “I can get a bit carried away sometimes.”

I smiled and shook my head. “No need to apologize. It was actually kind of fun.”

Jason’s face brightened. “Really? You’re not just saying that?”

I chuckled. “No, I’m serious. It was a unique experience, to say the least.”

We said our goodbyes, and I left Jason’s apartment feeling a bit dazed. As I walked down the street, I couldn’t help but wonder what other strange and wonderful experiences awaited me in this crazy city of dreams.

Maybe I’d even run into some real zombies along the way. Who knew? Anything was possible in a place like Beverly Hills.

As I walked down the street, a shiver ran down my spine. The streets of Beverly Hills, usually bustling with life and activity, were strangely empty. There was an eerie silence that hung over the entire city, broken only by the occasional sound of a car passing by.

As I turned a corner, I saw a group of people huddled together in front of a nearby building. They were all looking up at something, their faces twisted in fear and disbelief.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I walked closer to see what had caught their attention. As I got closer, I realized that they were all staring up at Jason’s penthouse apartment.

I felt a sense of dread wash over me. What had happened? Had something terrible befallen Jason in the night?

Without thinking, I pushed my way through the crowd and ran towards the building. The front door was unlocked, and I made my way up to the top floor, my heart pounding in my chest.

As I approached Jason’s apartment, I could hear strange noises coming from inside. It sounded like something was scratching at the door, trying to claw its way through.

I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should turn back and call for help. But then I remembered Jason’s zombie antics from the night before and wondered if this was all just some elaborate prank.

Summoning up my courage, I slowly pushed open the door and stepped inside.

What I saw next made my blood run cold.

Jason was lying on the ground, his eyes rolled back in his head. His skin was cold to the touch, and there were deep scratch marks all over his body.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

Standing over Jason was a figure unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was tall and gaunt, with eyes that glowed a sickly green. Its skin was a sickly grey, and its teeth were long and sharp like knives.

It turned to face me, and I realized with a start that it was a zombie.

I tried to run, but it was too fast. With a sickening crunch, it sank its teeth into my neck, and everything went dark.

Just as I thought I was going to die, I heard a voice in my head. It was a voice I had never heard before, but it was clear and strong.

“Stay calm,” the voice said. “I am here to help you.”

I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, I saw two figures standing in front of me. One was dressed in white, with shining wings and a peaceful expression. The other was dressed in black, with black wings and a menacing glare.

The white figure spoke again. “I am an angel of good. This is an angel of evil. We are here to help you in your time of need.”

The evil angel snarled. “Don’t listen to him. He’s lying. I’m the one who can help you. Together, we can take down this zombie and save your friend.”

I was torn. Part of me wanted to trust the good angel, but another part of me was drawn to the promise of power that the evil angel offered.

But then I looked back at Jason, lying on the ground with blood pooling around him. I knew that I had to do something, and fast.

Without thinking, I closed my eyes and reached out to the good angel. I felt a warm, comforting presence surround me, and suddenly, I felt stronger and more powerful than I ever had before.

Together, the good angel and I charged at the zombie. With a fierce battle cry, we attacked it with all our might, using every ounce of strength we had.

After what felt like an eternity, we finally emerged victorious. The zombie lay dead at our feet, and I felt a sense of relief wash over me.

But then the evil angel appeared once again, his eyes filled with anger and resentment. “You should have listened to me,” he said. “I could have given you so much more power.”

The good angel stepped forward. “Power isn’t everything,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s better to do what’s right, even if it’s not easy.”

I nodded in agreement, feeling a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. As the two angels disappeared into the ether, I knew that I had been changed forever. From now on, I would always strive to do what was right, no matter what challenges lay ahead.

As the dust settled and the danger passed, a new sound filled the air. It was the unmistakable voice of Kurt Cobain, singing a haunting melody that echoed through the halls of Jason’s penthouse.

“I’m a soul lost in tarpit traps, sinking deeper every day,” he sang. “The weight of the world is crushing me, but I can’t seem to break away.”

I looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, but there was no one in sight. It was as if the music was coming from another dimension, a world beyond our own.

As the song continued, I felt a sense of sadness and despair wash over me. Kurt’s voice was so full of emotion, so raw and real, that it was impossible not to feel the pain and anguish he was expressing.

But then, as the chorus came around, something changed. Kurt’s voice grew stronger, more determined, and I realized that this wasn’t just a song of despair. It was a song of hope, a call to rise up against the darkness and find the light.

“I’ll keep on fighting, though my heart may break,” he sang. “I’ll keep on searching, for a better way.”

As the song came to a close, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. It was as if Kurt’s music had given me the strength and courage to face whatever lay ahead, to overcome any obstacle and find my way home.

And with that, I turned and walked out of Jason’s penthouse, ready to face the world once again.

|| 09.24.2020 ||

Love Is a Mystery

Love is a mystery that defies explanation,
A code we cannot decipher
With wide eyes and open hearts
We reach for the fruit of knowledge
Knowing that death is the price we’ll pay

Yet we persist in loving
For the pain it brings and the joy it bestows
Like a symphony of notes played on broken strings
We dance in the shadows of our own making

We know how this ends, how it must end
But still we embrace the divine
For love is not a rational thing
Nor can it be tamed or caged

It is a wild and reckless force
That leaves us forever changed
So let us live and love with all our might
For even in the pain and loss, we find the beauty that makes us whole

We are God’s henchmen on earth
And love is our mission, our calling
To spread it far and wide, to light up the darkest corners
To bring hope to the hopeless and healing to the broken

For love is heaven, and we are its messengers
Sent to remind the world of its power and grace
So let us go forth with courage and conviction
And love with all our hearts and souls, for it is in doing so that we become whole.

