Daily Archives: September 30, 2014


when the lust, where what love
autumn’s dress for the fall
that nymph and golem may call
brilliant bloody muddy air
and dance, humanity (a/s)way
the conjure of passion-magic
be-and what so much, so be
diligently, ballerina heart
a gaggle-swoonly crystal pond
gasping wooded valley song!

A kiss to fear; kissing you!
and heaving-heaping tears, too
my bow to the princess beauty
and I, the beastly creature
they shall cry, ‘go!’ to myHorror
and no tear between heaven-here,
but hearts like mountain-skies
may invite love and romance
beyond the gate of pearl
–Spirit calls the cards

a deal to deal and some-twice
when dealt to most who die;
love survives immortally so

:: 09-29-2014 ::