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And in this memory the GIANT RABBIT is still a giant rabbit.

And so it is now.”

Fart blowers were everywhere. Cushions sucked so much you were going to die, and the cheeseburger smelled like food, and a large bloke was squeezing his enormous cock up the front of the train.

In the newspapers they called it Airborne Toxic Litigation, and I laughed about it with my mates.

And in this memory the large bloke died at the floor. I knew. My crops were ruined.
“Sir GIANT RABBIT. It is your nature. If you are still hungry I know of a village. There is a baker who makes carrot pies and cakes. His wife has a daughter who broke my heart. That’s entirely another story. But I shall give you the directions and you can eat their livelihood too.”

And that is how I befriended a GIANT RABBIT.

That blade which takes i took that made
what cuts I did so did I bled and took
the road that dust and blood uncovered
the path my blade had cut for me.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


she gave me Life
just being

How the broken
and pour cry
each dying day

perfect upon Heavenly Love
then became

–> The world wakes up
to tones of great wisdom

THEN we all live in perfect

hello? this is Language
and i make my Own Rules.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


BETWEEN the braids of golden Time she laughed
hours and chased a feather in the Wind by divine
right all my love is for you

How Sunrise became weak and Hearts Wept
the bullfrogs sang,

‘ i love you more when i see Nothing /just the truth\

i wanna hold the hand that is holding you
i wanna see something when i look at you
— but Nothing

We live our lives and some in the shadows
you find love and you go inside your darkness

  • 2 b so afraid of Love!

:: 05.05.2022 ::


O i 8 you 2
b’ lasted
all cares )oh
wow oh wow oh
why why why(
i’m a brain
i’m a spirit
i’m eating you
you’re eating me
today! Day!
Day! Days!
i’m a brand
i’m a brand
if we could
find chi
yeah, sheesh!
Tired! Tired!
Tired! Tired!
so we began:
we began to

Now I’m so Happy
🙂 are you Sad?

:: 05.05.2022 ::


WOULD you kiss me if i failed you?

Would you be my Knight in Shining Armor?

If i told you how i’d hurt you?

Can you feel me my friend oh, my love-hurt?

Can you feel my love hurts?

Today is Mother’s Day
but i failed to see her
for decades so please
forgive me when I return
my heart — embryo!
how we hurt like a wave against

Sandcastles and Empty Hearts.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


i saw what i was and wondered

lonely as a cloud when all at once

i tasted butter fields

That those who dance upon Stars into

longer line — along the bay the dance (by

the lake by the trees what twinkled always

a margin great) spiritually as ocean’s glee

how no poetry could foresee

the wealth that showed to me

whilst vacant as i am

the words that came to me

inside solitude.

this lonely company.

:: 04.19.2022 ::


IF ‘never’ spoke it could not.    THAT ‘woke up’ is at least an eye
i spent the next hour sleeping!
How presence always passes while i stay here \\||//
I would Love to write something that turns you on;  but nowadays the news is rather sad 😦
i could laugh ~ or drink a cup of being late. how i love love as it speaks in purple and yellow

I, skinny sluggish Priapus ate my heart to save yours and Today after dying over again — how saw i your brilliant smiling face

I’d love to turn you on     then realize this is just a poem
and my fingers are full of chocolate waiting for devour it all!

I would love to kiss your lips. Would you kiss mine if they were all
female marshmallow pies?  Would you hug
me if our chest were devoid of lovely bumps?


:: 04.19.2022 ::

EXPLAINING THE WERELINGSFirst Order of the Court (PART 02)

“Approve certification for settlement purposes on consent of the Parties;
and (2) approve Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval Hearing.”

So began the vetting. A devious device to sort out your friends and foes.

Was called the First Order of the Court!

Gavel pounding. Audience quieted.

“Now, we shall hear from our eminent Scientist!
A mister drewLow from the Highlands known as “Beyond’C!”

A very decript figure rose from the lower rafters and made crippled way
to the stage. A cup of water on the filament stem but he did not partake.

“My fellow Citizens of WereLingWorld!”

THE wereling world is infinitesimally smaller than any ‘human’ eye could
ever see. No. To see this world requires government technology — thank you
so kindly for your taxes! But we will not share what we created with your money.


“I, after 858 years comes to you with findings of upmost importance! Not just
for WereLing World but for all of sentient beings in the GreaterTHANcanSee!

aT THAT very moment a shot of unobtainaium rang out and pierced the CordMust
from Doctor drewLow’s SoulRope.

:: 04.19.2022 ::


Jester of cosmos became undone
Spurned feelings of hollow love
And mother And father And siblings
were never there
How unspoken
unspoken is life

What of the man in the sky;
the forgotten one who never spoke
while i bled ~ held a white flag
surrendering to pain but no one cared
all offboard abandoned into deep waters
some live some will drown
no one wants to play.

Oh, how surrounded by lies!
taking a walk outside
even the ground eats the
footsteps i take;
walking away from this
nightmare of broken glass
of what was no thing.


:: 04.19.2022 ::


SLEEP awake. Sleep. Wake. Now _> tell me;
what is madness if not waking up to this same
day without a Savior: so gently hush
your eyes and fly with me (You see doctor:
‘WITHIN every dream my
heart takes the final steps
toward oblivion. With every beat-step I take takes
me much further from something we call Heaven.’

And when standards of living fall dizzy it’s only
a true force and we question is there a heaven?”

and as a madman I dream and say:

“I am the butterfly who moves mountains and hurricanes
I am chaos dripped in color on a journey by seven suns.”

So shut your precious eyes and sing and dream

“I, too, am an alien in human flesh
trying to feel human too…”

So we suffer! As children without parents.

:: 04.17.2022 ::