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i especially delightfully hate
parents who name their children
visciously-bastardly bad:
Linda called me to say her tests
came back negative: “no preggers”
she wept and with a last name of Breedwell!
Last night Anita texted: “i’m so
lonely I think I’ll kill myself.”
I told her: you’ve so many friends,
hang in there girl — and with a name
like ‘Anita Glasscock’ she’s gonna
be fine yeah! What the fuck!?!
No reason! Oh, no thought.
Leaves me so confused, should
i laugh or should i cry?
Today i had a conversation with Andy
he’s the one at the end of the hallway
with a 5 watt bulb overhead
said Andy, “I have two tickets to
a peepshow if you wanna go” i de-
clined and said, “I’m not prone
to flesh and bone” Andy Phuckterpuss
looked at me and frowned.
There’s a special kind’a hell for
those parents — I didn’t even
mention Buster Hymen or even
Dick N. Butts!

:: 09-11-2015 ::