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THE Swallowtail

And how like the slender breeze
she moves towards the sunlight
Drenching morning sweetness
from upon the limb of a tree;
“…a flitter-swaying like me!”
said the quizzical blue jay.
O! Adore the wilderness jewel
of black, yellow, and spots
of white; the Eastern Black
Swallowtail does surly excite!
The envy of the Kingdom Green
and the jealous sky rejoice
in bridal bliss-kissing life!

:: 05-02-2017 ::



love curved within a flame

ember dancing heart

exquisitely soft

and words?

From a northern wind

into a castle-flake

of burning ice

softly fell upon our

pressed lips

and winter that summer

always with you!

:: 09-15-2015 ::