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Abyssopelagic reminds my heart
of lost love at sea
/diaphanous without light\
breaking white and black keys
making melliflouous
waves ~~~~
\meeting quadrivium.

the world of beautiful words.

:: 06.02.2023 ::

Eclipse of Existence

I dreamed a dream, but was it such a dream?

The sun’s bright flame was quenched, and every star
drifted in endless darkness without aim,
rayless, pathless, and the cold earth afar
swung blindly in the moonless void of space.
morning came and went, but brought no day,

And all men, awed by the dread despair,
Forgot their passions in this desolate fray.
All hearts grew cold, and turned to selfish prayer
For light to break this endless night of doom.

By watchfires they lived, while thrones and kings
Burnt as beacons, while huts and homes consumed.
Cities fell, and people gathered in rings
Around their blazing hearths to meet their fate,
Happy those who lived in the volcano’s light,

For all the world held naught but fear and hate.
Forests burned, and hour by hour, the night
Fell, fading all in its ebon embrace.
Men’s faces, lit by flickering firelight,

Wore an eerie, otherworldly face.

Some wept, others laughed in desperate grace.
And all around, the world descended to the dust.
Birds fluttered, beasts trembled in mortal fear,
And serpents hissed, but to no avail, for they must

Perish by the hand of those they once held dear.
War, which for a moment seemed to be no more,
Returned to glut itself upon the land,
Feasting upon blood and sullenly keeping score,

As all love fled from the earth’s barren strand.
Famine reigned, and every living thing
Fed upon the flesh of the dying and the dead,
Until bones and flesh alike were but a thing

Forgotten by time and all that lay ahead.
Even dogs attacked their masters in their need,
And yet one remained faithful to the last,
Guarding his master’s body, and with no heed

For his own hunger, he held off the ghastly cast
Of beasts and men, until at last he died,
Uttering a pitiful and desolate cry,
Licking the hand of the one who never replied.

The crowd grew famished, and yet only two survived,
Two enemies, who met beside an altar-place,
Gathering holy things for an unholy rite,
Scraping feeble ashes with skeleton hands and face,

And breathing their last breath to create a light
That mocked them both, until they saw each other’s plight,
And in their horror, they died, unknowing of the other’s name,
For famine had left them with only their mutual hideousness and shame.

The world was void, lifeless, and stark,
A chaos of hard clay, without tree or herb,
River, lake, or ocean, all motionless and dark,
And ships lay rotting on a stagnant sea, without a word.

Masts fell down piecemeal, without a sound,
And waves lay still, and tides were in their graves.
The moon had died, and the winds lay unbound,
As clouds perished, leaving nothing to save

The world from darkness, for she was the universe,
And in her shroud of night, nothing was left to curse.

:: 05.10.1992 ::

A Chance of Nature and Amusement

THE procession slowly moved in just-
ly attire; A COPHINUS occasioned
by wooden wheels
& solid beasts with a faire
amoretic group of ladies
joking about sprouting third
legs; but beast or not it left some
mouths agape ~
as others watering
& finally to his resting place
the elderly one was put to peace!

Poet’s Notes:

I would begin by noting the powerful use of imagery in this poem. The opening lines immediately draw the reader into a scene of solemnity and dignity, as a procession moves slowly by in appropriate attire. The use of the word “COPHINUS” adds a sense of antiquity and tradition to the scene, while the reference to wooden wheels and solid beasts suggests a sense of weight and gravitas.

The juxtaposition of this dignified scene with the humorous image of the ladies joking about sprouting third legs creates a sense of playfulness and irreverence, adding depth and complexity to the poem. The image of mouths agape and watering creates a sense of contrast between the solemnity of the occasion and the natural human response to beauty and desire.

The final lines of the poem bring a sense of closure and resolution, as the elderly one is laid to rest. There is a sense of finality and acceptance, as well as a recognition of the cycle of life and death. The use of the phrase “put to peace” suggests a sense of release and a return to a state of calm.

Overall, this poem demonstrates a keen awareness of the power of language to create vivid images and evoke complex emotions. The use of imagery and wordplay adds depth and nuance to the poem, while the underlying themes of tradition and mortality lend a sense of universality to the work. As a poet laureate, I would recognize this poem as a masterful example of the art of poetry.

Within The Concert Hall Alone

[As I looked into the mirror, my reflection smiled back at me with eyes that were not my own.]

As I entered the abandoned concert hall, the scent of decay and neglect hung heavy in the air, sending shivers down my spine. The only source of light came from a flickering candle on a creaky wooden stand, illuminating the outline of a cello in the corner. I hesitated for a moment before picking up the bow and drawing it across the strings, unleashing a haunting melody that filled the room. Suddenly, I saw my reflection in the dusty mirror, my eyes now empty sockets and my flesh decaying, as I realized the cello had been playing me all along, summoning the spirits of the dead to claim me as their own.

