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PINK serenading colorish puffBLEW!
Fragile like my heart is on
this-IS most beautiful grouse moor
like evening that i must endure!

Endure i must a few caterpillars
to dance with you my pink propelled
flower-like butterfly!

Yes Robert! Yes! Butterflies are
self propelled flowers!”

To flutter someone MYHEART as you
flitter-do //that the many-who
never so much as do — to take
the time to be a butterfly too!

LIfe as a setting board has pinned
the many-most as chrysalis
— frozen like meaningless
many who never WHONEVER’ish
their way to oblivious ends.

:: 07-27-2018 ::


Blue Morpho Poem


The swollen curves of nature have dressed
herself in burning colors
like last Spring’s echo:

A sincerity of majestic blue.
Untie your lips my love and plant them
all hyacinth and sweet upon my Soul!

Like nimble fingers upon ivory thought,
Like clasping arms as rolling waves,
As tender as tended seeds
in labored soil.
I feel your colors and taste
your fragrant beauty my love!
And March we dew through dreams
of April. And May our love
continue a bloom
far past June…

are the words I speak
to my tender flower!

:: 04-17-2018 ::


There’s no one here. But me. And that quiet
voice which is the beginning of a thing of
beauty. And today nature is agreeable with
my sentiment of a perfect life; her high
morning sea and cloudless sphere kiss my
tender heart and soul.

Today I have stopped. Thinking. And how when
beauty and love enters one’s life all the noise
stops. Confusion melts.

When nature touches you.

:: 04-08-2018 ::


Oh, Lovely
my lovely
gentle light

across the vastness
i can see
all of you

All my eyes can see
And all my heart
can feel of you

Mu cephei!
Mu cephei!

Across the vastness
of this universe
Watching all the
sparkling rays falling
Speechless for you

Greater than a cow
that jumps across the moon
moo, see? Free eyes!

Mu cephei
Mu cephei

All lost
within you
All lost
within me

And Such beauty
all of you
My Mu Cephei

:: 02-06-2018 ::


She keeps her heart within a beauty spot
she tries to add it to her face and god
sometimes she’s so precise,
covering blemishes and pain:
it’s all the same to love from the 1700s
to the 1900s. A brilliant complexion
of love for death. Ceruse leads you to lose
and smallpox to fight so much to hide!
So, slowly poison yourself with lead-based
cosmetic-beauty and in the meantime
suffer grey hair, dried-out skin, severe
abdominal pain and constipation — so pretty!
Just be yourself!

:: 11012015 ::


DID anyEVER hear patter-
pitter dripping tears
upon the vast roads
of New York City?
And roofs have steeples
as flowers petals
and beggars dreams
as pennies pockets
to sleep within

to taste a Dream
sometimes bitter
to eat a wish
so much sweeter!

And when those dripping
tears splat upon the
path of many-go-doers
it makes me the happy

didWHO someEVER seeBE
the heart who stops
to love it all?

:: 07-18-2015 ::


Oh so cute I almost cried, “Yaeba!” Snaggle-toothed, I love your eyes
love your teeth all North and South, East and West!
I love you but even more when you smile it melts
the core of my fetish: Yaeba!

An old flame ran down to Ginza district and met a technician
in tears she caused a scene in Dental Salon Plasir  and said,
“Tsuke Yaeba! Like TYB48!”  Got the plaid skirt, giant bows, and young
innocent look  but missing the niche; no snaggled-tooth– look!
No need for Liposuction,botox, tattooed eyebrows, lip-liner, or orange tan
just the need for Yaeba!
And beauty is always within the eye of the beholder!
So Yaeba!  So lovely…So beautiful!

:: 06-10-2015 ::


You were my heart
in many ways
i measured
i took the numbers
and died
a physical heaven
so sorry but men
love the curve of time
Camille Clifford
i give a moment
in summer
i Smile fan and dress
goose and mother
and time with all
she said she wanted
(it’s all she needed)
just a kiss upon
the cheek of Time

:: 01-24-2015 ::


SHE imposed;(and who wants
to love)and summer creamed
it’s beauty, with it’s warmth.
That’s when I saw she had a smile
to bring the sun down to Earth
and I love her!
That’s when the moon (I saw the oceans rise)
spoke; I’ve been doing nothing so close to
nothing so let’s dance
and we (I think I love her) danced across the
stars // she trills my lonely soul
it’s something about how she ate the dark cloud
above my heart and I said,
‘I think I love you.”
Love’s so cool, begs for nothing
just gives me pink roses
and the rolling hills of passion–I feel!
This is the first time (and babies cry)
give me the milk ofLove!
(I think ILove you!)

:: 01-17-2015 ::