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Stories Yet to Come

What is true and what is false? They are a mirror in which each is reflected.
What is real is just as true and real? As the falsity of what is false.

Time past and time future ~~ are a mirrored window through which each man sees what he is.
Go, go, go, go, said the bird, for the leaves were full of children, hidden excitedly, containing laughter. And the table on the gravel, beneath its fat gourds, dropped its fruit to the ground, and we, its guests, found The fat swollen gourds had become red and juicy, and the fruit was bright and delicious to the eye.

Hear our story, then, the story of time past and time future. The story of all centuries since and the stories yet to come. About to fall upon us is the nettles, The nettles, with their soft white stems, there is in each stem a sharp blue spike, Comes upon its prey with a sudden point

And pierces the flesh as the teeth of the nettle Pierce the ribs of a potato. Here lies the rat, struggling, straining, dying, dying, fighting to rise up. A thousand small bites from the nettles have enveloped the flesh of his body, we will strip him, pull him, tear him open, eat him, cut him in half, make him into soup,
burp out his meat and eat.

But this is time past and time future a story of all the centuries since and the stories yet to come.

The nettles, with their soft white stems, their poisonous spikes, are an imposing gate; I walk around them, looking through the glazed surface. From within, the grass is dancing, the flowers are darting.

They change color in the sun, their faces are blue, they change color in the rain, their faces are red and full of color when the last glow of the sun is gone.

They love and the flowers love and the insects love.

I can hear the birds in the trees fly to the nettles and sing to them with beautiful songs so sweet and true and loving.

“Go,” said the bird, for the leaves were full of children, hidden excitedly, containing laughter.

“Go, go, go,” said the bird, for the leaves were full of children, hidden excitedly, containing laughter.

The wind came, snapped the nettles, ripped them up. The flowers shrieked, and they all came running, all the flowers, the flowers fled in all directions, they scattered like fire. The little girl came, singing with a smile on her face, chirping, babbling, gathering the scattered flowers.

Her face was blue in the sunlight, so was the flower face and her blue eyes looked at me and I followed her into the forest to find out all the greatest secrets of the universe.

:: 09.29.2022 ::

Twisted Lies Inside Sincere Love

INside this collapsed
the youth
fulMouth of Minds
UGLYsicks spat
yeLL(ow)ed sICK
Upon magicalMETA
sheshapes of Strength
i destroyed their
sheepVoice: -wh
EEling;at who!?,
(the fairy speaking
about that whic
hbubble ssomethin
gabou tlov

:: 08.17.2022 ::

Three Disembodied Heads

The three disembodied heads on top of a heap of dolls of whom only one is recognizable as a face have very curiously looking deep-set eyes, on fire with curiosity and intent on finding out what’s to be discovered in this tub.

—Rinsing off, three children wash themselves—that’s the noise made by two old men who don’t know each other— As they creep out of the stall and escape from the flood of hot water. They strip off their white night clothes, and don’t know why that their naked breasts seem to glow.

So the clear pale skin, broken by narrow white slits, folds into the two white globes so that they’re held un a most pleasing manner; the dark nipples become large and pendulous, and in a flash the scarlet eyes—the one about five and one on top of the other—Snap open, and fill with intelligence and a glint of laughter and mischief. The other has a slightly different appearance—large white globe with a dark under eye—and his neck is bent, and his throat is thinner and shorter
and his nostrils a bit flatter—in a flash the tiny face golds a curious thing, and then, suddenly, the nose us curled up—and you can see something on the top of his head—

The last victim, the youngest, I’m sure, is best described: A pale pink globe, pale ivory, transparent, lashes like silver wings, loose curls of dark hair around her face; and, whilst the mother is resting, playing with the child, the little lady looks at you with a real face like a child and wants to play.

You will have the impression that the facial skin is loose and very clear.

