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THE SOUL sat upon a leaf
gently comforting me
I felt sun by moon
as gentle as the bee

Stress gave way to smile
the day made sky
burst worthwhile
then lost by physiognomy!

And skies so beautifully
blue became deeper blue
as a beating bruise upon
my mortal heart!

:: 12092015 ::


i have a dry heart without color
— and watch me go.
i am the begger on the street
begging for a soul,
watching how beautiful people go.
i see a row of living flowers
all colors but never turning black.
i see how your sundress flows,
and i see a line of lovers
some turn their heads.
i am always besides myself
waiting for you through the door
watching the doornob turn.
i say my lungs are blue and if I
open my eyes what shall i see.
I see a door so painted black
and wish you’d turn your head
and listen to the words of my soul.
a heart so full of colors and flowers
that will never turn black,
looking inside myself i see ribs
that shall never turn black
facing facts — i see a bluejay too
looking for her nest and my love
laughs with me and I see a black door
with no doorknob and see how love goes
by and I still turn my head
wishing love to visit my soul

uh huh hmm…uh huh hmm…turning black
she turns her head and fills my
darkest black //

:: 10142015 ::


THE last kiss felt like eternity
i caught myself and all the dreams
i think were real
and the heart tears
a hole in my soul
and i try to kill it
all away…
i saw the gods of love and hate
and tried to kill it all away…
what is life, a familiar pain?
what is love: a poem of death
its what i know
AND i almost had it all!  Until
i let me down
__i made me hurt
and i see a river of little hearts
full of broken thoughts
and i remain eternally
loving what i broke
and i am what i know
all that i could become
just a thought thinking
i could have had it all

:: 07-21-2015 ::

TWO FINGERS ARE GOOD (but three stretches it)

Today I threw up breakfast and my platypus licked it
a regurgitation of  heartfelt platitudes on the floor!
Today I kissed the toe of a gnarly God who likes
to burn ants with stolen lens
somewhere within my     swamp-born brain
I have almost a clear thought;  like the chimps behind the
clear-glassed walls that angels see through
and I’m ashamed — a diaper upon my head
a shit stain on my heart like all the horrors
on two legs begging more

:: – ::


and all the pain
lives within
a celluloid strip [YOU]
of moving pictures
across the space
of a point in time
it’s the tremolo
score of life
like shoes that fit
within your soul
it’s all of you
so you ride the back
of a bumble bee
it tickles your thighs
but the buzzing soothes
the soul within you
and painted lips
collect gossamer threads
you hold your breath
dreaming of a love
that died within you
it’s all the same
life-life, merry-go-round

:: 02-15-2015 ::


Such wind blows my love, upon your dreams
that flower of fields once knew bright warmth.
And now the grasp of pain so coldly sweeps
upon frozen tears — pain hurts the soul!
I should say come away! Away from sorrow…
but the gate between fate and me is locked.
Should i find that eternal key it be your heart!

:: 02-08–2014 ::
rev: 10-30-2014


i cannot pull myself
u  n  t  i  l
i have complete ly
f a
a   p     art

:: 10-28-2014 ::


AND the lonely
are one army!
We shall fight
to the end
for all love!
Against evil,
and soldiers
of hate and fear,
the victor, us!
Our spoils
nothing more
than love
and peace!
This ends war!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


Despair is an anchor
with thorns —
it drowns the ship
and sinks the soul
and the hull,
a skin that bleeds
A heart — the oar
that paddles ashore

Best to use
a blessed life vest
when a storm —
that despair comes
and wisely glue shut
that gapping hawse

:: 05-15-2014 ::


Trip — I fall so sure am I
that my resting place
at your feet, tenderly
that bee seeks a spice
a honey sickle kiss
For me leave your touch
upon that spot that beats
My eternal love dream
seek me and love-see

:: 03-01-2014 ::