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being Born is still new:
./       \ON strong wings after long
Rainy throaty days i grew
while wet-horny drops
+died+ seeping into mother
earth and her musty-moisty
soil; the oak’s branch
reached toward Death
(its bark loud & rough)
. the vision of the exotic
Specter too reached out
toward me and bowed while
shedding crimson tears for
my strange Existence.

:: 03-29-2017 ::


falling in line IMG_9048
i’m falling in line
with them
shaking is all
within you deep
ly so strange how
it seems the wind
screams like you
and so rough
and so tough
it all bleeds
through you
when you fall in
line with them
i’m dying
so swiftly
just to be like you

:: 03-17-17 ::


[life continues to beat]
Sometimes it seems i have been lost
then mostly finding myself between
tomorrow’s thoughts remembering today’s
yesterday as though it’s right now
then it’s gone. GONE. then (what a
lonely skinny word ‘then’)i find that
the rash was a tire’s track across my
chest and not poison ivy. So now this
is’nt happening and i am it for only
a moment longer ~~~~~there.


and then no longer______.
[life continues to beat]
:: 03-06-2017 ::


Oh Mary is a little lamb
she bled where she lay
and the dead cried “me!”
On a wondrous sea,
saline sailing,
silently Ho! Pilot,ho!
I never knew plastic
chocolate clouds
could ever taste
this — so good
riddance my lamb
She bleats me badly
a blue-yellow bruise
crushed my heart
and we sang,
“Oh, Mary is a little
bitch and bled where
she lay — they shout,
And the silent Southern
moss-grown streets
like a New Orleans
sweet drinking all of me

:: 11-30-2014 ::


TODAY a clearing within my Thoughts
that i tried to catch.
As though my Mind took leave
and left my heart upon the floor
for all to see!

Yesterday’s sheltered within a memory
and the Soul; if it just passed by
without a care would it leave the
skin behind?

Bills, weather, cars and jobs
traffic, bombs, murders and all;
that’s a bit too odd!

And the dark shadows around the corner
the walls too thin to keep the ghosts
Dear God! the tears and faithful moments
dancing around the graves still unfilled
but always wet and cold.

:: 03-11-2017 ::


i wrote the word, “ax” and felt the deep cut (my
pain is nonexistent except for my tender heart \
and so i wept purple tears across a tender
full of black bruises
So i walk the sweating
cobble stones toward
oblivion knowing the next
word, “grief” will do
me in __!
My left foot became limp and as my eyes juggled
perception while the air opened a door to which
i flew within –i did!
who is right
who is wrong
who is strong
who is weak
And, importantly ask i:
who are you?
Bruises are valiant awards
across the heart hatred something
else all together!

:: 01-11-2017 :


No youth or age hides
from an eternal rule:
the touch of vulnerability.

We cry. A miracle
so difficult! And blew my eyes
saying, ‘Dead is a miracle
feeling no pain’
toward my pain feeling
long history//insanity
rolled a beach ball by the
hand of God! i wish to know
those secrets He keeps away
keeps unto the majestic miracles
–Father; we children cry
when we see
The End of Loved Ones
believing YOU: funeral
of victory!

:: ~~ ::


Leave me (go away)
Left a note upon the table
read it below my scars
Why’d you leave the tears
of your trusting eyes (all within
the suicide-trust heart of my
bleeding eyes?)
And here is another ode of loving
written for where angels die
WITHIN the town square there is
a well where, well –young people
go to die a beautiful crying suicide
AND last night within a warm coat
of a beautiful moon light you grabbed
a brush and applied all the feelings
where perfect angels die
Made your lips and eyes so perfect
In all your self-righteous love
And left the key to your heart
upon a table where many fingers
rush to die . . .
IT’S not death that makes suicide
but the reason of a righteous suicide
it’s where perfect angels go to hide
Father! Mother! Mother! Father!
Brother! Sister! Friend! Why
do you forsaken me when I have you
all within my heart — it’s almost
perfect except I never heard the
voice of God.

:: 12-02-2015 ::


I am (my love is) love as if you were
the free rising winds of life or arrow
of roses and thorns that disperse despair!
I love you as towering buildings stand tall
and thunderheads speak with lighting;
my nature is natural to love you as the
plant that blooms and carries beauty
hidden within itself until the light of sun
brings forth those flowers as my heart
blooms for you when the world sleeps I am there
I love you as mystery breaths the interest
of wondering minds and the dense fog of some-
time life is difficult but mostly I am deeply
appreciative that there is no I or you,
only our hands entwined by faith, love,
devotion and time.
I love you.

:: 11132015 ::


THERE is only one moment
we can live within
and it is called
the empirical number
of no value!
With arms as wide
as winds and words
that whisper whens
between the spaces
one square foot mired
twisting time’s froth
and we all fall within
each footstep towards
eternity the deepest lap
of enormous mindless
distinction of no one
every knows!

:: 10262015 ::