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WE Interrupt This Program …


WE interrupt this program to bring you…
*…It’s burst into flames! Get this, Charlie; get this, Charlie! It’s fire…
and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my! Get out of the way, please!
It’s burning and bursting into flames and the… and it’s falling on the mooring mast.
And all the folks agree that this is terrible; this is the worst of the worst catastrophes
in the world. Oh it’s… [Unintelligible] its flames… Crashing, oh!
Four- or five-hundred feet into the sky and it… it’s a terrific crash, ladies, and gentlemen.
*All we have to Fear is Fear itself
*From Dallas Texas, The Flash apparently
official, President Kennedy died at
1:00 PM central standard time,
2:00 EST, some 38 minutes ago…
*Houston, the Eagle has landed…
We are defined by tragedy. The moment between calm and calamity.
Whether it be personal interactions or as a whole of humanity.

Let us never forget that thread of moment where we all come together!

:: 10-19-2017 ::


I’ll never take, “No”
as an ANSWER –> no sir!
AND in the fall’s first
day of my baby’s sun going
down — when the sun
goes down! I’m like -some
thing/when that sun went down.
and everyone’s like, “oh,
like …baby when that sun
went/goes down! When it’s
oh like when it’s light-like
your baby will know in that
ever_loving lasting LOVE
then you know that SUN NEVER
GOES DOWN! yea — it never
goes down!

:: 11-18-2016 ::


it is the brightest of nights;
the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-
NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life;
kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and
atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough
today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,
and a new element born!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


if my love was
not meant
for One
Then it must be
for all the World

:: 02-06-2015 ::

010110100100010101010010010011110101001100100000001001100010000001001111010011100100010101010011 (ZEROS & ONES)

Zeros leaving //crazy//
like a hole in my heart
Ones too like a gypsy
just a digital bomb
holding a broken rose
and your laughing eyes

i’m so mystified…

you’re a mystery
a soul without a home
and I’m so confused
like a dog begging
for a leash to hold

you sitting pretty

We’re the new generation
throwing life away
upon a social wave
of silicon media
But I’m too burnt
so I’m trying to say
just to you — you got
the best of me tonight

Catching zeros and ones
across the glass I hold
Sorry but it’s true
you got the best of me
holding your broken rose
and my crying eyes

Oh, I’m sorry but it’s true
your zeros and ones
got the best of me
and we’re throwing away
the best of life that’s real

:: 00110001001100010010110100110001001110010010110100110010001100000011000100110100 ::


Plastic clouds sherbet skies
meeting place of the stones
you were too hard today
the way you sat there —
so I took a walk across the mind
silly thoughts and memories.
A slither pinned in medulla
a pinstriped boy pulled her.
The ocean drowned the Earth
as we watched the little ones
running for the backstage
forgetting all their lines.
I guess the beltway fades
as all the cockroaches die
We are the mind, only one
a mind to mend upon the sky

:: 05-16-2014 ::


A world without fear
a strawberry taste quench
and springtime for hearts
summers so brilliant
without glaring heat
what a fall so elegantly
to leave and drop without pain
a covering for romance
and winters white and ice
where your kiss is the taste
of that which is behind —
a Springtime taste…

:: 04-10-2014 ::


IF I write a wrong
will that suffice
a wrong to right?
And if I sang
a song
would hate
become a love?
In a world
that I create
such a thing
be such way

:: 02-03-2014 ::


WATCH the busy as the doers spend
caught in life the prey in web
diligently doing the doers deed
comes the spinner spinning
until the end silvery spun death

:: 02-03-2014 ::


IN the house of your highness
with a King always away
You’re the queen of all your senses
In all the countries of our world
So let everything slide off of you
all the stress and drama of days
Delete all man infestations  
delay all the destruction
manifestation keeps the old world
and each new day will be your way

And in between all the confusion
call upon the unseen eye
that chakra of love be with you
and let love rein in blood and life
There is no deeper risk in life
than loving life and tasking risks
There is no deeper way than this
so rise higher than your world
the purpose is life and love is there

There is a deeper way
than what you know
and love — the seventh wave —
is the future and only way

:: 01-29-2014 ::