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Ecliptic Nebulae, the stones of
My Web; O God, make I a star,
as I’m a star!

We love not Time, love not Love
We love not World, live not
but within a Golden Empire!

The Soul that by
Soul’s Influence governs
the moons, stars & mega-verse
is eternal Love the Moon
has no sun — the Heart
no chaperone eloping
became Big Bang thrills!

:: 05/04/2022 ::


the KEY to understanding
as what can books-of-Souls
to-wives-and husbands dream?

Clouds and flautering about
is wisdom maturing over Time
is always Me! Me. Me. Me. Me!

Dammit! if Paintings of
blue-porcelain dolphin-dreams
eat Sea-nymphs in their
majestic pearly carriages
Do .;..me? I? Awaken a hope
to love, yes! to LIVE!
That had gone with the burning
of books?!?

Riddling paragraphs of coffee
and clubs & misanthropic souls.

So we go. Stand alone. And leave
alone. Cry and die for One.

:: 06-22-2016 ::


And i fall to my knees,

and pray for deliverance from pain,

but my prayers just fade into silence.

And i am left forever bitter,

wondering if i was ever even sincere.

So forgive me Lord, for I am flawed.

I will kill the feelings of my heart.

I am blinded by love.

I will steal a fane and burn a whorl

but i will not lie.

And i will not scream. I will confess.

And i will die for my sins.

i will die.


:: 04.12.2022 ::



We drove ourselves to hurt
so sit down in sinister wheelchair
outside greasy road like Mannequin
has to wave our way from genetically
my lover drives blue scarab across desert
land and leaves surreal disturbed dirt

Perhaps someone creative has ice tea
can i sip to quell parched heart you see–
all Inevitable. Please, can I have drink
for rollercoaster aching heart?

And those hot air balloons are too low toward
the ground & watching Golem reaching upward
to knock them like geeks out of the Royal Azure skies — and
they call me a freak//i believe the G.O.D. forgot his umbrella
before he fell from our skies\\ and so who is the freak?


THE Sun reborn and divine
The Dragon Of Light and Shade
The World awoke ~
You Hear Ravens Fly
It’s Morning
The Light wins the night
The Great Work is done
Back from the darkness

To look at the lights
I’m Waiting for the Angels Of Elysium
Waiting For the Eastern glow
Oh dance in the dark of night
Sing to the Morning Light
The Mornin’ Light!
My will is to hear you sing.

Meaningful snowfall, a Lifetime
Of broken dreams, selfish leaders,
Left wing leaks, lies and fake news,
Dishonesty, and The Destruction of the Soul
– Outrageous // double standards, the Elite
Vs. You.

So we dance in a darkened night.

:: 04.07.2022 ::


The boy is working very quickly now, Mariketa; very fast.

A blue light spreads through the garden, enough to make the plants wilt but not kill them.
He’s collecting knowledge so quickly, Mariketa, that we’ll lose our advantage.
He’ll get away, Mariketa.


He thinks that the white wolf can control a dark servant; and we’d lost our one such, the Butcher.
Can he?

We need to send the boy back to die.

She’s talking to me through the Wolf of the North.
The Butcher of the Red Brotherhood, the Butcher that should have been destroyed years ago, that he should have killed years ago …

The Wolf was silent.

The Trollocs have the field.

I feel them move on the far side of the river, not too far.
Can they turn that loose, to come on here?

No, I don’t think they can.

Their beasts can’t cross the river with their backpacks and soldiers and equipment.
The wolves are too small.

I can sense the other beasts moving in the distance, hundreds of them, coming to the caravan.
It’s a war party, a massive one.

The wolves, though, cannot cross the river.
How large is the caravan?

I don’t know.

I only know that the Trollocs are looking to turn loose a good many beasts here.
He makes a move with his head, as if nodding to her.
He’s saying, “We move the battalion, take these beasts and flee.”
So he’s gone.

I let him go, Mariketa.

He will take the unicorn.

I sense it.

His demise is only a matter of time.

The land is left over, the Grey-Jeweled Queen, and the River Raedah.
No others come to us.

The three armies turn and march back toward the tents.
There, the work starts all over.

The army camps downriver has retreated to the riverbank, providing a covering fire to turn back the Trollocs on the road.

The tents are ready, the tent troops and riding troops have been gathered.

Tales and councils are given to the men to get them moving.

The fires were taken out as soon as the supplies were unloaded, and the area is being kept dark.
That means this part of the plan is at last done.

:: 02/07/2022 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
my Love burned away the fever

of Individual\BeautyForm!

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steamPunk Victor-IAN
fashion Brass-Leather beating!

Beating souls in my flowerPot of Things
and only pepperLike

—— dust remains…!

:: 08-05-2014 ::


i sang tangerine
tune-summer ending bursting
green fields of your heart
we laughed running through
ivory key-feet swiftly: chasing
life down into her brook of water
toe-tipped dipping prose :: you
are me and i am Y((ou))
writing poetry inked by leaves
we took the tree to task
and she gave her leaf of
color for the book we write
the words of our love

no: oh, tell it to
the world — they may never
care! for P O E T R Y

:: 08-21-2015 ::


BUTTERfly caught me
within her net

We chanced to speak
outside of time

Being living we dined
and Walked as Human
screamed, laughed
cried and moaned
BUTTERfly caught me
all bright! see?
dancing amongst hungry
-dying daises and firefly
We chanced to pray
outside of space
being dead we wept
are how fields die.

