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THAT Love-Bee
whose royal coat
i adore be love!
That love is
amazes me
and loyal-note
to the world:
pain is sharp
a laugh lighter
but love the regal
sting of love-bee!

:: 09-20-2018 ::


… absolutely maybe if wings flew
without a bird’s body and the air
lifted ground as outer space
filled inner spirits

then all things might be
equal and if so then what?


Which is arguably a ‘something’
less than 1 but greater than
less than zero.


The devil’s insidious plot to
madden the human mind with
intangible monsters that chip
away at the glass floor we
all ignore and rarely look
down upon
we might see the super-
structure of reality then.

What then?


:: 09-21-2018 ::

LOVE the single and only EXTRAORDINARY

IF there is one love for all

then  love is simply

s t r e t c h ed  small

Love; the singular tear drop
fallen upon a mountain large:
which finds a path through
stone and dirt until reaching
center bottom.


the single and only

EXTRAORDINARY  as twlight’s
first throated burst of
mornings or evenings |
and IF there is one love
for all      if for all

then I have met Love
which is why I love all.

:: 10-10-2017 ::

A Force of Spirit

POETRY is the force of Spirit
and has no hand in human
dwelling; all prose by
human hand expressed by
Soul and Heart is complete.

These are the words of something
transcendental which surpasses
humanity: race, religion, sex,
and politics.

I am endowed by the great poets
and their words; but refrain
from the injected thoughts
of ingrained humanity.

We as a race of humans are
endowed too by their prose
but I care not for any thought
of politics, religion, and the
rest of that messy goo.

If the eye can rest
and the heart can run
allow them two to meet:
every other ‘thing’ is
objectified by the flesh.

:: 10-10-2017 ::


|| 2 feet from the mud
on 6 inch heels breathing
difficult words while screaming
it’s all for real
like kissing touching
the weeping burning sun
hugging frail entrails
–while shivering like
bleeding soldiers and
we’re all within a living
hell /together my billion
soul brothers and sisters\
there are some remedies
worse than any disease
my withering hands hold
your face as i offer
an invitation for
memory loss ;
you receive ||

:: 07/30/2017 ::

SCHIZOPHRENIC PROSE (The Secret Society of Hidden People)

My soul is lost
upon ice-blue crevasses so deeply!
help me my blue elephant
that lettuce is brave
like electrons always saying hello
and never goodbyes!
You slip on lice and break your arms
it’s all so SCHIZOPHRENIC: tangentiality!
stilted speech and phonemic paraphasia
are mainly broken-minded poets
who use both sides of a pencil
-+95% of black eyes kill 5% of rabbits
and the bird whistles in Japaneses:
“sei shin bun retsu byo”
( mind split disease)
where logic and proportion falls
between the King & Queen
AND ALL ANGELS go to 7-Eleven
in their heavenly garments to buy
hot dogs and slur-pees
and writing is a socially acceptable
form of schizophrenia…hmm….
such is the paradox of delusion
and how are you? When you walk down
a sidewalk to the abuse of verbally
abusive birds chirping loudly how
dull and stupid you are. So you move into
a homeless shelter and make new friends!

:: 10242015 ::


SAY, say, did you hear
my life coming around
round’this empty life?
yeah, walking people saying
she had her time a’coming
yeah and like she loves
loving how the many people
waiting for their train
and it’s a’coming round
moving forward like busy
butterflies a lonesome
busy job and she she says
‘you got tears so solid
hurt my heart sweet man’
i walk away spreading life
and say say did you hear
my life coming around?
round’ this empty life?
like her love a’time coming
yeah waiting for the train
of life yeah!

:: ;09202015 ::


Summer gone my lips pursed
and crossed hands
across a death so wonderful
i can hear love ones cry
looking at what was me
and i say i am so whole!
I am so much more
than what my flesh could
ever say………….
grandparents crying
will hurt you so
proclaiming how you were
too young to go away
IN MY PROSE i say goodnight
love in words….so i refuse
to feel ignorance OOOH!
tossing and turning for ever-
y…one I’m so tired so
blame the skies of LIFE AND
and tears are gray but not
if i could touch your heart
a brilliant bursting kiss
of my lovely heart!

:: 09192015 ::



i am so electric so postcard pathetic
i am the Victorian light
of a street lamp following you
i am the army of one heart
shipping off to war with love
i am so eccentric so alive in you


i cut my tongue licking an envelop
i am the moonlight of a time
i am still singing the body electric
i wonder if my words shall reach you
i am the ‘i’ of all i feel thinking
i say my beating heart belongs to you


and if all my honoring of you is fire
in the glad hours of my mourning
i am worth what here upon this Earth
if i never say if i never write these
little scribbles of words of my beating
heart that walked for lives honoring you

and if i threw everything within the fire
of centuries loving you it’s all i can do
our bodies at each instant beating hearts
like tasting fields of red strawberries
and i cut my tongue upon the edge of you
i am the moonlight of your life all love

:: 09-16-2015 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
my Love burned away the fever

of Individual\BeautyForm

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steamPunk Victor-IAN
fashion BrassLeather beating!
Beating souls in my flowerPot of Things
and only pepperLike
—— dust remains…

:: ~~~ ::