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Darling, the world is coming to its whimpering End.
By large bouts of fits and raging fear! This same time next
week;  our last dance upon the small head of a broken pin.

And the frogs, butterflies, and ravens are singing:

“We don’t have to go, no, not a one of us —

But you do.  I am so afraid…”

And even though we have plundered all the good deeds
And majestic elements of this beautiful world the Stars
Above shall watch you and me. Hand in hand we will
Walk across the melting pebbles and sands and dip
Our essence into the once blue oceans and leave our
Things behind, even our bones and skin!

And the last flower, blue jay, and dragonfly will sing:

“We don’t have to go, no, not a one of us —
But you do I am so afraid for humanity!”

:: 06-04-2017 ::

Op. 1

a laughter sprung
out of Spring
measured by love
a burst-joy heart!
i dreamed //
i can not say
a Sparrow sang
but saw the trees
for the love
for the love of hearts
for the love of us!
…a laughter sprung!

:: 01-17-2015 ::


FEELING  telling DYing yelling
screaming painful words my love
I should banish my tongue dear
The world and love would praise this
feat I cannot bear
;I am the fear
that adores you
The hidden heart
of a broken soul
So love me and
especially hate
the little spot
I possess called
fear;  I kiss you
a million hearts
//my enduring lover

:: 06-20-2015 ::

The Lover In a Hailstorm

mind, running heart
and dimmed eyes,
I once loved
a beautiful soul
who became
my life only to fold
and crease
my heart squared neatly:
Her lips spoke without
words and mine too,
like dying petals in
a dark hailstorm!
I saw within her eyes
a thank you
and then the spark gone!
and the hell storm
never ceased;
tearing petals from
all the world’s flowers!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


AND you, my strange brilliant
flower of loveAndColor
what HipLip my true desire!
Like fermented moonlight
the drunkness, my heart.

And rolling upon and o’er
the banks of my soulRiver,
we too, drinkers of the fog!

And each starlit candle
above the miracle-love,
we two, within our fog!
The cherub lay moist
against our spirit’s love.

Oh my lover which I love,
like yellow globes,
burning in this night!
Forgive the trespass
of my eager-needing heart!

I might of born-be sorrowful
heart —
but our crowns of gold
keep sight upon our souls

:: 10-24-2014 ::


MY dear, love is more than two
love is a greater one
that two should meld into
a blissful state of singularity
let two be one my love
that one is more than two
a sum total of all that is love

:: 03-01-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

Has anyone ever sang you a song
when you were in your darkest hour
just a few moments given for life
if not then listen to me now

Love is not a thing to hold
possession impossible dear one
and doves are not made to cage

I should know…

And when it rains such are tears
all you feel is the heavy patter
it beats across your bruised heart

what I had I have given back to you
and what I wished for you possess
and this is your song — for life…

so listen to me now
life is never to late
for a thing such as love…

:: 02-15-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

i have a box of simple things
and within its walls
i keep memories of you
— on raining days
for my heart when it weeps

so listen to me now
cherish the heart
and its moments
i would rather be alone
then with these memories

has anybody remembered you?
and does your heart ache
when the sun goes down?
i do especially for you
yes i would rather be alone

hearts are made for love
and dirt mixes good in rain
but castles in sand erode
but my love is a wave

i take me with you
each tide away
i believe in you
every day every wave

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


i cannot forget but shall forgive
one the mind, the other the heart
and if forget my warmth should you
i gave to you from my heart
please forget I crossed your path
pain is true and love that more

:: 02-08-2014 ::


WHEN dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where broken spirits meet
below the equator of my heart

And when you last spoke
not your songbird tunes
it tore through my heart
and I was just so broken…
the pieces scattered
into a frozen wind

When dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where my spirit went to die
below the equator of my heart

And on and on I still can hear
the songbird tunes of your heart
So long my dove I wish peace
within your beautiful life

:: 01-30-2014 ::