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… absolutely maybe if wings flew
without a bird’s body and the air
lifted ground as outer space
filled inner spirits

then all things might be
equal and if so then what?


Which is arguably a ‘something’
less than 1 but greater than
less than zero.


The devil’s insidious plot to
madden the human mind with
intangible monsters that chip
away at the glass floor we
all ignore and rarely look
down upon
we might see the super-
structure of reality then.

What then?


:: 09-21-2018 ::


at times such as here&
now confusion clears my
mind &the wet woodpecker
neverEver wipes it’s beak —
so why would i? In all the most
sincerity an appropriate
response to all ofWhatever
reGardingAlity is i say, “oops,.
it’s time to go completely
&utterly insane right here _x_

:: 04-29-2017 ::


“Time drops all these moments as
decayed, spoiled riches.
And vibrating strings of light
dance the tip of Souls while
enjoying the orchestra
of all life!” — E.P. Robles

[Too late; as late as it gets thought I.]

Upon this very late or very early
morning while i began to realize
i left my dreaming snoring then upon
a glint from parted curtains I was certain
a something queerly missing ~ or should
i say amiss.

There, upon the fabric of dusty thoughts
while peering out my window pane
i came to see a dastardly scene that
almost certainly brought me to my knees!
There upon the shrouded street
were many short blue-clothed things
busily erasing each moment as it passed.
Unbeknown that “i” was one between
the ‘there’ and ‘here’ they froze
all the while i stood and stared;
“Oh no oh no!” they screamed at me
squirming then churning they moved
and rebuilt the past you see
and found myself in bed again
and all ends well that begins
and all beginnings have always been
–endings are myth!

:: 04-20-2017 ::


time, that illusion
it’s cousin – motion
neither exists
beyond human eyes
— all is static
never changing
just a unified field
and universal
watching rapid flickers
of death-rebirth

:: 04-22-2014 ::


plastic falling pieces
into ember-tear drops
and those tree roots
pulling at my leaf-heart
there’s a fire burning
devouring all I see
I could cry like a crow
but my spirit’d rather soar
and people dance and trip
across the blink of an eye
a measure of their life
less than a yawn from nature
and plastic falling pieces
never shatter when they fall
only leaving psychedelic patterns
all across my mind
but I love to walk in a rain
made of broken sharp shards
of blue stained glass

:: 04-24-2014 ::


what longing within
your eyes
a tender sweet belief
I see
a gaze across what is
and what
could always be
and lips apart
a slow hand moves
across a breast
a touch of your heart
that which you always give
that brilliant love
which is, but how can it be
in this shadow-world today

dear angel soul-woman
what desires you have
focus upon this man
I am just
a human animal
and not worthy     of more
a man that just grazes
in the fields of madness
learned for sure but so
and surely not enough
to even hold

your tender hand

:: 04-24-2014 ::


the bumble bee —
mid-air freeze
and hummingbird,
tacked into the sky
my walk, molasses-like
and air thick, too cool
i’ve stepped between
the seconds of time
into a place outside
of mind
that low moaning
a groaning slowness
of arrested world
a snap of my finger
the world, again flows

:: 04-22-2014 ::


and when honey dew
drips away
that crack from fear
too small
to see
but hate and anger
fought that stage —
I am left
with sad
speckled nest-less
in tender hands
If a plant, from tears
they would grow
but now, wingless
lovely eggs to bed
I bury you in dreams

:: 04-13-2014 ::


ORIGINAL thoughts
c r e a t e new
u n i v e r s e s

:: 04-03-2014 ::


Twenty-first century angst beating at the door
and I say who are you, we are me and all together
sliding thumbs across glass of social media device
and we sing a song across ages unknown to lost souls
which way do we go across crossroads in the fog
waiting for the van to come straight jacket-man
take me and you and we and together reality-SEE
oh the tears fall from marshmallow skies-pink
Who said the Pisces fish jumped out of the water
two thousand years it breathed wet air for all
Jesus rode a fin across the water catching men
but now the fish has a dry dirt to learn-walk
Astrological-mumble-jumble jambalaya dish
spice live-give worm-sign spice lives for all
scientific-spiritual hula-loop gyrating groove
Better learn to walk than drown six feet deep
mother universe hold us up just a bit now
grace is good and love is the cream on top

:: 03-11-2014 ::