Daily Archives: September 3, 2014


WHERE they dwell they weep,
luminous souls without seam.
The morning glory beyond,
a promise over all horizons!

They flitter, each by one alike,
across the fields and hearts,
the many, too many to count,
in God’s mystery garden of Life.

And when they touch human souls,
their heavenly feathers awaken
you in His glory and windy-melody,
and you, the child, Awakened!

:: 08-31-2014 ::


Oh, my body grows from a stem,

every vein,
           fragrance and leaf.

the winds sway my heart upright,

and your touch
    before you pull,

I await calmly–my executioner

my pollen smells you woman,
the tender finger-puller of love.

Behold:  I die for your eyes
and beauty you see within me,
my petals and colours —

till finally nothing
but dried wick-of-stick.

Everything that seeds taught me
my childhood years so nameless,
and your tears like glistening water,
christen me after I have died!

When you bury me — made radiant
by your shining hair and bosom,
the altar which you have crowned
by your lightly showering tears!

:: 08-31-2014 ::


LIFE, that deck of cards shuffled
and cut for an element of chance;
then dealt across the play-board
of life.

:: 09-03-2014 ::


just once(a last chance) before
any given letter-day of my yearnings
— years, both are good on fair-
weathered daze,
my Treasures buried deeply There
across Sarah-ahara dunes conically
tease my eyeSky longings pointed
severely at my eyes I gushingly
lustfully kiss your flowerLips
and My desert of Desolation blooms

:: 09-03-2014 ::


Silly how-is many times late
before the pun chaotically tickles
the slow molasses of subhuman
thought creatively. And I cry every
time my mouth laughs Those
brilliant giggle-fairy iridescent cellophane
wings // flutterHeart my tired soul on
quiet thunderThought nights.

And the crickets play their
magnificent song
between the underneath
of my longing moonlit eyes!

:: 09-02-2024 ::


The little poor boy lost a tooth
and awoke the next light of day
and found a shiny coin of rich
beneath his tattered pillow.
“Mother! Look what I have found!”
“Yes, all is very well, I see the tooth fairy
has visited you of last night!” She smiled at her thin and gaunt little son. A pain cut her beneath her breastbone. She sighed.
“I shall eat a lunch today at school now mother!” And off he went for the day and happier than he had been for quite some time. The evening came and the house was calm and all had retired for the morrow. The sun rose and horror crept over the hills and seeped beneath the door of the tiny dilapidated shack.
“Mother!!! Mother!!! Where is my money! I should have 4 dollars, 25 cents beneath my pillow! ” The boy’s mother ran into the room and saw her poor little boy toothless with crimson hope caked across his pouty lips.

:: 09-02-2014 ::


In a great-small thing of no size but larger than zero I placed a bag of velvet life roughly the length of a rocky-road mile and away it dissolved into the infinitely smallness of my LifeBag and I shed a ghostly tear — the ones that never jump from the wornEyes of dying cultures but those dried eyeballs found on summer-baked roads for hungry vultures. I said, “farewell my dreams and fears and may your journey into oblivion be as pleasant as your stay within my soul.”

:: 09-02-2014 ::