:: 08.07.2022 ::


Degrees of confusion
inside the heat of a heart
millions of minions sad
and lonely walking along
i pretend to be fine
inside my head oh my mind
my mind pretends my heart
contends my feet sore

Inside the middle of a sun
burning souls
outside lateral
pretending flowers

i met a group of no one
and felt content
i met a poet who fed
my mouth mutton
inside his soul
was dangerous

i saw the future
and the beginning
and met the middle
inside my stomach
i kissed the ending
with all my lips


:: 07/20.2022 ::

Sip My Soup Alive

I’m butterfly with burning wings excommunicated customer in life
just space-age defender inside white hole moon lady ~~ just
monkey grown into man so  keep neurological thoughts
stuffed inside leather pouch and feed me media lies so i can
sleep at night

/ like the spirits who came before me \

All inside psychological energy outside wavelengths of spiritual
technology are the hearts of honesty

     One light loves music
     One light adores poetry
     All Souls love Life

Immeasurable pinpoints of feedback scream best and worst of life

Walking on the white beach i met the prophet of words and echoed
sounds inside a conche so we danced by a ocean fire eating
herbs that blew our minds

Hey you, big mover guide me to shelter cause you devour all the sex and sound
of voices

I think God has moved into a larger apartment to contain these thoughts
(i want amore) it’s shape is a tool, a device so divine — a savior
I look up toward skies, but my eyes burn.

i’m savoring kissing savior love it love it love me love it
suey suey suey sip my soup alive.

:: 07.10.2022 ::

After Life Services

[Everything…Everything…Every Sense…]

Beautiful canvas beautiful skin
arrested smiles
burgeoning love
seeping into me

oh, come on, karma talk
like a french lover:

“La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel.”

| Life is a flower of which love is the honey
and it is making me feel ill and cloudy. |

Is this what we lovers get? Is this what lonely
hearts feel when we mix love with art?

Oh, come on, please.
Karma is not enough
i gave it up for camera.

Remembering how i felt most intense pleasure
piercing my heart upon a figural stone shaped
as a monster’s heart.

I messed objects with abstract thoughts
and lost myself which became more real.

and everything and every sense and every thought
tried to devour me within a black throat of fear
and it tried plainly ~~ i use to daydream at night
and paint colors in the darkest thoughts of my
mind; everything oh everywhere and everythis
and everythat |and it tried to eat me |
i woke up believing i was right here now.

Where i threw colors within my head
where i drew deepest fears away
when i was there when you cut me with
your words/i tried to say…i tried to say
tried to say….

Love is everywhere.

:: 07.07.2022 ::


Behold the silver river of head juice
plumb line who is privy to secret love

i pierced the sight of diamond dust
kissing the white peacock as she spread
her tail beind the crust of acid lies!

it comforts me / so relaxing i smoke
her smile full of lip stick sketched
backwards to have never been sensed
but by me ~~~ an atonement for false
wittnesses / of pearl fishers whose
feet are full of beach sand
— their faces turned into a coral pink
their breasts swinging around the shop
window greeting men with coffee and no

i voiced two worlds and even without
purpose served a two-bit thug stealing
my verse —

A pendicle from the central chandelier of
the Earth.

I refuse to feed them!

:: 07.02.2022 ::

A Lace Torn

He had a good family but didn’t mind that his cold sister didn’t allow him to sit in the crescent at mealtimes.

When he entered the school, a louse was implanted on his chest. He climbed the tree, and when he descended the watermelon was a louse.

His life was diminished by the fall of a pin.

They called his aunt from a neighbor.

He found that from the savory overripe taste of the urine,


There had been a flight of cymbals.

“It is still winter, just think of it, today is winter.

It was so beautiful for two minutes.

And you, you are speaking about winter, and I am living.”

He noticed her blouse, her shoulders, her beautiful legs.

“What are you looking at?”

“You. You are something remarkable. I love to have you in my arms. And your stomach is so fat, no?


They took some rooms.

The lace was torn, and the bride had a headache from a bash, it had been a jilbab he put on and the veil of the crucifixion.

The bride was in a pajama, and she lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

He took his glasses off, and gave her some water.

“There. Now you can put on the sunglasses. They are there. They’ve been there.”

They lay in bed.

