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tiny MOUNTAIN. BIG hill

tiny Mountain. Big hill. f l at lungs

won d e r f u l -~ no thing new ,,,

except age. 16th’s in n o t e s 32nd’s

and 64th’s to die at 128th’s! Ten finger’ed

or 12? my bled heart ||-> soul and broken

fingers … who EATS shattered thoughts

and pieces of tiny angry bumble bees : ghosts

with flesh. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 yums.

dessert is Clair de Lune.

:: 04-20-2019 ::

The Silent Machine

OUTSIDE the silence the machine
E A T S my liver
screws my tender insides.
For all the failures wishing
i could not think of living
the beautiful memories
of yesterdays /i’m a failure
of tomorrows\ rolling dead
eyes in a river & thick
rooted hairs screaming |
watch the sunlight dim
in a moment all dream
time screams by(e)
dear___i knew not of you
but married twice believing
–>take/took my heart
and slung it around the sun.
OUTSIDE the machine
eats you & me. screws
our tender parts.

:: 04-20-2019 ::


Oh my love my lord my life
give me a reason to exist!
i may not always understand
you should never doubt it
but my Heart is Strong as
all the stars in these skies
Oh my woman my Reason for Believing
your kiss is a supernovae
i died a thousand reasons
that you should never leave me
reality should believe me
Oh Love never doubt it
i will make you sure about it
of all the world’s flowers
of all the world’s colors
of all my feelings too
oh da da dada da da dada
is my Love my Lord
Love gives me the reason
to kiss the supernovae
of your burning heart!

:: 04-13-2019 ::


Oh love my love help the world
save smiles say Love
afraid is a word but Hearts are
walless warriors
And you make my world so much warmer
Oh Love my Love you never let me down
and waited for someone
like syntax perfume upon your shoulders
within your Soul
Oh Love My Love
you make the World so much better
And remember: love is four letters
like Love!

:: 04-13-2019 ::
EPROBLES (c) 2019


the Penis inflates
the Vagina contracts
and Poetry bleeds
whites & reds
across the lips
of all HUMANITY!

:: 04-13-2019 ::
eprobles (c) 2019



strolling through my dream one time
i met a ‌vein bleeding and asked
it: ‘should i imagine a life
is worth dying if not
according to pleasure?’
a rose (as in a rose by any OTHER
name…) spoke in fragrance:
my eyes sniffed romance,
my heart burst the ice with
living heat of my Soul.

the rest is this:

blah, blah, blah!

:: 04-13-2019 ::


Tongue. Binded by intellect.
e y e s obscured by modesty
and lips tied by severity.
Sensual presence untouched
but begging love.
is poetry of my own thoughts.
what is ‘i’ have given two
mortal women my warm gift
of brilliant Love; t`hey
gave it back.
No more. the smallest
shattered pieces are bigger
than the smallest piece.
And Peace?
a cold loneliness.
Only Emily, my Emily
could understand. /her
eyes are elsewhere.
My heart with her!

:: 04-13-2019 ::


i am other. Of no known
description. But, then if you
love me then mostly certain
you un derstand me? Knot.
so many painful feelings
inside my head their weight
falls deep into my stomach
as biled foods. Suffering
:as reaffirmation of Living.
As the Dead only Scream
from their condition and never
from pain. Lovely colors
are lit this way. My tongue
moves but my heart is cast
against a formidable Sea
— you know me. Cryptic!

:: 04-13-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019




ROMANCE begins
with a supernovae
as two

hearts decrease space between
walls and fears; the ice-floe
of painful life melts,

once powerful thoughts and
conviction now powerless,
against a force of Nature

If Lust then a brilliant lit
moment; if by divine guidance
True Love as eternal.


Ages and Time and Ages roll by
the music plays upon hours
and thoughts as ivory keys;

fear burning minors of
weeping fossil time
four walls closing within me

The loneliness of a fractured
soul and it’s heart’s broken
shattered pieces bleeding

blurring terms of surrender
;the etiquette of death:
none shall bury raw feelings into the ground


All industries of silence
rituals and formalities

they burn deeply
they weep tears

life as muteness
rigorously executed

the form of History
a blueprint of Life.


my Hand deeply within the bowls
of my gaping Mouth! Offensive to me!

an ode begun in grief and anger
now mired within surrealism — abstract!

a hole dug deeper and larger than Mind
a Mind deeper and larger than holes!

i scream with my illegitimate voice
raped, pillaged, torn, and sworn

by lovers, brothers, father and mother
my soul’s water broken — still born

you cannot answer useless questions.

:: 04-11-2019 ::


My neck has stretched above the clouds
the Adamic Apple tickling stars —
and my Love is here and there upon
every footstep i have walked.
Life is not just Pain.
Nor just Love.
But fear and Joy
Morbidity and a shade of nudeness
IF the Soul is inclined to explore
God’s backyard. Cowards! Most of us!
To shade your shame within religion
or a sense of higher ground for weak
voices. Shame. Shame upon the lot!
The Sun is brilliant.
and still your mystery!

:: 04-03-2019 ::