In the chaos of life’s grand parade, amidst the cacophony of hearts that plead and pray, there’s a question whispered in the shadowed corners, seeking solace from the day.

Who’ll rescue the essence, the spirit that fades, as we journey through the charade?

With every step in the masquerade, we seek validation, craving applause from the nameless crowd, lost in the web of illusions, where whispers and deceit seem to ring so loud.

In search of salvation, our weary souls wander, to find the one who’ll release the shroud.

Through the alleys of avarice and the realms of desire, our spirits become tainted with sin, y et we hold on to the dream that one day, our redemption will begin.

A savior, a beacon, a light in the darkness, to cleanse the stains deep within.

But the truth lies hidden in plain sight, for the answers we seek dwell in our hearts, in the depths of our souls, the echoes of redemption, where salvation’s journey starts.

For it is we who must save ourselves, in the stillness of our silent prayers, to rise above the fray, break free from the chains, and ascend the celestial stairs.

So embrace the truth, the wisdom inside, that we are both the question and the key, to unlock the mysteries of existence and restore the balance, so our souls can be free.

For within each of us, there’s a hero, a healer, a savior waiting to emerge,

To guide us through the tempest, to restore the light, as our spirits yearn to converge.

:: 04.26.2023 ::

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