:: 05.03.2023 ::

Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)

My dearest’s eyes are nothing like the sun,
Her lips cannot match life’s red, not one;

If snow is white, her breasts are dun to sight,
Her hair like fire, red as stars delight.

I’ve seen roses, in colors bright and bold,
But none in her cheeks do I behold;

And in some scents there’s greater delight
than in the breath that from my love takes flight.

I love to hear her speak, though music’s strains

Which holds greater enchantment, ’tis truth I maintain;
I’ve ne’er seen a goddess, but my love walks the earth,
And when she treads, it’s with mortal girth.

Yet, by heaven, I deem my love so rare,
As any that false comparisons ensnare.

:: 04.30.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes:

The poem “Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)” is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, with some variations in wording and imagery. The speaker describes his lover in unconventional terms, comparing her to elements that are not traditionally associated with beauty. The contrast between the natural and the idealized forms of beauty is a central theme of the poem.

The first quatrain compares the lover’s eyes and lips to the sun and coral, respectively, and finds them lacking. The second quatrain continues the unconventional imagery, comparing her breasts to dun-colored snow and her hair to black wires. In the third quatrain, the speaker admits to having seen more beautiful roses than those found in his lover’s cheeks, and suggests that some scents are more delightful than the breath of his beloved.

In the final couplet, however, the speaker asserts that his love is rare and precious, even if it does not conform to conventional beauty standards. The poem suggests that true love transcends appearances and external attributes, and that it is the inner qualities of a person that truly matter.

Overall, “Parfüm der Liebe (Love’s Perfume)” is a thought-provoking adaptation of a classic sonnet that challenges traditional notions of beauty and love, and emphasizes the importance of seeing beyond appearances.

What Love Opposed by Love?

WHAT more? If by love then by heart.

If by beauty then by lust.

One by Soul as the other by action while perjured,

the Soul, that is called blame and extreme,

is but a soundless song bird and sinking sun.

Both lost by Light requesting new days.

:: 04.30.2023 ::

Cocobel’s Upfront Adult Conversation

Cocobel was sitting in his office when Diana walked in. He smiled at her and gestured to a chair. “Hey, what brings you here?” he asked.

Diana sat down, looking nervous. “Coco, I need to talk to you about something,” she said, fidgeting with her hands.

“Sure, what’s on your mind?” Cocobel asked, curious.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship, and I think it’s time we have a serious conversation,” Diana said, her voice shaking slightly.

Cocobel frowned, sensing that something was off. “What’s going on, Diana? You’re scaring me,” he said, leaning forward.

Diana took a deep breath and looked at Coco in the eye. “The truth is, I’ve been using you,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “I’ve been using your fame and fortune to further my own career.”

Cocobel’s heart sank as he realized what was happening. “What are you saying?” he asked, feeling betrayed.

“I’m saying that I never really cared about you, Willy. I only cared about what you could do for me,” Diana said, standing up. “I’m sorry, but I have to be honest with you.”

Cocobel stood up as well, his face twisted with anger and hurt. “Get out of my office,” he said, his voice low and cold.

Diana tried to apologize, but Cocobel wouldn’t listen. He called his security team and asked them to remove Diana from the premises.

As Diana was escorted out, Cocbel was left alone in his office, feeling broken and alone. He sat down in his chair, trying to process what had just happened.

After a few moments, he realized that he needed to focus on his work and his passion for creating new flavors and pushing the boundaries of the confectionery industry. He decided to put the incident behind him and move forward with his life.

In the end, Cocobel learned an important lesson about the importance of maintaining authenticity and integrity in relationships. He vowed to be more selective in choosing partners and to make sure that they were interested in him for who he was and not just his fame and fortune.

:: 04.18.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes: The chocolatier, named “Cocobel” for a chocolatier is a unique and rare name that combines “cocoa” with the French word for “beautiful” (bel). It evokes a sense of elegance and beauty, which could be fitting for a chocolatier who creates unique and beautiful confections.


I cannot help but feel afraid
As I approach my final days

For what will happen when I’m gone?
Will life go on, or simply fade?

The world moves forward, ever on
In spite of all the pain and strife
It cares not for my fleeting breath
Or for the end of my own life

But though I fear what lies ahead
I cannot help but feel some peace
For I will join the countless dead
And all this life will one day cease

And maybe in that final sleep
I’ll find some rest, some sweet release
And though the world will still go on
I’ll be at peace, at last at ease.

:: 04.14.2023 ::

The Little Thing

WHAT are we looking for within our Lives?

What are you looking for within our Lies?

is it precious or just depression
that eats our Souls?

We wander within the veil of what we call Life

And squander precious moments
because of our fears

No  matter if youth or old age
the fear still remains

and we fear the little thing
once strong and monstrous
now called fear.

:: 04.09.2023 ::

2000 Years Later

Liquor flows upon rivers of deceit
The Earth formless and void in darkness
And the Spirit moved across the water
then Light

“It was good. Breathingh into lungs 2000
years later of asbestos.

03.16.2023 ::