My soul aches with sorrow and despair,
No fame to claim, just blemishes to bear,
I eat meat, and work for a corporation,
Living a dream that’s yet to come to fruition.

I try to be happy, but it’s all a facade,
My mind’s a mess, like a winter blizzard,
Like dogs racing in the snow so white,
I flee from the world into the night.

It all feels fake, like a tooth pulled out,
My tongue exploring the gap, with doubt,
I feel so lonely, my heart unglued,
Wishing to be with you, in the clouds we viewed.

In the skies, where we could kiss,
And make up for all that we missed,
I’m not like them, just a plain old soul,
Pretending to be human, to fit the role.

I long to be in nature’s embrace,
Let its beauty, restore me to grace,
The hills and valleys, renew my spirit,
And wash away my sorrows, I hope to inherit.

May the sun’s rays and the gentle breeze,
Bring back my smile, and put my mind at ease,
Oh, how I yearn to be one with nature,
And find my true self in its gentle nurture.

In its embrace, I’ll find my place,
And leave behind the human race.

:: 04.27.2023 ::

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