Within fiery brilliance, love burns true,
Casting all shadows away into oblivion,
The only One, the only True,
Magnificence of trade, essence of fusion.

Finesse of soul and heart,
Is what Creativity imparts,
A dance of colors, a symphony of sound,
In its embrace, our true selves are found.

As passion ignites and dreams take flight,
In the tapestry of life, we weave our light,
The celestial canvas, painted anew,
With every stroke, a love that’s true.

In the depths of darkness, love’s beacon shines,
Guiding us home, through space and time,
And as we journey, hand in hand,
Within fiery brilliance, forever we’ll stand.

:: 04.27.2023 ::

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Writer, Artist. I like to paint abstract acrylic images onto canvas. I love to read everything, and I especially enjoy science, philosophy, and the arts. I'm new to the blog experience and I very much enjoy it! I hope to learn as much about all the features that WordPress offers and thank you -- my visitor -- for taking time to read my words. Peace and love... View all posts by EPRobles

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