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Romance “O pourquoi donc” in E Minor, . 169 (Franz Liszt)

The notes they flutter in the breeze,
A tender melody that softly teases,
With each note, my heart it yearns,
For love that blooms and forever burns.

The strings they weep a mournful sound,
Echoes of passion that tightly bound,
My soul, my heart, to another’s gaze,
A love so deep it sets me ablaze.

The music whispers of a gentle love,
One that’s pure as the white dove,
A love that lasts through all the pain,
And brings us joy amidst the rain.

With each trill and every note,
My heart takes flight like a bird afloat,
On the winds of passion and sweet desire,
With flames of love that forever inspire.

So let the music fill the air,
And guide us to love that’s true and rare,
A love that lasts through all life’s tests,
And beats forever within our chests.

:: 03.15.2023 ::


In this moment, as we embrace,
Our hearts entwine with tender grace,
Amidst a world of strife and fear,
Our love is born, and it is clear.

Our passion, though forbidden, true,
Renews the hope of something new,
Of love that transcends race and creed,
Of hearts that beat, with one great need.

Our time together, short and sweet,
Is filled with joy and bliss complete,
We find in each other’s embrace,
A respite from the world’s harsh face.

And even as the world around,
Comes crashing down with thunderous sound,
We hold each other, tight and fast,
And know that love will surely last.

For though our time together fades,
Our love, it will not be betrayed,
In hearts and minds, it will remain,
A time for us, free from all pain.

:: 03.05.2023 ::

Hold My Hands

HOLD my hands
become my Queen
Inside our hearts
is a wired fence
within a hidden door
Weeping Clouds
Weeping Tears
Weeping Eyes
How wonderful are butterflies
tasting forgotten dreams
inside this heart
is all for you
And i love her
She gave me everything
eternally and her kiss
brings cool breezes
How could a love as ours
ever die ~~ bright and
loving is a love of mine
it shall never die
Loud are the lovers who cry
for losing Love
Proud as I am
I forever know
she’ll love me
until the skies
fall dark
it’ll never die
and I love her.

:: 07.20.2022 ::

Sognare il Cuore Dell’Amore(Dreaming Heart of Love)

I will not die until I’ve won!

My reverie is like a fever, on which I take the form of a sleeping man.

Down, then, to a stately castle, with golden walls and marble stairs; a bloody fool is dead,
whose eye is on gold.

There on the blood-soaked floor, I am white as a prophet’s sin ere I fear you.

Delicate, delicate is the white mist around my shoulder! And e’er I look up and glance the hot eye, there, a flame of flame.

One night I see in it a horrible shape, a monstrous giant, a pale horse of night that gallops on,
up, up it goes, in grim agitation, among the thick black walls.

‘What do you see, god?’

‘An enemy of the castle that is mine.
In God’s name, come to me!

I desire you.

From the grave and through the sky I go to him; there, where the beams run out
of light at noon, thou shalt be born! Thou shalt be born!

How loud are the shouts!
What drums!
The sea is boiling!
Thou art born!
How painful is the birth, and how sweet is the nurse, who nurtures the maiden!

‘Thou shalt be born!

:: 07.11.2022 ::

My Personal Hell

YOUR HEART without passion
your cellar without a door
your kindest eyes
ruthless color
stabbing my heart
without leaving traces
towards Heaven with haunting voices
is my personal hell.

:: 07.07.2022 ::


i felt dreams dripping away
how i felt the dream for a
day that lasted years.

i still recall the taste of
my own voice laughing for
pure joy knowing deep love.

until it was ripped away.

you can make this go away
you can make this all go away
until it went away.

I still feel the deep pain
of losing everything.

How i still wish something
i can never have…

and now the colors are gone
how love made it go away
how love made me a loser
living scraping inside my head
until i don’t want life any more:

words. spaces. paragraphs
love, inside my head. regardless of
academic structure i want
what i can never have
and those things i lost sting and
break apart this poetic heart.

Tell me: you can make this all
go away so make it all go away
/die\ become a ghost instead
someone who lives upon this Earth.

You walk across my living grave.

:: 03.17.2022 ::


Sweet \ Rains new fall, sunlit from Heaven like the first dewfall on the first grass.

Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.
Plant me in His hand and get rid of my feelings, curse me with my faults and put me
into your lap, Get rid of my blemishes and make me beautiful.

Praise me with psalms and hymns and songs of praise. Praise for the woman with her hands
blessed AND hear my cry, you are my guide, lord of my life.

The Lord has opened to me a door of mercy and gave me the grace of Your hand and light
shone around me with rays of great love.

Like the first dewfall on the first grass
Praise for the sweet pleasures of the morning
Foam in my eyes, and trembling in my knees,
Like the first dewfall on the first grass

Praise for the sweet pleasures of the morning
Flower-strewn at dawn, I am lifted in thine arms

But my soul I leave at the tomb of Thy death
Praise me with songs, I live to praise, praise with psalms and hymns and songs of praise.

Praise for the woman with her hands blessed
Hear my cry, you are my guide, lord of my life

The Lord has opened to me a door of mercy.

:: 03.02.2022 ::


A blossom of heart
a brain of red storm
that soars in swarms
of indistinct dreams
holding frail fingers
of silver nails
writing two charming

“loving you”

And within the scene
of heavy hair where
dew falls my trembling
fingers wander
wide blue skies of
kisses bathing jumbles
of blooming flowers

merci, interrupted by
trembling and saliva
whispering resumptions
on the lips or desire
for kisses___

A soul rising and dying
that constant desire
to weep in gray indolences.

:: 02.14.2022 ::


BY deep purple night as land and air lay
was tight as time as this was might
brimming love tonight

My heart gave into the vein of green
it gave unto blissful sky
a moon and sun as son
a mother buried into the Earth
tonight /we sang through tears
we sang with love\

If by love then by Soul
forgiving all sin
that lovers can control:
what? Nothing. A torrential
river we swim!

is true LOVE.

:: 02.09.2022 ::

The Mystery of Love

The mystery of Love
is that i never met you
but have held you within
my dreams tightly as each night
hungry i prowl the streets
within my dreams till dawn
disrupts me, i devour moments
of these fragmented scenes.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow
and tomorrow is today’s dream ;
as a wolf i prowl the sovereign
heart i call my Love as a puma in the barrens
of Quitratue.

is how i adore the love of you and love’s mystery.

:: 01.18.2022 ::