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Our Tears by Ocean and Clouds

pieces falling once into place
now scattered as flotsam
broken over rocks of shorelines
and at last, love sleeps, eddies
of swirling thoughts.

tears of storms, clouds weeping,
Earth’s wet smell as herb: the
passion of our dreams.

:: 01.18.2022 ::

The Mystery of Love

The mystery of Love
is that i never met you
but have held you within
my dreams tightly as each night
hungry i prowl the streets
within my dreams till dawn
disrupts me, i devour moments
of these fragmented scenes.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow
and tomorrow is today’s dream ;
as a wolf i prowl the sovereign
heart i call my Love as a puma in the barrens
of Quitratue.

is how i adore the love of you and love’s mystery.

:: 01.18.2022 ::

Sprawling Glass

SITTING so pretty was that Thing
under a one-in-a-million-year Sun
so here i am inside my small world
kicked off my worries like a little bird
seriously knotted inside a ball without
shoelace: every time i talk to you it
seems you throw yourself inside a psychological
cheat /don’t ever allow them to see you please\
dying skies heave a breath AND
nuns turn the pages of gnostic gothic novels
all caught up in their sticky grace only one smiles
truely and how they think they’ve won
only because the shit has hit the wall
so never let them see you beat feet
it’s the One’s call (break! break the mirror
of perception and eat the sprawling glass inside
your Inner Light).

:: 01.11.2022 ::

Gerber’s Strawberry Death

i shed away the skin of human shadow-faces
i begged a figural of heartShaped lips…
my knees bled you and ghosts ate my
golden string soul of a secret lover’s world

No! now, whoa! i ate your soul!
Wow, low, how? it tastes like love…

No, now, whoa! i hate your lies
Wow, low, how? i fell into your heart…

and your penis fly trap devoured my only friend
a dashboard Jesus bobs His Head…

And baby’s breath is fresh Gerber’s strawberry death
And mother’s milk my silk When we meet in clitoria bed

No, now! Whoa!
i ate your soul
Wow! low! how?
i gave you my soul…

You were my High School infatuation friend
and i gave you high behind music hall

Now Mozart turns inside and Beethoven sighs
Cobain blew his mind and my penis fly trap…

Eats Gerber’s strawberry death

:: 08-15-2014 ::


ALWAYS remember money isn’t everything
as a little nonsense now and then
is relished by the poorest wise men

THAT Everyone refused to feed him
his mind a dam of dynamite
moved his tongue like the sea
so easy — sister taught him to ululate
without mushrooms — spirits dug deep
with their thin fingers inside that mouth
to pull out mine! Laid out the soul
against the scentless voice organ
while Baptist wept kissing viper snake.
Father smelled as semen and aunties grabbed
the buttocks with smushy breasts against
my cerub face singing:


loco loco crazy motion train
appreciating nonsense requires a severe
interest in Life : digress!

FAUCI the prophet offers a life free
of pain with vicious vacs of nonsense.
But Nature differs.

Dying laughing i saw myself within my
pupil an evolution of sense, in a sense
the evolution of nonsense.

:: 12.28.2021 ::

Religion & Defense

religion is the greatest marketer
of the industrial defense engine;
all believers are enemies of each other
and that makes for a great god of death
and astronomical gains in revenue

:: 03-16-2015 ::


[winked the passerby
kissing a ghost only
seen by jaunt eyes]

Soul to Soul in heaven
body to body in mud
teens teaming furnace
creating new suns
ate the worm-word
killing the mind
of a poet/became a
butterfly of indescribable
color\kissing for the first
time is bigger than the
nuclear bomb.

:: 01.10.2022 ::


waiters and presidents
bartenders and poetry-wives
this pitiful boring life
was self-appointed without
the gavel’s gravel of
broken words

the water’s fire dozes
off to become forgotten dust
of aurora borealis’ gaze
the payment of perforated lies
cuts deeper than the blade’s
edge of forty days and nights
as my poems begin to really hurt
i feel so bare so hard to cry
having known that unknowing is
like hating but loving my ex-wives
(who i fought for love before)
so waiters and presidents
bartenders and poetry-wives
this pitiful boring life
was self-appointed without
the gavel’s gravel of
broken words

:: 01.10.2022 ::


i touched your leaf
then ran away
and some of you
came home with me
parasitic plant
how i feel
is how you see
a blade of grass
without a leaf
a buried soul
within a root
a beating heart
inside the tissue
of a vine
i’m blown away
all because of you

And by your method
you germinate
as my soul abdicates
releasing myself
inside your life
lovely hungry
parasitic plant

:: 01.10.2022 ::


BENEATH my adoration
i see you my whore
the one who is dying
runs to hide living
under the skirt of
unseen skies

No one sees this mystery
like a headstone within
a forgotten graveyard
rare as the fennec beyond
a mirage and golden leaf lard

as sacred memories fill my
pockets with destroyed evening’s


:: 01.10.2022 ::