She stroked his head.

She kissed his lips, and he closed his eyes.

“We’ll be there in a minute,” he said.

When they arrived at the party, some people said that they shouldn’t go in the library, but in the next room.

They went into the corridor, and a woman with a small head came out of the library.

“Are you new?”

She put a finger on his lips.

“Are you asleep?”

“Yes, I am very tired. I had trouble sleeping. I was thinking about the problem of God.” he said.

“We’ve been talking about this for a long time. She looks a little suspicious. I know that she does not approve of me. I am very sure. I’ve met her twice in the park. You are so much mistaken if you say that she is my wife. She is a very good friend.”

They went to the room.

The music was terrific.

He remembered dancing with her in the school, with the knife strapped upon her thigh, and with a knife in her mouth. She threw herself to him, and she began to cry.

“There is a man. He wants to send me back to the mountains. He has not given up. The man says that the mountains are more beautiful. I like the mountains very much. It’s very sad to have him look at me like that. The woman says that I am going to die. She says that I am going to die.”

“The laws are different in the mountains,” she said.

“And where are you going to die? And have a problem with the disease?” He asked.

“A lot of people have the disease. They are buried in the mountains.”

“And you are going to the mountains to die?”

“No. In another town.”

“And where is the problem?”

“You cannot live as a lesbian. It is not good. It’s very bad. Yes? A beautiful woman like you, it is not good. It is bad.”

“How do you know all this?”

“The women who live with their women are beautiful and happy.

But the woman who has a man is not.

He goes to the mountains to die, and the woman has a fat belly.

She is unhappy.”

“Didn’t you say something like that before?

You said that if the woman has a man, and her belly is fat, then it is bad.

But this woman is fat.

She is not happy.”

“I told you that I cannot have a man, no?

I am a bad man.

It is not good.

My father was a good man.

He was a member of the Orthodox Church.

He was not happy.

I am happy because I have a man, but he is not happy.



She was holding her head.

She was crying.

“Are you tired?”

He said.

“You have been crying.”

“No, I am not tired.

The woman told me.

I am happy.

I love him.

I love him.

He is strong.

I love him very much.

She tells me that if I have a man, I will die, yes?”

“What does it matter if it is a man or a woman who dies?”

“Because I can not have a man.

He is good, but I cannot have a man.

I cannot.”

“Is it possible to have a man?”


When I was a child, I wanted a family.

My mother told me that I was a man.

But I cannot have a man.

You can not kill a man, and a woman does not want to kill a man.

I want to be with a man.

It’s beautiful.

I want to be happy.

I want to be with a man.

If I want to die, it will be good.”

“If you were going to die,” he said, “what would you like to have?”

“I would have a fruit tree.”

:: 07.01.2022 ::

My Better Half

LOVE is a taste of Fear
when you don’t move

An Empty canvas of Art

Well, allow me to explain
how you forgot me:

Oh, well, vibrant touch
is what you said years
later when your life
took a turn. And all
I taught you was everything.

Oh how I bleed my heart
then you died, so far away
like a high cloud in skies.

I took a walk outside
surrounded by beating hearts
of insects and humans.

Oh i am twisted around my
head spinning as the sun
falling down — it’s my better
spirit for the Everything
of Lovely World I See —
all that I could be.

The Soul I loved Once.

:: 05.5.2022 ::

Coughing Coffee Beans Next to Books

DID you see that girl in the corner? Next to the books and coffee beans?
Coughing i only smelled the aroma of brilliant coffee like old pages
of a book of sleeping poetry. I felt warm never looked away
so-bent warning (traveling this far) better to say i’m sentimental___(
going through my head amour than this feeling flutter-flying butter
pie. Dropping me to the wooden floor like a devil to it’s knees.

Parapluie above my head (oh my) a heart of paupiette yea oh yea.
All these doors checked ; locked kitchen quiet and dark / dishes
washed: pets fed and plants watered.

Oh romanichel heart. For the world.

Swollen lips – un bisou!

She (the one who loves me and does
not have a physical body) gave: sa suce!