:: 03.24.2023 ::


la pointe de l’œil du temple
contemple ( furtivement )
le parterre de fleurs
au-delà de la portée de
      la chair et seulement par l’esprit
l’amour vrai ne vivent ( ? )
Une graine dans mon desséchée
bouche  a grandi ! en un seul mot
qui i par cœur et accords
etcetera etcetera chanté l’amour
 ” R E Q U I S E C A T ! “
a résurrection du téméraire
   h a z a r d s  qui a frappé mon âme et ///// :
   CŒUR.   Et une fois sur un
  (c’est  sur : et maintenant pour le Grand
secrète de l’endroit où un vrai amoureux
va quand ils perdent leur
mortal coil !
         i ( moi) vais maintenant savoir!

:: 12092015 ::

If Love Was a Last Word

If love were the last word,
It feels like feathered, frayed wings.
Your face, pure as the love within my heart,
Your presence, a judge.

I stretched my heart outward to you,
You said you understood, but you never do.
Yet, if love were the last word,
If love were life, then let it be my wings.

I had hoped, your skin like
My own emotions, and the heat of my fever
Burns deeply, more than I have revealed.

And though “never” is a word of finality,
Love has always been the force that moves me.

Part 01

Life, a journey of light and shade,
A path with twists and turns, and stories untold,
Of moments that leave us breathless, and memories that fade,
Of a love that burns bright, and a heart that grows cold.

We search for meaning in the chaos of life,
In the highs and lows that make us feel alive,
But as we chase our dreams and battle our strife,
We often forget to cherish the moments that thrive.

Love, a force that consumes us whole,
A bond that connects us, and a flame that ignites,
But as we pour our hearts and bare our souls,
We risk the pain and sorrow that follows in sight.

For loss, a companion to love and life,
A reminder that all things must come to an end,
And though it cuts like a sharp knife,
It teaches us to cherish the love that we tend.

So let us embrace life with all its complexities,
And love with all our hearts and souls,
And though we may face pain and perplexities,
We’ll find comfort in the love that consoles.

For in the end, it’s not the fame or glory we seek,
But the love that we give and the moments we keep,
And as we journey through life, love, and loss,
We’ll find beauty in the chaos and the cost.

Part 02

The ether shimmers with an air of unease,
As fragmented thoughts drift with the breeze,
A wandering soul, adrift in a world of strife,
Lost in the endless labyrinth of life.

The streets hum with a cacophony of sound,
As the city’s pulse beats to a frenzied round,
And amidst the crowd, a solitary figure stands,
A ghostly presence in a sea of hands.

The world spins with a dizzying pace,
As the mind’s eye seeks a familiar face,
But the depths of the heart remain shrouded in mystery,
A landscape of shadows, veiled in history.

The moon’s pale glow casts a spectral light,
As the night’s dark embrace beckons with all its might,
And in the stillness, a whisper lingers on the air,
A love song, echoing with a sense of despair.

The heart aches with a longing so deep,
As the soul yearns for a love it cannot keep,
And in the silence of the night,
The echoes of a love song take flight.

The world fades with a muted hue,
As the heart seeks a love that’s pure and true,
And in the end, all that remains,
Are the echoes of a love song, haunting in refrain.

:: 03.24.2023 ::

Silver Moon


See?  I was walking.  A baby with tiny feet.
So cute.  Where ever i choose again.
Rain love from women.  Nothing but hugs
in big breasts smothered i knew.
I was the one with nothing but love
and I don’t know what it means.


Love hates whores.  The sound is true.
Listen in a field of flowers singing
they turn their petals for you.
Yeah, the moon is silver until it
sees the love bestowed upon you.
like to sing shoot but know what it means


We can have more?  No, cause nature as
a whore says you are not worthy of me
and they say earth and soil shoots her
squirt in the face of offenders

You know what it means.  


HATE ME tell me i am dead
Wait now, until i’m here
Dread love, say it again
Love you — when i’m here

Love me because
i’m Jesus’ child
i’m not the only one
i’m not the only one

Taste me
tell me i;m honey
like a buzz’d bee
stinging you
waking you alive

Rape my Soul
Suck my silver cord
lick me again
waste me angel again

I was the only one
I was the lovely one
Hive me my mind
waste me again

Bee buzz bite
taste me again
i’m Jesus’ chld
kill me again

Love me
Lick my honey again
tell me i’m lovely
taste my honey
stinging you
so lick me bee
buzz bite me

:: 03.21.2023 ::

A Marriage of True Minds

Love, a pure and steadfast force,
Has not within its heart remorse,
Nor does it sway with changing tide
Or bend when sorrows do abide.

Love is the compass of the soul,
That guides us through life’s endless shoal,
A star that shines both bright and clear
Even when storms and tempests near.

Though Time may wither youth and grace,
Love endures, a constant trace,
And bears all things to the very end,
Beyond the realm where earth does blend.

If my words are false and unwise,
Then let my tongue be silenced, and my pen despised.

:: 03.21.2023 ::

I Too I Do

I too, i do.
How love flitters
away from lost souls
beyond heaven
away from dreams too.

My love, the love,
that died by words
and actions so cold

i do, and did,
do die

forgiving fear
within this loving

:: 03.21.2023 ::