:: 02.01.2022 ::

Sleepers In Their Graves

That there were no Souls in the World – and no one there to blame – but Me.

That terrible sobs that took the time to lick a Heart that had forgotten how to sob, or even how to whisper, were redoubled into shrieks, and they kept me from laughing.

O heart of Mine, why do you howl?

If Thou wouldst die, then in vengeance thy Redeemer of Whom, Whose Heart was my own, and whose Whistle blew wild through the Rails, and who, at one moment when the Gate was open, as he reached the top of the Jail, and searched the Valley of Doom.

To find my Prisoner there, and to know that his Out-cries had been so wretchedly contrived, and, because they cried out so piteously, were not stopped at once!

How dare thou, thou Death, laugh? If Thou didst laugh at this, and the world now knows the Death that has come to me, in consequence of the Puny Strength with which Thine own weakness left Me.

Let the judgment of all come in, and they make the old curse true and then i should not be sad.

For those mourners, the unquiet were they – how the Sleepers in the Grave would cry:

“Those poor Souls!

Is there one Death, for another?”

But though all sleep sound those that dream are always sad. i had a Brother, i knew, who went for a Passenger, and his Friend had brought him, and held his hand when we left.

The Station – and in the Coach the Friend held up his Heart.

“Poor Brother, my Friend, have you never had Love?”

And his Friend said, “I don’t know that I ever had.”

Then they were gone.

And in my Brain, with a Funeral, i cried, “My Brother has gone!”

When my Brother and his Friend were lost i knew, in my Brain, that i should not die – yet they had gone from me for ever and for ever.

All the Earth is a city of Death – the Sun that has shone bright and cast up its golden rays must fade into Night, and the air shall turn cold, and the day will vanish like the evening:

when the Sun goes down, and it is Dark upon the Mountain.

Even the Stars, when the Sun is hot fade, and there are not as many as there once were.

The very Earth which gave brightness to the Branches of the Tree shall wither and die and fade, and the Blue of the sky will dissolve, and the Earth Will shake and fall into the Sea.

The City of Death in which we live is like a great Prison under the Earth.

The Clouds that surround us and Sooth our Sorrows are but Cloths that cover the Dome of the Pitiless Heaven – the Void where such Rulers as are but Planets, like our own shall reign.

We have no Ruler who rules by Love, no View from Heaven, no Vision from the Stars, no One to give us a Joy that would pass all our cares when we are set upon a Mountain, sighing over the Valley of Sorrow, whether our Heartbeats cease.

Luna can but smile when She sees we have passed the Point.

Where the Blue West gives the Shade of Night, and the Tree is pierced with Cold – and the Night of Light does not come but the Winter wanes.

And all mankind is contained in the Castle of Death.

There is no Labor which an Angel can give, there is no Beauty, there is no Joy,

There is no Heaven.

So for us there is the Earth, and the Flock that bares all whose Flying
is but Death and Murder, and Death’s distant Call, and it is Death, of all things, that gives us all:

That Taste of Beauty.

While we fly on the Wings of Love, and with our Tears water the Earth
with our Love, our Wings go, and with our Corpse Land to fall upon the Earth.

With the Time comes the Age
When Love is heard
And no ear has ever heard it,
with the Age comes the Age
when Men look up, and no eye has ever gazed upon
no Green Earth – when the Tree is cut down the Earth is bare.

From Blame to Blame
From Sorrow to Sorrow
From Darkness to Darkness
And Death lies on Earth –
The Land, the Water, the Earth,
The Birds and Animals,
And Man – The Land, the Water, the Earth,
The Birds and Animals,
And Man – like the Wings of Love
The Kingdom of the Earth Is a Prison
Under the Earth.

When will We see our Land?
When will We fly away?
When will we light the Nights?
When will we light the Nights?
So my Song is very solemn,
But I hope in it one Hour

When we shall find our Land.
When the Day of Retribution
Is ended, and the sky is blue
and the Sun shines, and all that was buried
in the Dark of Night, shall come to Life.

The Earth shall be green,
The Trees shall yield fruit,
The Green of their Leaves shall radiate
all over the Earth.

We shall catch our Breath,
wnd thank God,
whose Love brought us together,
and made us Wings
for his Flock,

To fly away – the Wings of love.

My Story:

‘His Love is the Light that
shone in the World, 0when the Sun of Love
and the Golden Child was born in the Cave of Life.

And then the Angels said,
“Fetch the Child, bring him forth,
that he may be king of his Kingdom
but let it be done, in the Cave of Life –
therein he may reign

as Father and Son, for the King of Men
must not reign alone.”

They called the Child and said to him,
“Arise, Unto the King of all
the Happy Isle of Love
where You reign as
Emperor of Love.

The Angels called again the King of Love
and said to him, “Arise, unto the King of all
the Happy Isle of Love where You reign as
Emperor of Love.

And the King of Love Speak!”

“If you will not come with me
then fly away!
Fly away!
Fly away!
Let me be alone!”
And the King of Love left the cave of Life
And went up to the Heavens, and came down
and placed upon the Earth

all the Things that Matter.

:: 01.25.2021 ::