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Ocean waves speak to me after a long travel

submersed fish kissing me when you’re hungry

Atlantic clouds rain ships have set a course

toward my shores and your thoughtless words

have broken my bow breaking my heart

A hidden philosophy freezing my soul out in this Ocean

and these games are tearing me apart / coast guard

brave team who try to save this soul ~~ but the ocean

knows our sails and ropes

So to pray  is to nature or God or to another One

but when it comes who will save your Soul.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


THE Sun reborn and divine
The Dragon Of Light and Shade
The World awoke ~
You Hear Ravens Fly
It’s Morning
The Light wins the night
The Great Work is done
Back from the darkness

To look at the lights
I’m Waiting for the Angels Of Elysium
Waiting For the Eastern glow
Oh dance in the dark of night
Sing to the Morning Light
The Mornin’ Light!
My will is to hear you sing.

Meaningful snowfall, a Lifetime
Of broken dreams, selfish leaders,
Left wing leaks, lies and fake news,
Dishonesty, and The Destruction of the Soul
– Outrageous // double standards, the Elite
Vs. You.

So we dance in a darkened night.

:: 04.07.2022 ::


Tojani!  Even this is an act of fraud
tainted as far as it will.

So turn to me tainted as they blow
winds to make me go.

Truth of a thousand lies with no mercy
they blow to make me go so embrace myself
despoiled as they despoil and swore i’d
clean this slate with great certainty
and God’s mercy to wash away.

so i darted madly into the rain and hail
into little clouds that felt like daggers of tears
from the torrents of lost dreams.

Thinly beneath the surface of never-ending
controlling feelings i found myself between walls
closing in — insecured!     Bleeding blood and
worthless words so real //this tragic
reacting reflection of haunting life!

i found myself (god’s confidence
drained down the toilet of souls)
 I feel as though i was here before
  weeping wars of confused reality
  how this flesh makes me sick.

Every-universe is inside me.  But one spot
i keep for just me/as you\are we/i am and was


:: 03.18.2022 ::


THE bombs rang and rang
out with light
into the night
while long nursey nights
as laid i within bed
that darkest hour
of gigantic, formless
queerest moments
a hideous nightmare
a form of father
and mother came
to me dead :
as of night

run oh run for life!
said in almost mock despair.

I leaped and ran i ran
pulled my brother from his bed
and into the night we went.

As earth moved. As skies
shook, as stars twirled
i hide baby brother’s eyes
from that horror.

We went.

Into the wet, cold dark night.

:: 03.17.2022 ::


we forget about the summer that was just ended.

It is the time to honor the dead.

And yet, the dust remains.

Drunk upon sadness at three in the morning of

blue lines in a heart of your dark blue seas

Conceals everything that is the opposite of that.

It is a year before I write any of this.

First they must grow strong, then they must grow old.

SO As time goes by, we live and we die.

We live long, but we die young.

Blessed is the sleep of the aged.

Blessed is the man who stays awake.

When I read this, I wonder why a man who wanted to break
the sound barrier is so sad.

Perhaps he was thinking of all the men he knew.

Who died before making it to the top of the sky?

Maybe he was thinking of how great it would have been
if he could only break the speed of light.

it’s life and love for nothing but death.

:: 03.12.2022 ::

The Mystery of Love

The mystery of Love
is that i never met you
but have held you within
my dreams tightly as each night
hungry i prowl the streets
within my dreams till dawn
disrupts me, i devour moments
of these fragmented scenes.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow
and tomorrow is today’s dream ;
as a wolf i prowl the sovereign
heart i call my Love as a puma in the barrens
of Quitratue.

is how i adore the love of you and love’s mystery.

:: 01.18.2022 ::


I’ve BEEN invited alone

into a carefully distinct sex
whose sharp fangs comb
my thoughts so ghost

Within these disarrayed eyes
from ground into green
zinc coffin with mask
i found this memory appears
a slab as spine in bits of
red and CLARA VENUS scent.

:: 12212021 ::


HOW the rain came down as drops of lit sunshine is why i started to laugh:
since life broke my heart
i found my Soul within a cloud so full of darkness
and thunder-song then i laughed

such deep blues

As though we’d just won a war and the world rejoiced
all inside my head — my skin said, ‘you can leave whenever
you wish’ i decided to stay instead

a heart full of silky scarfs of rainbow colors for us all
summertime out /as if life’s a real thing\

so i cried

as the rain came down as drops of lit sunshine is why i
started my laugh. Butterflies and lonely tears screaming
/reaching for air\ is how rain came down as drops of lit
sunshine is why i started to laugh instead of tears.

but my garden is green and lovely by the touch of my
private heart.

:: 10.24.2021 ::


We must meet in a toast you gave to me that other morning in the wood where the boughs of the woodlot are ragged and snagged with ice.

When you were gone I filled a glass with water and put the sunflower seeds in it and made this toast to you.

And then I wiped the water off of my cheek and put the sunflower seeds in a pile on the counter, and put the water in the sink.

When you came back that afternoon I told you that you should stick your fist out of the car window to prove that you were alive.

I wondered if you heard.

We must mow a grass lot of lies through, we will be mowing that grass lot a grass lot, lying.

It will be grass, lying on a hay, who at the base of that hay, dead in all her glory of flying away.

There will be broken pictures left where they fall, so many broken pictures that they fall to one side and miss the pictures they meet and forget about those they lose.

And then we will be mowing that grass lot a grass lot, lying.

:: 10.19.2021 ::


REMEMBER ME? Denied as night’s face
you took love and spread it across those
golden fields of gold
shadowless prey?
i bring peace : moon of all days &
Watched the western pressure of these skies
move – predicted an end so we never began.

EXTRACTED hate from whispering grass?
how clamped lips starved joy in time
and starved space. And golden peace.

You will remember when the northern moves
and love’s murdered eyes dissects
to mere faded memories __
while we walk upon burnt fields and closing

True, we never promised years or faithful love.

:: 09.17.2021 ::