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There in the Widest of Morning Openings

THERE in the widest of morning openings
every-all is possible if with Sun and You
it is a morning saying or prayer
a wish or two for a fair day
And there within the widest day we two
are holding hands where ever we be so
the morning is a handshake
and afternoon a kiss for you
By some delicate evening when moon comes
and stars appear to open their starry eyes
your hand upon the face you love
my heart within the one i love
And the world is open for bursting hearts
and no society uttering imprecations aloud,
weakness is bent knee toward you
my hand touching yours forever!

:: 09-25-2017 ::

It’s Happening

freeze framed ‘time’ broke all

inside my Soul /Only thing that
works is to mount you inside

my Mind~

the Pleasure is High
 goodbye bad dreams
i ate ice to freeze
 and would i? yes.
 i would /back there
that’s not me\ i grow
when you don’t see me.
 ice is cold dreams
you know i’m the One
who burns within :
  the Sun and me
have a pact to be strong.

:: 01.31.2023 ::

Celluloid Dreams

walk … pretend upon egg shells


and all the pain
lives within
a celluloid strip of moving pictures
across the space of a point in time
it’s the tremolo
score of life
like shoes that fit within your soul
it’s all of you
so you ride the back Of a bumble bee
it tickles your thighs but the buzzing soothes
the soul within you and painted lips
collect gossamer threads you hold your breath
dreaming of a love that died within you
it’s all the same life-life, merry-go-round

:: 02-15-2015 ::

THE ALIEN at the sea

spit-kiss, my cheek rose
wish-miss my forever
my dying-sleep saliva
loving chloroform mask
rolling longingly hugging
the dead husk of what-was
my skin more wrinkles
than the sheets of white
the waves are calling
Neptune for my safety
the alien at the sea
adrift in humanity!

:: 10-04-2014 ::

Hors D’oeuvres

Come on over Have a drink
or smoke or Hors D’oeuvres
whatever you wish but never just
for me : what more right i have
to write deep apologies but
gold leaf upon your lip
leaps the sheer deep blue skies
and Gold threads snap
within her precious heart
of giddy whirls and sweeps of
fancy she screamed ‘i have a puppet
string to your heart’ Breathless,
golden leaves twirl
spiral, circle and concave.
i was never easily amused even when
nature turns and tosses blame –>i’m
joking in imaginations of love and life
and that SUN! Mary! Harry! Jesus!
my head glows golden within the gutters;
fair flares of love burning everywhere
is all we love and are oh what we are.

:: 01.15.2023 ::

SPUTSUM Lane (that dusty road)

Your brilliance made me puke
but you’re a pretty girl
the nerdy type with glasses

Jets of sputsum! You hopped on
my lap making the wall’s raincoats
rise revealing strange stars, moons,
and planets _ i put on my glasses
(your knees knocking together my ugly
little cute girl) /One day you
opted me The Poet and hopped upon my
lap and forgetting | in the moment i
wrote a poem and did a painting ~~
of stolen hearts, money, planes,
and rusty moments within thorns and
clover and forever memories when the
heart is stone in love.

:: 01.14.2023 ::

Living with the Dead

I am living with the dead
of past lives who touch
that part of me
that lives such sorrow
i compress n’ confess my tears
that those who live
have no touch to give
that life may richer grow
for those who lost but
not their Souls.

:: 03-18-2014 ::

Same Dream No Flesh

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is how last dreams by Pisces wept
while awake dragging beautiful gifts
with maggot’s help /the head sleeps.
These cancerous dreams turn black
when their dreamer awakes and still
lives the dream |  forever regretful
my words echo while making today
i cut a slice of my Mind forgetting
a moment : ignorant pain /i’m forever
remembering the colors i paint
while dying while crying as Libran.

:: 01.13.2023 ::

In my Daze I Find God

Bengal Tiger  why try 2 Eat me?
i loved your kind unselfishly
Animal mind watched me and rape
was too kind ~~ you are like people
who just want to eat me!  You don’t
know what it means to eat a human!
Tiger Mother stopped.  Her cubs moaned
for food.  Nature so beautiful.  Colors
like Whores draw in the late bloomed hearts
and now there’s a hole.  Symbolism is an
embolism deep within the Mind.  How can
i remove all the false Love \ in candles.
I fisted the female tiger ; she felt good
and didn’t eat me but nipped hard!  So now,
i am to blame for all i dream but i don’t
care cause i’m so funny i love it all |||
today i saw i was a mental storm ~ and dropped
all the mysteriously glowing sheets of Life…
all Inside my Head is a Heavy Pain of Everyday
that I care so i burn candles and God is a
beautiful bright Veil through which her
love Shines.  

:: 01.13.2022 ::

Take a Piss Take a Kiss

watching above eyes can see
what is not a pretend
out of the light cone
we see history and now here
we are now | lottery to win
Life | today i crossed my legs
upon ancient rocks and saw a group
down the way ~~ hey, oh! the black-
eyes and bulbous heads! I’m here.
Walking stupid to entertain the timeline
of poisoned Rivers
(take a piss or take a kiss)
while figuring it all out i found it
so hard to leave my Mind (oh yeah, oh well,
hello, well, oh i love you!) in hard times
strangers smile when you’re stupid dresses
catch the abido in lies and cover.

:: 01/13/2023 ::